1. NICK says

    Read Team of Rivals, the book the movie is based on. Clearly, Lincoln was not gay. Close male friendships and sharing beds was pretty common for 19th century. I teach US History and that’s my take.

  2. JohnAGJ says

    @KJ – Here, here. It obviously wouldn’t bother me if Lincoln were gay but I’m not convinced that he was and the so-called evidence is flimsy at best. I care more about the kind of man he was that we DO know about and what he did.

  3. Stefan says

    I agree with Beahbeah. We should focus on what is definitely known or can be reasonably inferred based on a 19th century paradigm. Frankly, I’d find modern day figures we know are gay more interesting. So few are given proper cinematic treatment, and we’re instead left with bad tropes and stereotypes.

  4. yep22 says

    I read the C.A. Tripp book and it was poorly written & full of both innuendo & presumption. It was an embarrassment to legitimate historians. That being said, I like the trailer.

  5. UFFDA says

    It’s amazing how many jump to unwarranted conclusions on the hope of finding more validation for themselves and totally encouraging that most comments here flatly repudiate the unsubstantiated rumors of a poorly written and researched book.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    I can’t wait to see it. It’s not some trash about the ‘suffering’ of southern slaveowners, it’s about the second American Revolution and it’s completion of part of the work of the First.

  7. ELI says

    So back then men often shared the same bed with the same man for many, and I do mean many, years and nothing sexual happened between them. Yelp, that makes sense. Of course the country couldn’t expect it’s president to sleep by himself in his own cot. It just wouldn’t be the American way.
    Oh, I keep forgetting, Gays only started existing in the 1960’s. How could I forget.

  8. jason says

    Hollywood is highly homophobic so there’s no chance that Lincoln would include any homosexual connotation.

    Also, the ghastly word “gay” did not exist in Lincoln’s time. Men did not have a gay identity in today’s sense of gay identity. They might have realized they were able to be attracted to men but it wasn’t a political thing. If they slept with men, they slept with men.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    One thing I like already is that Daniel Day-Lewis is not doing the deep, solemn “Lincoln voice” that makes every actor who plays Lincoln sound like the animatronic Lincoln in Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

    I’ve always heard that Lincoln’s voice was reedy and even a bit high-pitched, and it sounds like Day-Lewis is aiming more for that territory. Good for him.

  10. Iban4yesu says

    I can only partially agree w/ u, Zlick :
    Day Lewis,thank you.
    Lincoln, thank you.

    Spielberg, NO thank you!!!
    The schlockmeister is not the right person for this enterprise.

  11. JohnAGJ says

    @Eli: That doesn’t prove the man was gay or bisexual. We have no idea if he did in fact have sexual relations with that man or not. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. We just don’t know. It wasn’t unheard of for men to have a deep affection for other men without their being a sexual attraction or at least consummation of any such attraction. You’re trying to fit a mentality from today onto a previous era which is never a good thing in examining history. Just as you see this as dismissing evidence of Lincoln’s supposed gay/bi orientation, one could easily say that you are adopting a “John Wayne” mentality in that straight men are unable to express lvoe or affection for one another without them being Mo’s.

  12. ozguynyc1 says

    @JOHNAGJ And all this “We just dont know”, is crap. We do know because we have read the love letters between the men in question. By suggesting “You’re trying to fit a mentality from today onto a previous era which is never a good thing in examining history.”, you contradict yourself by already stating that the evidence “doesnt suggest he was gay or bisexual”. Gay and bisexual are labels from today. What we see is Lincoln is a man who enjoyed sex with men and despised his wife.

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