1. Alex Parrish says

    I must have lost me sense of humor too since I don’t see sending your kid to school with the intent of humiliating him/her as funny in any way. It’s not just the “I’m so gay” t-Shirt — it’s the whole concept which is mean and unfunny.

  2. JH says

    I watched this earlier and didn’t read that particular one as homophobic or using us as a punchline. I think the humor was more about the fact that the shirt is both ridiculous and completely inappropriate for a kid to be wearing (which the kid in the video acknowledges, when he says “I think it’s pretty inappropriate.”).

  3. BrandonJD says

    I didn’t find this funny, AT. ALL. First off, most of the parents idea of doing something funny was “lets give my son girl clothes” which already has it’s share of problems.

    Then the kid with the Gay shirt, at least he seems to have more sense than his parents, who are only pushing the idea that GAY=BAD onto a kid who fortunately hasn’t learned to hate gay people… yet.

  4. Ken says

    Chiming in here to say whether or not you agree with the humor in this, and I completely understand why many would think it’s not funny, Jimmy Kimmel is no homophobe.

  5. Ken says

    Chiming in here to say whether or not you agree with the humor in this, and I completely understand why many would think it’s not funny, Jimmy Kimmel is no homophobe.

  6. KT says

    I dislike all these “Let’s trick our kids” videos Kimmel airs. The Halloween and Christmas ones were downright cruel – not sure what kind of parent thinks its hilarious to see their 5 year old break down in tears because he thinks his Halloween candy has been eaten.

    This one is just stupid as well and just shows that “gay = lame” will not be going away anytime soon.

  7. Dawson says

    Please explain to me how being gay is suppose to be funny? Do people understand that we are being marginalized again. It meant to be a punchline, something you don’t ever want to be. Harmless——are you serious. Kids are being bullied for being sissy’s and now this! The Republicans want to outlaw anything that is gay and this gives people the idea gays are those sissy boys that have cotties. Yea, this really helps us doesn’t it. Try telling that to some kid who just got beat up.

  8. says

    As a gay father I can say the “I’m so gay … I SH*T rainbows) (they greyed out the “SH*T part) is completely inappropriate – just a the kid who is forced to put it on says to his mother. What the H*LL was she thinking? The whole skit was out-of-line. Kimmel should apologize. Someone start a petition!

  9. AJ says

    Oh good god. People need to calm down and realize that the kids were not actually sent to school in this. It was a silly prank, like all of JK’s hilarious youtube challenges. The reason he probably used the gay shirt one as an example is because of the kid’s very funny, thoughtful evaluation of it. The kid says “This is inappropriate. I will get detention.” Never once does he say “I ain’t no effing f-g!” or anything horrendous like that. Even an out and proud gay kid would not want to wear that hideous shirt. It says “I’m so gay I s–t rainbows!” And people, parents prank their kids. Mine did and I turned out just fine. There is no real damage here. And again after the Christmas one, the Halloween one etc, etc, the kids will get over it!! And like all good kids with pranking parents, they will plot delicious revenge. Jimmy has even had a few of the more memorable kids from these pranks on his show and gave them gifts. GET OVER IT! There are far huger things for us to be outraged about. Little kids being harmlessly pranked is NOT one of them.

  10. jamal49 says

    I saw this and nearly blew a gasket! I called ABC, expressed my disgust then shot off several emails to Kimmel and ABC.

    Sorry, folks, but like so many others I have lost my sense of humour when it comes to gay people being used as the butt of a cheap, cruel “joke”.

    The video was tasteless and classless and I strongly urge everyone who gives a flying f*ck to protest to ABC and to Kimmel.

    Otherwise, this sh*t is never going to stop.

  11. Homo Genius says

    Well… the offensive part to me is the rainbow thing. Seems to equate us with little girls and is feminizing. Its just an antiquated stereotype from the Waylon and Madame era since the only out gays were flamboyant queens.

    Had it been the least bit clever I wouldnt mind.

    But still if you changed gay for black or jew Kimmel would probably be off the air. If it had been jew he probably would have been yanked off the air before the episode finished.

  12. House of El says

    I was there last of the filming of this episode of the Jimmy Kimmel live show, and I can say it got a lot of laughs from the audience. If you listen to the boys response, he says “isn’t it inappropriate?”. I think it was harmless at best, he could have went off on a homophobic rant, but he didn’t.

  13. Peater says

    For me, the kid saying “this is inappropriate” elevated the entire stunt to profound. Gives me the greatest hope for that generation. Too bad I will not be around to enjoy them.

  14. Danny says

    @Homo Genius:

    “Seems to equate us with little girls and is feminizing. Its just an antiquated stereotype from the Waylon and Madame era since the only out gays were flamboyant queens.”

