1. kp05 says

    When you’ve been on every side of every issue, you kind of make yourself fact-check immune.

    Sorry Mitt ‘I’ll be better than Ted for gay rights’ Romney, we’re not buying it.

  2. Cris says

    This is actually really scary. The people that get their news from TV, not just Fox, see and hear him say these things, but likely never hear or see the retractions. So they go about saying, “NO! I heard him say blah, blah” and you can’t convince them otherwise, BECAUSE THEY HEARD HIM SAY IT!

    No wonder Republicans are so confused and some independents are willing to vote for him.

  3. Lucas H says

    What was that he said – “We’re not going to let our campaign be run by fact-checkers”???? OMG!!!! He might as well have said, We are going to spin and manipulate and misconstrue the truth as much as we want, and if it isn’t true then too bad for you.

  4. Oz in OK says

    As always, Rachel lays it out, does the proper fact-checking and explains it in easy-to-understand terms…

    …but the Romney supporters DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. I’ve confronted Romney supporters with this information and their response? ‘Well both parties do it!’ When I press them for details on how the Obama administration ‘does it too’, they’ll either keep repeating the meme, or they’ll circle back to one of the VERY LIES that Romney said and try to use those lies as ‘evidence’ on how bad Obama is.

    It’s just circular talking-points, and the more we press them on it, the faster the circles spin. Ultimately, I’ve had people get up from the table in a visible huff and leave the room, with every question I have unanswered and me with a massive idiocy-induced headache.

  5. says

    Is there now any doubt about the character of Romney ?
    He now supports 100% of Americans; but behind closed doors, in his private club, he says what he really thinks to his 50,000 a plate friends. He is two faced and a lying hypocrite.
    We know who you are, Romney, on gay rights, women’s’ rights, Hispanic/Latino rights and 47% of citizens rights.
    You will have your answer on Nov.6th.

  6. MaddM@ says

    thank goddess we have some members of the free press that do their job.

    I am amazed at how many americans are complicit with blatant lying. Nothing about what romney is saying is true- all he wants to do is drain the US for all his plutocrat friends by getting us into war with Iran, and once our economy totally collapses they can declare martial law or leave the wreckage they’ve made and laugh all the way to their offshore banks.

  7. says

    Romney and his cronies don’t care if they get caught in a lie: as long as the lie is put out there and repeated enough, it’ll be true to the mindless idiots that consider Faux Noise as holy gospel.

    And as usual, the Talking Points Parrots will echo that crap as fact, but will plug their ears and say “lalalalala” when you try to show them proof of Romney’s lies.

  8. Roman Bolliger says

    As to formal aspects of communication the Romney campaign is based on lies that are so crude and gross, that obviously one has to ask the question of how it’s possible a wannabe president tries to treat US citizens as idiots.

    This is no campaign,it’ ROMNEY’S PRESIDENTIAL C-LIE-PAIN.

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