Marriage Equality Bill Fails in Tasmania

A marriage equality bill has failed in the Australian state of Tasmania, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

TasmaniaThe numbers for reform in Tasmania were lost tonight when the eighth voice against the bill was declared in the 15 member state upper house, the Legislative Council.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Rodney Croome said lower houser approval and some backing in the council were great achievements, given that Tasmania was last to decriminalise homosexuality.

"If opponents of this bill think they have put the debate to bed they are wrong," Mr Croome said.

Already struggling for numbers in the council, the Same Sex Marriage bill fell after key undeclared MPs raised constitutional doubts.

Hobart independent, Jim Wilkinson, said he believed same sex law would continue to be argued. "But I believe it will come back in the Federal arena. In my mind that's where it should be."

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  1. andrew says

    It’s so frustrating that it passed in the Lower House but failed in the Upper House. Tasmania is treated like the backward cousins in Aus and it would’ve been a great kick-in-the-face to the mainlanders if this had passed. It seems like the only people stopping this are the out-of-date pollies as state and national polls continually show the public want this. Well, at least in Aus same-sex relationships are legally recognised and you can’t be fired or evicted for being gay/lesbian and since 1992 the Aus Defence Force prohibition on openly gay or lesbian members serving in the military. Each step is one closer to equality.

  2. Pigs says

    Not surprised. Australia is a homophobic shythole. Don’t give them your tourist dollars by traveling to such a homophobic place.

  3. jason says

    My friend says that the whole of Australia is backward. He says it’s racist, homophobic and xenophobic.

    The other thing that many of you don’t know about Australia is that the government gives taxpayers’ money to religious private schools. There is thus no separation of church and state in Australia.

  4. shawnthesheep says

    Having spent the last year in Australia, in both cities and rural towns, I have to say that anyone that refers to it as a “homophobic shythole” has more than likely never been there. Sure there are racists and homophobes in Australia. You will find those people anywhere. But on the whole, I found Aussies to be far more tolerant, progressive and less religious than Americans.

  5. Brian says

    For the record, Jason has never been to Australia, as he’s said before during another irrational Aussie bashing. He had a friend who went there once and didn’t like it, so obviously Jason is speaking from a wealth of experience.