1. nico says

    “the only truly sacred obligation that we have in this nation” – i don’t know what kind of philosophical or political basis this statement could have.

    and “fallen angels?”

    give me a break.

  2. anon says

    The bailout consisted of a firesale to Fiat of Chrysler, which was a private company, and handing GM to the auto unions. GM is actually doing poorly and still may not survive. They’ve also continued to lay off workers and close plants. If you love crony capitalism, move to Brazil.

  3. andrew says

    Ratbastard, you wouldn’t even make a good pimple on Vice President Joseph Biden’s a$$. What an outstanding man he is. A great V P , father ,husband , grandfather and an accomplished United States Senator for decades.At times Chairing the Judiciary Committee and at other times Chairing the Foreign Relations Committee. And Ratbastards accomplishments are……… ZERO!

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