1. says

    I absolutely detest the Victory Fund. They don’t give a damn about the dynamics of the election, only if the person they’re endorsing is gay or not.

    Case in point: in 2010, they endorsed Richard Tisei for Lt. Governor, despite the fact that the only way for Richard Tisei to win would have been for Governor Deval Patrick to lose… you know, the guy who SAVED MARRIAGE EQUALITY and eliminated Romney’s bigoted anti-marriage laws that prevented out-of-staters from getting married here, and has an out-and-proud lesbian daughter (though he only knew about it later, validating everything he did).

    There is no bigger hero to the marriage equality effort — IMO — than Deval Patrick, and the Victory Fund would have had him lose. Disgusting.

    The Victory Fund is also currently endorsing Tisei, a Republican, for Congressman, over a very strong marriage-equality supporter, John Tierney, who is a strong vote for an inclusive ENDA and a strong vote to end DOMA. This is despite the fact that a vote for Tisei is a vote to keep John Boehner as Speaker of the House — a person who would prevent ENDA from ever coming up for a vote and would not only prevent a DOMA repeal from coming up to a vote, but keep fighting the Obama administration’s efforts to get the courts to strike it down (the House has taken over the legal defense of DOMA).

    I’m all for a well-funded GLBT organization to elect gay candidates, but that GLBT organization can’t exist in a vacuum. It MUST consider the dynamics and context of the race. The Victory Fund — by failing to do so — not only makes itself not only useless, but a danger to the greater GLBT cause.

  2. jd says

    Ryan, you’re being a tad dramatic. The Victory Fund is nonpartisan, like most Americans. Democrats are better now on gay issues, but that’s a relatively new thing. How d you expect Republicans to follow suit if we don’t support more openly gay ones who can help change their party?

    The Victory Fund seems to be looking at the bigger picture for a change.