1. MarkUs says

    “Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor”.

    I’m glad they told us.
    SCTV spent more time with make-up and voice training.

  2. velocifero says

    I love it. This soooo SCTV. Course most of the 30 somethings and below in age gays have no idea what we educated gays are talking about. But really, you have to shop at Walmart, collect clown paintings and decorate from Target to think this is either good camp or just good. Please make this spoiled no-talent evaporate out of the public consciousness.

  3. jcmiles says

    Lindsay Lohan is not good enough to have clean her house, much less play Elizabeth Taylor! I will never watch Ms Lohan make a mess of Ms Taylor life.

  4. ger says

    Never have I been happier to see the phrase “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”.

  5. Ruddigore says

    On the plus side, Grant Bowler is doing a pretty good Richard Burton impression… and he takes his shirt off.

  6. tommyboy10T says

    Well I above the age of 30 and I know one thing is for certain, it will not matter who plays Elizabeth Taylor because the bitchy queens are gonna complain. Get off your high horse, Lindsey’s Lohan’s real-life drama can be put aside, the girl can act!! And let’s face facts, we loved Elizabeth Taylor, we appreciate all she has done for the gay community; however, her life was not perfect by any means, just ask Debbie Reynolds… they were friends at one time! But then again who isn’t screwed up in hollywood, especially young actors.

  7. anon says

    I work for Lifetime and we have the final film in. I loved it and my boyfriend hated it, so I imagine the public will feel the same. It’s definitely camp.

  8. Jakeinlove says

    I don’t think I can watch it without getting into a car accident. I’ll be in my living room watching and BLAM!

  9. Andrew says

    Elizabeth Taylor, with all her flaws, had class. Why would they pick Lindsay Lohan, who is basically street trash, to play her?