Graphic Homoerotic Mailer Attacks NY GOP Senator Mark Grisanti for Marriage Equality Vote


A piece of political attack mail attacking New York Republican state senator Mark Grisanti for his vote in favor of marriage equality last year has been circulating, Politico reports:

GrisantiThe piece, which appears as an attachment as if it's a direct mail piece but so far hasn't been reported as landing in in-boxes, says it was paid for by the Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party. A Google search revealed nothing about the committee, and it wasn't immediately clear who is sponsoring the group.

To view the (work-unfriendly) piece of mail click HERE (front)
and HERE (back).

(image via buzzfeed)


  1. T. says

    Considering these images come from infamously enthusiastic-about-copryight-infringement-lawsuits Corbin Fisher, something tells me the Erie Republican party is going to regret this one.

  2. Icebloo says

    Although this was intended to attack Grimsanti I think people will be disgusted at this attack and will actually SUPPORT him ! I think even the majority of anti-gay people still believe there are certain lines you do not cross and this is extreme and in very poor taste. They won’t want to be associated with this.

  3. simon says

    Are the models from Corbin Fisher or Bel Ami? If it is Corbin Fisher, Erie Republican party is in big trouble. They even sued their past models for posting screen cap pictures of themselves.

  4. Markt says

    Wow! Considering studies show that a majority of adolescent males experiment with some sort of homosexual contact. I think these photos may bring back some fond memories. I know they do for me. Grisanti may walk back into office on these ads alone.

  5. disgusted american says

    Im sorry – but that add….was bad enough, then I saw the whole un edited version..PATHETIC! The GOP have sunk to an all time low …leaving room for further sinking…..

  6. PAUL B. says

    Ah, yes…keep giving them the rope until they’ve hung themselves. They do it so well…and without any real help from the left.
    The death of the current republican party will be a “suicide” I won’t shed a tear for.
    And…I know not all repubs support this kind of thing…but if they stand by and allow it to happen…they’re guilty. I think if you watch someone get killed and don’t intervene in some way…you’re considered an accomplice, eh?

  7. RC says

    Debating whether this shows desperation or just plain hatefulness. From the repubs on the right wing I’ve encountered in my life I’d have to go with hatefulness cuz that’s just the way they is.

  8. Mike says

    This is a no-brainer, anti-gay Christians and their hate groups are behind this attack on him and any gay ally of LGBT people. The anti-gay Christians seem to have a problem with people who they can not control or any group who wants their equal rights and Civil Rights and freedoms in America that do not fit their agenda of hate and oppression of minorities.

  9. Munro says

    That is just. Wow. So FCKING offensive I don’t know where to begin. Its stunning how sex obsessed and obviously repressed they are. Hopefully people wont fall for this textbook gay baiting.

  10. Dana Chilton says

    that mailer was so confusing!! “Tell your son to thank” the senator?? HUH?? seems like homophobic people would be upset at the insinuation that their son is having really hot gay sex.. As an aside, more junk mail should be as fun to view as that one was.

  11. Derek Pearce says

    ROFL this shows how so many gay rights opponents are just craving cock themselves. Who put this ad together with a straight face? No one, not with a “straight” face that is. Love it.

  12. Randy says

    Not a “new low.” About 15 years ago, a friend of mine ran for county legislator in Erie County, and used a gay baiting tactic much like this one.

    I was appalled that he would do that, but he was shameless about it. He is no longer my friend.

    But it’s nothing new.

  13. says

    Uhm… How is it legal to use another entities photo for a mass political campaign without their authorization?

    Either Corbin Fischer folks are homophobic zealots who facilitated them with these photos, or they don’t know about them. Me think conservatives better lawyer up because I smell a (rightful) lawsuit in the works.

  14. Martin says

    Corbin Ficher. Congratulations on winning the lottery.

    I do hope you all donate some of the money you’ll win in this clear cut win toward gay right advocacy groups.
    Btw- how stupid are religious Conservatives? This is what happens when you home school your child.

  15. says

    I’m sorry but the state of politics in the U.S is downright frightening. Representative Emmett C Burns JR in Maryland demanding an employer take away the free speech rights of his pro gay constituent. Now this. What’s next? Requesting gay and gay allies wear pink stars?

    You mix religion, republican and conservative together and folks… It is disturbing.

    Hence why EVERY gay person owes it to themselves to politically be involved and active. Don’t be complacent

  16. Yellow Mellow says

    I think what we truly need is more GLBT running for office. We’re unde represented, and yet there’s many qualified and educated GLBT individuLs who would make honorable elected officials. My wish is that as a community, we’d send a message of inspiring more of our GLBT people to run for office.

  17. Rick says

    It’s being reported here in Buffalo that the emailed ‘ad’ was created by a young, gay, disgruntled, wannabe politician who previously worked for Mark Grisanti. Sounds (and looks) like a smear job to me. I hope doesn’t reflect back on the gay community in general, given the sudden rush of publicity that assumes it’s a semi-legit effort by Republicans.

  18. anon says

    If only political ads were normally this interesting! In Italy they use real porn stars in their ads (and they run for parliament too).

    As to copyright, while potentially a federal crime, unauthorized use of the photos depends both on fair use and profit motive. Fisher might not be able to recover more than statutory damages, which would probably be minimal.

  19. Erie says

    @ Peter – sadly, it is. It will come out soon enough that this originated from a young man’s email account who, while the organization is less than organized here, acts as the go to log cabin republican in Erie county politics. He has been circulating ads for a long time, and most of his this year attack Grisanti- but with this one he has topped himself.

    The EC republican committee actually supports Grisanti.

  20. Aulton says

    Of course Christians would resort to stealing and lies. It is all they are capable of.

    Furthermore, Christians, who prey on children for their sick desires, are in no position to judge ANYBODY. Every last one of them should be behind bars for that alone.

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