1. jason says

    What a gutsy speech by Mr Hollande. I’d like to see Hillary Clinton do this too. I doubt it, though. She’s too much of a conservative.

    Obama, where are you? Why don’t you make a similar speech to the UN?

  2. Paul R says

    Umm, Jason, do you go out of your way to be an idiot? It seems like it. Hillary gave a similar speech to to the UN last year, and several country reps walked out.

  3. Shaun says

    I am so glad to have François Hollande as my president.
    I believe he will try his best and I supported him during his campaign and I continue to support him now and I will support him all the way.
    Le changement, c’est maintenant !

  4. Scott says

    Wow, for those who can’t have enough from Obama, are you kidding me? Does he have to go to Mars and every other planet to make sure the other martians know he’s for equality too? He said it once he is an advocate, which has been repeated all across the globe in the news… How much more do you want? Really???