1. Icebloo says

    I loved their last album but this new one is boring. I hate this “Kiki” song. It’s OK the first time you hear it but then it’s just blah. It’s not strong enough to be a single.

    I love to see the band messing around on stage. It looks like they have great fun but it’s typical of over-censored US TV to make them change the lyrics to this song and make it even worse.

    At least Wendy Williams had the balls to let them go on her show. The rest of the US TV shows are too afraid to let them appear.

  2. BillsBills says

    Ugh, tired white queens copying black style and trying to pretend they get it…Jake Shears trying to be a black woman..yawn

  3. Dumb Song says

    Ugh, I can’t stand this song. I was at a bar in Berlin last month and they played this song and some old queens were singing/screaming the lyrics the whole time and it was fvcking irritating.

  4. Dumb Song says

    Ugh, I can’t stand this song. I was at a bar in Berlin last month and they played this song and some old queens were singing/screaming the lyrics the whole time and it was fvcking irritating.

  5. mike128 says

    Does Ana Metronic (or whatever her name is) this she is a drag queen? I guess drag queens could be seen as affected, but to affect an affected drag queen? I guess that’s just meta.

  6. Fruit-for-Peace says

    I thought Wendy O. Williams died back in the 90’s, and now she’s got a TALK SHOW!?! No WAY! She’d be SLAMMIN’ TV’s with a sledge hammer or cutting them in half with chainsaws all with shaving cream dripping off her nipples! :-)

  7. says

    Jake Shears is a good friend of Anderson Cooper. Years ago Anderson complained to Jake that his singing was “too much” and said he should find another vocation. Anderson regrets that advice today and says he has no clue when it comes to recognizing talent.

    Sister Sisters is the next big thing.

  8. jdawg says

    Ok, when are people going to realize this is all about drag queen lesbian sex? And why is it misspelled?? Lady Bunny’s version is the rrrrreal T we’re talking about here gurl. (PS – Different Wendy O., but I’d LOVE it if she existed in some parallel universe and had her own punk rock talk show).

  9. Patrick says

    UGH. some ragidy dildo stuck in their ass’s cause they haven’t had a lay in a while queens commenting on this. the song is fun and cheesy. take a break and have a kiki.

    American television should be able to say curse words.

  10. Chunks says

    Obviously lots of commenters in desperate need of a good kiki. Let your hair down. If you don’t like this song there are plenty of other fabulous moments on the new album, like ‘Somewhere’, ‘Self Control’, ‘Best in Me’ and ‘Inevitable’.

  11. John says

    ^ I would have loved to have been at a bar in Berlin with some old queens screaming this song! Someone needs an attitude check.

  12. Edagr Allen Poe says

    YOu’re right Darren. This song DOES kick ass. Puts me in a good mood INSTANTLY!!!

    Thanks, Towleroad – for introducing this 47 year-old homo to the Scissor Sisters a couple years ago. AWESOME.

  13. QJ201 says

    I much prefer Willam and Rhea’s cover “let’s have a Kai-Kai”

    At least theirs is funny as hell.

    “And I was greated at the door by our friend Flaccid Downey Junior”

  14. Matt says

    JDawg: a “Kai-Kai” is drag queens having sex in drag, a KiKi is just getting together to chat (and gossip!) Don’t feel bad, Dan Savage made the same mistake and RuPaul had to correct him. That’s why Lady Bunny and Willam’s songs are parodies, they swapped kai kai for kiki.

  15. Kent Poteete says

    I Love Me Some Wendy Williams…I watch her EVERYDAY, but all i really want to know is How Much These People Paid To Be Promoted On Her Show. I think somebody owed somebody a favor. This girl is just WAY TO URBAN to be GHETTO. The Scissor Sister are a Combination of “AQUA” and the “SPICE GIRLS”. While They are Having a “KIKI” I’ll Be Taking a “DOOKIE”…LMAO!!!

  16. marks says

    I can’t. That lead singer is too “MEMEMEME! (mommy and daddy didn’t give me enough attention!)” – gross.

  17. test says

    I love the Scissor Sisters, but this song I just don’t care for. I’m sure they’ll have other singles I like in the future as they have in the past. I just don’t find it easy to dance to they was “Take Your Mama Out” and “Filthy Gorgeous” and songs like that are, and the lyrics are more trite the fun.

  18. Austin says

    Dear LORD!

    Some of the dizzy queens on this website obviously need a hug. They’re being a bit balsamic if you ask me.

    Scissor Sisters simply ROCK. Period. Support your damn community for Pete’s sake.


  19. jugo mono says

    Been a fan for a long time, but somehow I thought they’d be “cooler” than this appearance. It’s a little Top40…

  20. Angela says

    Wendy has said herself that her mp3 player is full of music like this. So I wasn’t surprised she had this group on her show.

  21. Anal Matron says

    Boring, weak, shapeless pap. These Scissor Sisters are a basket-case. Their record company will drop them like a clip-on earring at Walmart. So rubbish.

  22. Anal Matron says

    Austin: how can you support your “community” when certain members display all the talent and charm (an indeed dress-sense) of Jon Benet Ramsey?