Hedi Slimane’s First Ad for Saint Laurent Paris is Nude Musician


A much-anticipated campaign from Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent Paris made its debut today, and features musician Christopher Owens.

WWD writes:

The pale flesh, long hair and cushions bring to mind the famous nude fragrance ad from 1971 of the founding couturier — although only Owens’ torso is visible. Saint Laurent — Slimane’s new moniker for the Yves Saint Laurent collection and stores — is spelled across the opposite white page, with the word "Paris" underneath. A YSL spokeswoman described the campaign as “institutional,” to convey an atmosphere, with the Owens spot the first of 15 different images. Future campaigns are to feature Saint Laurent fashions.
Owens was until recently the lead singer of the San Francisco band Girls, and he has been photographed previously by Slimane, who plans to continue working as a photographer in addition to his role as creative director of YSL.



  1. peterparker says

    My thoughts are that I am very disappointed to learn that Christopher Owens has apparently left Girls. I love that band primarily because of his unique voice which is at once pleading/whining and yet totally engaging..

  2. eric says

    he looks like he’s being held prisoner in a harem and regrets every decision he ever made.

    shame, degradation, starvation…just the key notes i want to hit with my fashion choices.

  3. greg says

    J’adore. The point of the ad, boys, is to convey luxury, edginess, and a sense of “now”. It has the same spirit of YSL in the 70’s. Add to that his precisionist technique and his sexiness and everyone will realize what a great choice he was for the helm. I’m anticipating where it goes from here because it is such a elusive hint. And that is what makes this a great ad.

  4. jaragon says

    Towleroad are you trying to tease us? I see the back of some dude who seems to be upset about the cushions.

  5. says

    Hedi Slamane’s very Safe For Work pics of Christopher Owens will be featured in 7×7, the magazine I work for here in San Francisco: http://www.7×7.com — the September issue is our fall fashion issue.

    Christopher Owens’s photo will be on many of our covers on the newsstands here in the SF Bay Area (some covers will feature a female model.)

    Hope you enjoy the “70s retro / Lou Reed ca. Velvet Underground for 2012″ feel of the photo spread. Please let us know your feelings by commenting on the post on http://www.7×7.com

    And… Andy T rocks