1. Bart says

    When did Rick Santorum grow a beard? Oh…that’s not Rick. You mean Michelle Bachmann had a sex change—oh, that’s not her? Wow, he sounds just like a lot of Republicans.

  2. Maguita NYC says

    Thinks homosexuality is a sin, and should be eradicated. Thinks anyone going against his religion should have no rights. Thinks anyone disagreeing with his politics is a threat to his country and should be therefore shut down in a declaration of war.

    Makes you wonder how Ahmadinejad did not run in the GOP Presidential race.

  3. jason says

    Kudos to Piers Morgan for at least asking this hideous creep these questions. The man is a hideous creep. He needs to be exposed as the garbage that he is as head of Iran.

    By the way, why is the UN mollycoddling this ghastly human being? He should be in jail, not feted by the UN. The UN is dominated by countries that are extremely homophobic which trample on our rights and send us to jail or even kill us.

    Ahmadinejad should be locked away and the key thrown away. The UN should be disbanded.

  4. says

    “Homosexuality ceases procreation”?

    Seriously? The mere existence of gays suddenly caused all fertile women to become barren or something?

    Someone should tell Mr. Ineedadinnerjacket that even gay folks have kids “the old fashioned way” too. Of course, he’ll just spout some junk about “lies from the White Devil” or some stupid crap like that. That guy is just “pants-on-head” stupid.

  5. Pommie says

    Wow he’s so intelligent. I wonder if he’s a scientist because obviously we would have never know about homosexuality if it was not for him. Such a pioneer! I think he must be crucified for his greatness. We all are just waiting to start commemorating (Read celebrating) his death anniversary:)

  6. Alex Parrish says

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not stupid — he is ignorant; there is a difference. The man has a PhD in Engineering — but — he graduated from a university i Iran and has never been exposed to thought outside his small community. He doesn’t seem the least bit curious about the world around him. Too bad. Persian gay men and Lesbians will suffer because of this and the Iranian society as a whole will be poorer for it.

  7. Caliban says

    It’s quite likely that Ahmadinejad has had sex with boys and may even continue to do so. In Arab culture women are severely repressed and part of the family honor is contingent on her being a virgin, therefore female sexual partners outside of marriage are hard to find. Do you really think that Arab men go without sex due to that? No, they have sex with pubescent boys but don’t view that as “gay,” just a normal and expected part of sexual development.

    So when he says (as he has before) that Iran doesn’t have gay people he’s talking about the Western concept of gay identity. (He’s wrong on that score too.)But men having sex with boys? That happens all the time. Look up Bacha Bazi, or Arab “dancing boys,” trained to dance and “entertain” men in place of women.

    Historically and anthropologically, in societies where women have very low status pederasty is common.

  8. Peter Hargmier says

    This man is not speaking for himself – he is a puppet of the various mullahs, ayatollahs and warlords that hold the real reigns of power in Iran, and he cannot afford to go off message, as they would have him assassinated in a heartbeat.

  9. MaddM@ says

    @caliban Iranians aren’t arab

    I am always confused about why our religious right hate these people so much when they have so much in common. Luckily, forward thinking enlightened people get along across racial, ethnic, sexual, etc boundaries which is I think our strength- all the fundamentalist nutjobs think it’s only their flavor of crazy that’s REALLY true

  10. albertam says

    ceases procreation, that may be so but there gay dads or individuals that had children before coming out so i don’t think that the human race is in any danger of being erased or ceases besides we have lots of people on this tiny globe that need a family that can be for them. And pretty soon we might have to move to another planet in the galaxy or orbit on a space station.

  11. khan says

    pardon my ignorance, who is andrew belonsky? clicking on the name linkage reveals nothing. anyway, that’s not particularly important. but what IS important is for gay peeps to understand that they do not want to lend their collective voice to a war against an oil-rich and culturally homophobic nation as a result of being played by cynical politicians with petroleum interest$. ahmadinejad is one man and not particularly powerful in iran. in spite of corporate media inattention, keep your eye on what is actually going on– such as the recent mock preparations for invasion of iran conducted by the US and the UK @ hormuz

  12. simon says

    A typical school yard bully. He can bully a minority in his own country without consequence. When he deals with a bigger bully like the US who told him he is a bad boy, he can’t develop nuclear weapons. Instead of saying why I can’t also have that toy like you, he used all the evasive techniques to avoid being beaten.

  13. Bill says

    When Andrew wrote “Jay Leno hits the nail on the head when he refers to this man as : AMANUTJOB!!!”, it reminded me of what the Iranians – at least those who don’t like him – call him in their own language: “Amaqinejad”. It turns out that “amaq” is the Farsi word for “stupid” or “stupid person”, and it only takes a one-letter change to Amadinejad’s name to get that. It seems the Iranians beat Jay Leno by coming out with it first and did a better job of it due to a linguistic quirk.

  14. Iban4yesu says

    And, let’s not forget, that without BP (“Thanks for the wonderful thing you did for the Gulf!”)and CIA throwing up the modern, Westernized, democratically elected Iranian gov., for oil, this idiot wouldn’t be where he is now…

  15. Reilly says

    That nutcase doesn’t seem to realize that we LGBT people are, and have always been, roughly ten percent of the population. That leaves a pretty goodly number of hetero folks to do the procreating — and, by the way, most hetero people who form biological nuclear families do so because they naturally *want* to, not because some government hack is standing over them with a gun commanding them not to be gay.

    But, of course, I’m-a-doin’-Jihad already has an “out” from this one: Math and logic are, of course, Western secularist conspiracies!! 😉

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