    You are right. It is an offensive, antiquated stereotype. And we perpetuate that every time we tell the world that gay people are “LGBT” and have some kind of defining bond with men who want to become women. LGBT needs to go the way of all stereotypes – to the trash heap of history.

  15. says

    @ House of El:

    No……perpetuating the very phrase “so gay” is not harmless… is demeaning and insulting and deliberately seeks to denigrate.

    The phrase “so gay” isn’t meant to mean , “so beautiful” or “so wonderful”; it’s deliberately used as a weapon by homophobic Neanderthals and it is a phrase that is unacceptable in all circumstances……just like other phrases that denigrate other minorities have become unacceptable over time.

    @AJ : “Harmlessly pranked…” Are you serious ?
    When are we going to get up off our knees and make “it’s so gay” an unacceptable malicious insinuation ?
    And yes AJ, we do realise that they were not sent to school like that. It was all just a joke/prank to make the kids a great laugh for the audience !!!
    I am incandescent at the vicious stupidity of these clowns……Jimmy Kimmel should get his face smashed.

  16. Rob says

    I do not understand the Kimmel-apologists. Race jokes are off limits; gay jokes need to be off limits too, even when people can argue that the jokes/segments aren’t overtly homophobic, the underlying message is that gay is a punchline.

  17. Francis says

    Jimmy Kimmel I don’t think is a homophobe at all. He’s using these parents and exposing their trashiness for people to laugh at. With that being said, I’m not OK with the t-shirt because at the end of the day, it’s once again using gay as a punchline, and as has been said, most of the “pranks” for boys were just dressing them up in girls clothes. Which is also inherently anti-gay, as well as misogynistic and anti-trans. Where is the punchline in those “jokes”? That being gay/gender-noncomforming is weird, especially the gender-nonconforming aspect. I could MAYBE buy that the gay t-shirt was meant as a means to joke at it’s inappropriateness but putting boys in dresses as a means to embarrass them is clear as day.

    I’m not outraged, probably because I realize that, sadly, most parents would put their son in a dress or in an t-shirt meant to mock gays/trans and not understand the damage they’re doing. They think it’s funny to make fun of us, and it’s just very sad. That’s where we’re at with basically everyone not apart of the younger generation that appears to be more intelligent. Even the kid in the rainbow t-shirt realizes it’s offensive. Sad when a child is more enlightened than their own grown adult parents.

  18. Francis says

    There is a big difference between joking about something and making a joke of something. LGBT citizens and culture are being made a joke of by heterosexuals. They consider us a joke and they do not respect us. This is the reality. Hence you hear things like “stop whining” or “it’s just a prank” in regards to things like this. We’re not even worthy of discussion in the eyes of about 40%-50% of heterosexuals. They dismiss our feelings because they dismiss our humanities.

    We saw what happened to Daniel Tosh when he made a crude attempted joke at rape. Forced to apologize less than 24 hours later. We saw what happened to Michael Richards. We see what happens when people call Obama a Muslim. We all know that this is all hypocrisy and that at the end of the day, LGBT citizens are held at a DIFFERENT STANDARD than any other group. Period. Let’s all be so clear about that, because it’s too obvious. We are not recognized as human, as equals, the same way other groups are. We are still looked at as deviant and inferior overall. Until that changes, nothing will change.

  19. Fenrox says

    Good god, Fine I will break down humor. You expect one thing and get another. Humor is contrast. A kid in a shirt that says hes gay and has a swear word? Well, he probably isn’t gay, and he cant wear a shirt with a swear on it, so it’s funny. It’s a joke. Who is the butt of the joke? The kid. Gayness isn’t the butt because he isn’t gay, he’s nothing. ANYTHING can illicit embarrassment, it’s subjective. Then, obviously, gay have been bullied, in schools, currently and historically. Nobody would wear that shirt, anyone would be bullied in it. Its not respectful to gays, language or fashion, lots of reasons to bully that shirt. So if he really went to school (You realize that they didn’t make the kid actually wear it right?) he would be bullied! it all equals a proper joke, told properly that you don’t find funny. So leave it alone! Tune out. You don’t have to police the airwaves and if you wanted to, why not focus on real bigotry masquerading as something else, like NOM and Focus on the Family. There is nothing funny there, they aren’t telling a joke. Can you understand the difference?

  20. Francis says

    Fenrox, the joke is about putting a kid in dress attire deemed inappropriate/embarrassing. It’s not about putting a kid who is straight and going to school in a gay t-shirt with a curse word which would cause trouble with teachers/bullying. BTW, the reason why there would be bullying is HOMOPHOBIA/TRANSPHOBIA. The butt of the joke may be the kid but that’s solely because the joke itself is the dress attire. The kid is wearing the dress attire that’s considered a joke.

