1. Yupp says

    Ha ha!!! @ Belonsky. (Yet another one of his hated white-male-athletes standing up for equality and Belonsky can’t hide from it anymore. Ignoring these stories was getting too obvious).

  2. says

    it’s the truth.

    for the first time in history a sitting president supports equality, and his administration is including it in their party platform.

    how is this NOT the right time? the time IS NOW.

    the GOP will never embrace Equality because being anti-gay is their only way to convince the majority of their braindead base to vote against their own best interests. broke-@ss folks voting GOP because they don’t like them gays marrying is the way conservatives, in ALL countries actually, manage to screw over their non-cognitive supporters.

  3. says

    @Luke, ignore the troll who creates Fox News-style strawmen.

    it’s one more gay conservative pretending that progressives blame white people for everything. ignore. it’s like listening to Uncle Joe Confederate Flag complain about “how white people are the real victims”

  4. Yupp says

    True, Rick, but going by Belonsky’s history on both Queerty and here, even THAT is an amazing “step forward” for him- to even admit anything attractive at all about a white straight athlete.

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