NEWS: Tight Races, The Blame Game, And Farewell

Towleroad-roadicon Some black American clergy, unhappy with Mitt Romney's Mormonism and Barack Obama's affection for gays, are telling their congregations to stay home on election day.

Towleroad-roadicon On the bright side, Michelle Bachmann is poised to lose her House seat.

Towleroad-roadicon Bryan Fischer and co-crazies on why Mitt Romney's tanking:

StuartstevensWhat if Mitt Romney actually manages to blow this election? The Values
Voters will never say that he failed to win the center, because they
won’t believe it. They’ll say that he never drew the contrast between
what Obama was doing to America and how he and Paul Ryan, specifically,
would fix it. They’ll say that this left evangelical voters—few of whom
liked Romney in the first placed—disengaged.

Towleroad-roadicon (Or maybe Mitt's tanking because his campaign's staff can't stand the man running it?)

Towleroad-roadicon A message in a bottle, adrift for 98 years, has been found by a Scottish fisherman.

Towleroad-roadicon How the NYPD wished Occupy a happy birthday:

At least a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested yesterday evening during a march from Washington Square Park to Zuccotti Park, as police repeatedly "plunged" into the group to detain people on the sidewalk …

Towleroad-roadicon Ayatollah Hassan Sanei is for some reason blaming novelist Salman Rushdie for the film Innocence of Muslims, and has demanded somebody finally carry out a decades-old fatwah:

It [the film] won't be the last insulting act as long as Imam Khomeini's
historic order on executing the blasphemous Salman Rushdie is not
carried out. If the imam's order was carried out, the further insults in
the form of caricatures, articles and films would not have taken place.
The impertinence of the grudge-filled enemies of Islam, which is
occurring under the flag of the Great Satan, America and the racist
Zionists, can only be blocked by the absolute administration of this
Islamic order.

Towleroad-roadicon Tarek Masoud explains one of the reasons the Muslim world is so uncalm.

Towleroad-roadicon Two of the Republican New York State senators who supported Gov. Cuomo's push for marriage equaluty last year will have to wait a week to learn whether they've fended off their anti-gay primary challengers:

SpektorAs the absentee ballots continued to trickle in to county election
offices on Friday, Mr. Saland remained unsure of his political future. So did Senator Roy J. McDonald of the capital region, a Republican who
also voted for same-sex marriage and who ended primary night in a
contest that was too close to call …

“The bottom line is I have no regrets, and I make no apologies,” Mr.
Saland said in an interview …

Towleroad-roadicon Regina Spektor returns to Russia.

Towleroad-roadicon Personal note: A magazine has offered me an absolutely un-turn-downable opportunity to do some long-form journalism, and I'm moving on. Thanks to Andy for trusting me with part-time custody of his extroardinary website, and thanks so much to all of you for making Towleroad an endlessly interesting place to blog. Be well.


  1. enough already says

    I genuinely wish you the best at that magazine. You have journalistic skill. You lack the ability to set aside your conservative beliefs to moderate.
    A magazine assignment will bring out the aspects of you I like and not leave you making the censorship decisions which so often put us at odds here.

  2. Jacques says

    Brandon, you will be missed. I’ve genuinely enjoyed your style here on the weekends. I’ll be looking forward to reading those long-form pieces and will be keeping an eye out for them. All the best.

  3. EchtKultig says

    I think ‘affection’ is the wrong term for Obama’s view. I, for example, think, uuuhhhh, Mormons should be able to practice their religion in the USA. I think that’s a constitutional right, just as gay marriage should be. Therefore I accept Mormon’s right to practice their religion, just as I think Barack has accepted the right of gays and lesbians to marry. Do I in fact think Barack is homophobic, or anti-gay…lest some cracked-out Jason or Markus tries to join me as a chorus? No, not at all. Do I KNOW Romney is the most homophobic major presidential candidate since at least the 1970s? Yes, I do.

    Anyhow, these black pastors are crazy but nobody will listen to them. Yes, don’t vote for the first African American president so that someone whose religion didn’t consider blacks to be worthy of priestly holiness before 1978 can get elected. Yeah, that’s really smart.

  4. edwin says

    “Anyhow, these black pastors are crazy but nobody will listen to them. Yes, don’t vote for the first African American president so that someone whose religion didn’t consider blacks to be worthy of priestly holiness before 1978 can get elected. Yeah, that’s really smart.”

    Some black people, especially women, are so “religious” that they will do ANYTHING “pastor” says. For example, there are some black women (usually single and childless) who give all or most of their money, after living expenses are paid, to their churches. So, yes, some black people, particularly women, will stay home on election day if “pastor” tells them to.

    The question is how many black people will do this? We won’t know the answer to this question until after the election.

  5. Mary says

    Towleroad without Brandon K. Thorp? Unimaaginable.

    Best of luck to you, Brandon. And many thanks to the parents/family that raised this talented, dignified, and gracious young man. Only great quality parenting could produce a class act like Brandon. Any magazine would be fortunate to have him on staff.

    Is there a Brandon K. Thorpe fan club? I’d join in a minute.

  6. scott says

    awwww!!!! :-(

    My heart honestly just dropped when I read that. Hope you can be free to do some guest editing/writing, and I’m sure they’ll post links to your new writing- I hope so. Good luck with everything, man. You have a good style, and you’re writing is never heavy-handed or sensationalist. People like you who have interesting things to say in interesting ways are really one of the greatest joys in life.

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