    This may not be as bad as what NOM does daily, Fenrox, but this is basically as implicit. That if you don’t adhere to sexuality/gender norms, you are considered weird and easily mocked.

  21. just_a_guy says

    Francis, I agree with you.

    Besides, to me, the funnies parts of the video were the TRULY merely bad first-day outfits…e.g. the girl with the dress at the end, or the girl who refused to put the dress on.

    I agree with Madonna (sort of, ha): I think female’s clothing is DESIGNED as demeaning, and I think that’s a problem.

    The gay t-shirt thing wasn’t funny but didn’t offend me much either–perhaps because I can’t imagine others finding it funny?

    Anyway, the biggest sleights in the vid are on the transgendered.

    I mean, I laughed at the little guys’ saying “it makes me look like a girl.” But then, I think that is INSEPARABLE from looking anything at all like a girl being considered an INSULT. Girls today are NOT generally taught that boyish things are similarly negative. Hmm.

    Again, tho, I think it’s twofold:

    1) males have historical status compared to females, something that inappropriately persists and is TAUGHT.

    2) I really do think female costumes ARE insulting to women. To me, the little girl’s reactions to those dresses PROVE IT:

    Gosh, should little girls really be raised to accept such things??

    Kimmel’s contest was not offensive to me, as initially set up. As for whether Kimmel should have cut the gay shirt…hmm, the saving grace for Kimmel on that front was the “Sh*t” which made it undeniably inappropriate, and so maybe ok to air???

    The best argument as to Kimmel’s culpability here is that the clip as edited/produced was pretty transphobic.

    At the least…TR covering it raises the conversation, no??

  22. JD says

    Kimmel didn’t tell parents to put a “gay” t-shirt on their kids or have boys dress in girls clothes. That’s on the parents. All he did was show the videos. At least the boy was smarter and the mother by saying “this is inappropriate”.

  23. JD says

    Beyond this discussion, these segments expose how bad some parents and kids are. My parents would never have allowed me to talk to them the way these kids yell and scream at their parents. (this one wasn’t too bad, but the one they did at Christmas last year showed how horrible some of these children are.) They have no respect for anyone or anything. Very sad.

  24. Francis says

    You’re right, Just_A_Guy, in a lot of what you’re saying. I definitely agree that the transphobia/misogyny is strong in the video and the message being sent is that boys should act /be like boys. We live in a patriarchal society and that is the reason why this mentality exists. Misogyny has a direct connection to homophobia because in the eyes of misogynists, men “choosing” to be with men is akin to a woman being taken by the stronger sex. Except that we’re men and going against the “man code”.

    Most female clothing is designed to make women look attractive to men. Hence dresses cut in a way to accentuate a woman’s figure and show off their legs and/or their cleavage; high heels, again made to show off a woman’s legs, hence girls are pressured into being thick yet skinny, have curves yet with a perfect skinny midsection, to fit the name-brand jeans and tight shirts. I can agree to a certain extent with Madonna’s statement, too. Society is definitely far too looks-obsessed in general.

    I wish that with Andy covering this story and it getting some negative feedback that there will be a conversation regarding this type of transphobia/homophobia Just_A_Guy, but it’s not going to happen. The majority of straights and many gays don’t care enough.

  25. Chuck Mielke says

    OMG!!! Will you guys lighten up? As far as we know, no children were actually sent to school in these horrible outfits — no little egos were bruised. The whole purpose was to extend a common parenting experience, bad wardrobe choices for kids, into a self-conscious parody.

    As far as “mocking gays”? Really? Can Kimmel be blamed for the fact that some of these parents thought cross-dressing their kids IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR OWN HOMES, and FOR A TEMPORARY GIGGLE, was amusing? What? Should christians be upset because some of the parents wanted to dress their kids like Jesus?

  26. Mike says

    Jimmy is all about Jimmy and how much money he can make trashing who ever he needs to trash for a laugh. They pay him big bucks to trash people to get a laugh, he must be working for the anti-gay Christians who put money in his hidden bank accounts.

  27. just_a_guy says

    touche, Francis.

    And CB, even if I laughed at the gay- & trans-phobia, I still agree that this is exactly like blackface.

    But its more nuanced than Kimmel doing it himself: The effect is ALMOST more like the “what would u do” series…but distinctly less self-aware.

  28. andrew says

    A harmless attempt at humor. That said, I don’t like jerking little kids around like that. I was most interested in the almost non reaction of the young boy who was told he had to wear the “I’m so gay” T-shirt. Jimmy often pushes the envelope a little too far, but he is a very funny guy.

