How Unpopular Is Mitt Romney In Massachusetts?

Scott_brownMitt Romney never expected to win his adopted home state of Massachusetts in November, despite having briefly governed it. Still, the degree to which he's not-winning MA must be a little painful. Yesterday, the Republican Sen. Scott Brown — the former Cosmo centerfold who won Teddy Kennedy's seat in 2009, and who's currently locked in a hugely expensive, closely contested race with Democratic it-girl Elizabeth Warren — began airing television ads in which he touts a seeming endorsement, not from his own party's presidential nominee, but from President Barack Obama.

The New York Times reports that the ad shows Barack Obama complimenting Scott Brown on his championing of a bill to stop insider trading in Congress. "Good job," the president tells Brown. For some reason, the ad hasn't yet appeared on Brown's website.

From the Times:

… in this state, Mr. Obama is so popular that candidates from both parties are trying to hitch their wagons to his star.

That approach would be unusual enough for a Democrat in a year in which
many feel the need to distance themselves from the administration, but
it is virtually unfathomable for a Republican. That both candidates are
trying to leverage their ties to Mr. Obama underscores how popular the
president is here and how unpopular his rival, Mitt Romney, is, even
though he once served as the state’s governor. Mr. Obama is expected to
carry Massachusetts overwhelmingly in November.

The Times reports that Brown has also aired ads touting his endorsement from various MA Democrats, including State Rep. Christopher G. Fallon.

Despite having on exactly one occasion praised Scott Brown, Barack Obama enthusiastically endorses his opponent, Mrs. Warren, who received a primetime speaking slot at last week's Democratic National Convention.



  1. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Dammit. The Walker thing was a typo, but I really did think Scott Brown had appeared in “Playgirl.” Where’d I get that idea?

    Thanks for the correction.

    – BKT

  2. says

    I’m less bothered by Scott Walker being a former Playgirl model than Elizabeth Warren being a former minority.

    What do we have here? We have a Republican who seems happy to work across party lines running against a Democrat who seems intent on never doing so. And yet the Republican is practically being denounced by Democrats for his open-mindedness. (As with Romney/Obama.)

  3. MarkUs says

    Scott Brown was handed a Democrat opponent last time even the Dems didn’t like and they’ve done worse this time with Fauxcohontis with the High Cheekbones. Dems outnumber Rs 4:1 and he won last time and leads by 5 now.

    Her big line at the convention was “Scott Brown agrees with Mitt Romney that corporations are people. No, Senator Brown, corporations aren’t people!” Do they have corporations in Massachusetts? Or does everybody walk around barefooted in ponchos?

    Mass. Ds might want to go male next time and skip the weepy women.

  4. says


    I think Elizabeth Warren and Todd Akin (in Missouri) are both examples of the same thing. One party thought they could win with anybody and decided to force voters to pick a “true” liberal/conservative. While each candidate seemed ideologically pure, they both went on to saying things highly unpopular to a general audience.

  5. Bob R says

    If Obama is that popular in Massachusetts, then I hope he makes several campaign videos for her and at least one or two campaign stops. How is Clinton’s popularity in MA? If it, too, is high, I hope he helps Warren’s campaign as well. I really want to see Scott Brown gone on November 7th. Maybe MA voters have finally come to their senses? As much as we need Obama to win a second term, we also need to expand our numbers in the Senate and retake the House.

  6. Jimmy says

    What do you mean that he “briefly governed it”? He was elected and served a full four year term as governor and decided not to run for reelection. He didn’t resign like Palin did without finishing her full term. Four years isn’t a short amount of time. Has Obama ” very briefly” governed the United States since he hasn’t hit four years yet?

  7. Jake says

    The ‘briefly governed’ comment is because he spent so much of the second half of his term out of state, bad mouthing Massachusetts, and setting up his run for President. That’s just one of the many reasons we don’t like him here in MA.

  8. i could go on, but I won't says

    People may like Brown’s centerfold good looks, especially compared to Warren’s school-marmish wonkiness, but I think the voters in Massachusetts are smart enough to go for substance over surface.

    When the Senate killed Warren’s chances of heading the consumer bureau she designed they set in motion the forces that might make her one of their own! You just gotta laugh about that. Haha.

  9. downtownla says

    Interesting how the racist comments are usually the ones that are anti-Democratic, as well. Maybe the R doesn’t stand “Republican,” but actually “racist.”

  10. Pete N SFO says

    Warren, exhibited at the DNC that she is articulate, thoughtful, and would make a fantastic Senator for MA.

    Brown, imagines himself independent of the GOP, but seriously, he’s just move clever & media-savvy. His wife after all was a News Anchor for years in Boston market.

    Warren, is not Martha Coakley, but she needs ALL the help we can give her, when paired w/ Brown’s good looks, imagined narrative, & back-story.

    New England brought Olympia Snowe, a smart New England woman able to maneuver between parties, & she’s leaving the Senate. Lord knows, the Senate needs more smart women.

  11. Isaac says

    When I saw Scott Brown at the republican convention, I noticed his Boston accent has become a quite a bit thicker since he’s now running for office. I find it interesting that those on the right love to go after Democrat candidates’ ethnicity and backgrounds, but people seem to not talk about the manufactured working class personae that Republicans cloak themselves in to try to gain votes. Scott Brown’s pick-up truck and the on again off again Southie accent is as much manufactured as the ranch that Republican donors bought for GW Bush so that he could look like a workin’ man clearing brush during his never ending vacations. Did anyone notice that he ditched the ranch and bought a suburban mcmansion as soon as his presidency was over?

    Elizabeth Warren is as authentic as any candidate can be, and has been concerned about issues facing the middle class for years now.

    The truth is that a New England Republican would be a Democrat in most other parts of the country. It’s not surprising that he would attempt to side with Obama given the positions the Republican party is taking at this time.

  12. andrew says

    Hopefully Obama is popular enough in Mass to cause the defeat of Scott Brown. Mass democrats should be ashamed of themselves for losing that senate seat. What a disgrace.

  13. andrew says

    Hopefully Obama is popular enough in Mass to cause the defeat of Scott Brown. Mass democrats should be ashamed of themselves for losing that senate seat. What a disgrace.

  14. Sam says

    I admit I voted for Brown in 2010 after the horrible campaign of Martha Coakley. Mind you, despite MA being quite liberal, it is in fact quite misogynistic. We have never had an elected female governor or senator. We banned ladies’ night as reverse discrimination.

    If Obama does win reelection, Kerry will become the new Secretary of State so there is a very good chance that both Warren and Brown will be in the senate anyways.

  15. Rob Zeleniak says

    Believe me, take it from a long time Mass resident, Romney is NOT popular here. He raised fees across the board to balance the budget. About half way through his term he began to travel across the country to begin his first trial run at the Presidency, making jokes about the ultra liberals here “redefining marriage.” He did everything and anything to stop marriage equality from going forward and failed of course because he isn’t smart enough to outwit our legislature hat supported out Supreme Judicial Court’s decision. I recall that he was absolutely apoplectic the day the ruling was released. He’s not the “Mr. Niceguy” Ann made him out to be at the convention. He really has a problem with gays.

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