Homophobe Predicts Big Gay Govt Takeover If Obama Is Reelected

CCCPMatt Staver, the anti-gay chairman of the equally anti-gay Liberty Counsel, offered simpatico website WND an "exclusive" prediction on what will happen to the United States if Barack Obama is elected for a second term: basically, the entire red, white and blue will become pink and paisley.

Staver first criticized the U.S. Embassy in Prague for, like many other embassies around the world, celebrating gay pride, a trend Staver claims cannot be stopped under a sustained Obama presidency.

"If Obama is elected, there won’t be any way to block it unless the House defunds the embassy," said Staver. He then, in one fell swoop, inserted Obama's alleged gay agenda into every governmental orifice imaginable: "But it is not just the embassy that is involved; it is all the agencies in the Obama administration."

He continues, "President Obama has pushed the radical homosexual agenda down through all of his agencies." Gnarly.


  1. Bob says

    This conspiracy theory is proof the anti-gay Christians are nuts, the right wing nut Christians are the ones with aluminum foil helmets on saying the sky is falling.

  2. Bill says

    I think he’s confusing President Obama with the pope, who is scheduled to appear in a gay porn flick named “Scandal in the Vatican”. Never mind that the pope didn’t have a clue.

  3. MArk says

    As november comes closer, i guess we’ll be hearing a lot of BS, specially since they (Republicans and Right Wingers ) are clueless… and Mitt keeps talking tsk tsk …

  4. Caliban says

    OH NO! I think I accidentally put my copy of The Gay Agenda in with the recycling and now it’s fallen into the enemy’s hands!

    Do the people who WRITE this crap even believe it? Maybe a few do, but I really think it’s mostly a cynical bid to scare mental deficients and drooling nut-cases into joining their political cause. I mean how stupid do you have to be for this to make sense?

    What’s ironic is that between empowering the alleged sex-crazed gay hordes of Pink Panther activists to paint the country pink and paisley OR elevating a high-level representative of the Mormon church (a secretive and very wealthy cult which is only tangentially a Christian faith) to the Presidency and thereby giving it legitimacy and making it mainstream, the latter is far more threatening to the Religious Right. Go ahead, God-botherers, elect Mitt Romney. Just don’t say no one warned you.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Taking over the country? Well, we’ve got to do something — we’re running-out of toaster-ovens to give each new recruit and The Gay Agenda is mute on this…

  6. mike/ says

    all right! who chose the poster – ‘ON THE DEFENSE’?

    everything to these people see/hear makes them the victims; they are the only ones making themselves the victim;

    while revisionist & reactionary history always ‘blames’ new ideas, new groups, new ‘others’ for the downfall of the civilization they claim, the truth is that THEY are the ones who cause it to happen;

    the more entrenched they become, the more destructive their actions become.

    BTW, i really think they are jealous of the ‘agenda’ entry of cocktails at 5 pm. don’t they realize that it’s 5 pm some place somewhere in the world all the time?

  7. Clayton Winton says

    when Hitler marched we Gays (not Lesbians) to Death Camps with Jews as ‘mentally-deficient ‘negatives’ to be hammered against his ‘positive-cross-signs,’ the ‘jesus lovers’ missed the point entirely (all of ’em).

  8. millerbeach says

    I look dreadful in paisley. Not so hot in chiffon. Nope. Pink looks good on everyone, no matter their color. Wow, using colors and patterns to hate…Jesus must be so proud.

  9. stanJames says

    WND if you’ve read it, believes in Paul Joseph `Goebbels “if you tell lies often enought and outrageous enough, it will be seen as the truth.

    They do let fair minded people post on thier website . BUT DONT DO IT – all they are doing is looking for new ways to demonize people.

    I bet in their HQ the stars and bars are prominately displayed.

    eg like the head of the heat Group FRC, tony perkins


    BTW very often the people who run these scenes are of course extreme closet cases. Its called REACTION FORMATION


  10. Andrew says

    Homophobes like Staver, Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Benedict, she looks lovely in her latest fashions, et al know what they are saying is b*ll S*it, but they are hanging on by a thread. Thats all they got. They see homophobia in rapid decline in the Western World and they can’t figure out what to do about it. Women, Blacks, Jews and now Queers are all being accepted as equals. What is a bigot to do? The American bigots would like to target the Hispanics, but their are just to damn many of them. Look for major Anti-Muslim war talk to explode over the next decade. Good fundamentalist Christian protestant folks just have to have someone to hate.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Andrew: The Religious Right is now trying to push their agenda on the Christians of the continent of Africa. (Especially the country of Uganda, which recently tried a kill-the-gays bill.) Remeber that to them forcing their teachings is acceptable, whereas the presentation of teachings of more liberal Christians is considered inappropriate. Unfortunately, the presentation of liberal Christianity is viewed by the locals as just more colonialism and Western Imperialism.

  12. Scott Reynolds says

    Matt Staver is a fool and a liar. His stupidity reign’s supreme only in his mind.

    The so called “Liberty Council” is a fascist religious cult comprised of jackasses who want to instill their twisted values on the rest of society.

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