  29. Randy says

    I think the rainbow shirt was funny, because it wasn’t about being gay as much as it was about s—ting rainbows.

    But the transphobia throughout much of the other clips was not worthy of broadcast on that show. Rather, it belongs on What Would You Do?

    I notice comments have been disabled on the video. I wonder why…

  30. EchtKultig says

    To me the more serious issue is the whole sketch idea has a certain ugliness. Why would parents want to punk their children on national TV? In a way it’s even worse than that case at some backwoods Minnesota high school where parents made out with their teens who were blindfolded. At least that wasn’t intended for national consumption.
    This is the ugly side of the cult of the viral video and reality shows…everyone wanting to exploit those around them for their 15 seconds of fame.

  31. EchtKultig says

    “OMG!!! Will you guys lighten up? As far as we know, no children were actually sent to school in these horrible outfits — no little egos were bruised.”

    But that’s exactly where you’re wrong. Some of these kids are doubtless too young to understand the levity of a prank. I know it from being around my nieces and nephews; below a certain age, there’s no way to reverse the hurt they feel from being made fun of, or even thinking they are being made fun of. Their minds can’t comprehend such humor yet. My brother knows that, and would NEVER do something like this to his kids. It’s only funny in a cruel way of, “oh, those kids are so stupid, they don’t realize it’s a joke” – that’s the lowest, dumbest form of humor. Question: would it be funny if this was being done to developmentally disabled adults? Of course not. (And as others pointed out, they would never show a parent who put their kid in blackface. There is a double standard, but it’s not even the main problem here.)

    I don’t have an issue with videos of kids being funny by themselves, but someone in the national media who’s an expert on child development needs to speak up about the sort of irresponsibility being encouraged here. We already have a parenting crisis in this country – look at how ill behaved kids are versus 20 years ago – among many other signs. This just crosses a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Dr. Phil where are you? (LOL, he’s kind of annoying, but people might listen to him)

  32. Just_a_guy says


    Interesting; until you better articulated the child’s perspective, I didn’t think of it: your comparison of basic decency we’d demand for the developmentally disabled seems apt–in a way I hadn’t thought of before.

    Heck, considering the arguments for opposing animal cruelty under the big tent of lgbtqa values, opposing mistreatment of children seems even more integrally a natural part/extension of the lgbtqa movement. Further, an anti-bullying mindset at schools is not enough; truly better parenting is going to have to fit in there somewhere.

    That said, the many impressive lgbt parents who have actually faced the trials of parenting might be the best voices on such a topic.

  33. Markt says

    I would be humiliated to wear a dress to school or a gay t-shirt. And a video of me really thinking I had to do it would be funny. Me being forced to to wear pleated khakis or a sweater vest would be the same thing. I’m beginning to think that the republicans are right – you guys do want special rights. Transphobia? – everyone who isn’t trans doesn’t want to be seen as trans. I would be humiliated because it’s not who I believe i am and not how I’d like to be seen. But then I would be humiliated if someone thought I was a baseball fan for the same reason. It’s not me at all. I know that every talking head on television is acting as if they are offended or outraged about something 24 hours a day but that doesn’t mean it’s helpful or appropriate to copy them. Lighten up for Chrissake.

  34. says

    This is offensive CRUEL and DISGUSTING considering our gay kids DIE every day because of being gay.

    Imagine BLACK kids commiting suicide because of an intolerant racist society and THIS gag against blacks being made

    ZERO TOLERANCE for homophobia!!!!!!!

  35. Kyle says

    Facsinating to me that even though we’re the most persecuted group in society we’re the ONLY group told to endure bigotry. We’re the only group told to endure and accept and even encourage being mocked and made a fool of. We’re the only group told that our youths lives and safety is a joking matter. And who we are as gays can equate to gay and it’s acceptable.
    Until gays take themselves seriously as other demographics do, this stuff will give the green light to more homophobia. Period

  36. rjp3 says

    Dumb to be critical of this…. it is funny because even if the kid was gay it is an awful funny and inapprpriate tshirt ….scatalogical tshirt for first day of school…no

  37. Nina34 says

    Ok, REALLY??? I have seen this shirt b4, it was given to a friend as a joke and guess what? There was a gay couple there and thought it was hilarious! Know why? Cause they have a sense of humor and know when something is all in good fun. Get a life people. Some of you are “outraged” and it’s ridiculous to put so much energy into this. It was funny! Laugh at life please, it makes it so much better than getting mad at something that has no impact on you! That is the best advice you can get….TAKE IT and MOVE ON!

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