1. Matt26 says

    Nice looking cooks (almost misspelled). My fav is the guy on the right (upper pic). I would like to have him in my kitchen (dirty me).

  2. says

    Well, I was all systems go and full of praise for their slightly-over-the-top marketing and high-pressure sales pitch until…

    “Our fashion stylist is determined to make this book the female answer to the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.”

    Yeah, way to cut ’em off at the knees, dipstick.

  3. Bill says

    If the person’s intentions were to attract women then they misfired. The guy on the right has been in Cazwell music videos and various gay photoshoots and was on the Millionaire Matchmaker where he claimed he is straight. The guy with the tatoos has done photos for SlickItUp clothing.

  4. jaragon says

    I don’t think those boys would be too interested in women- ( and by the way is that woman or a drag queen) And yes it does sound and looks like a Cazwell video.