News: Tunisia, Softer Romney, Natural Selection, ‘Revenge’

1NewsIcon Homophobic preacher Harry Jackson may or may not be telling the truth about why he backed out of a marriage equality debate at Howard University.

AlaskaAirLines1NewsIcon Alaska Air endorses marriage equality in Washington. “Marriage equality is the right and fair thing to do in and for our
state. From a business perspective, we risk losing
qualified employees and applicants to other states which have adopted
marriage equality statutes,” said company president Brad Tilden.

1NewsIcon There are now anti-American protests flaring in Tunisia.

1NewsIcon The Washington State Supreme Court ruled today that the state’s 2006 workplace discrimination law that includes LGBT people cannot be enforced retroactively.

1NewsIcon Evolution and reproduction: “Today’s biologists tend to be cautious about labelling any trait an
evolutionary adaptation
—that is, one that spread through a population
because it provided a reproductive advantage. It’s a concept that is
easily abused, and often ‘invoked to resolve problems that do not
exist,’ the late George Williams, an influential evolutionary biologist,
warned. When it comes to studying ourselves, though, such admonitions
are hard to heed.”

1NewsIcon Josh Bowman on Revenge character Daniel’s season two trajectory: “I’m not in as many scenes this season, but what I am getting is so much more exciting. Daniel is more determined, more driven, more focused, less gullible, less of a mama’s boy. Which I’m happy about.”

1NewsIcon Kate Middleton delivers her second public address.

Theapartment1NewsIcon Out of the three major movies being turned into TV shows – Psycho, Heathers and The Apartment – The Apartment has the greatest potential to both be great and disappoint.

1NewsIcon Don Philips wonders why Fox decided to edit out his coming out to former colleague Britney Spears on X-Factor. “Is gay bad for FOX? I didn’t do anything bad. They edited the gay out of me… I don’t understand it. Aren’t they a reality show? Is it too real?”

1NewsIcon Speaking of daytime claptrap, the Lohans will be appearing on Dr. Phil’s talk show.

1NewsIcon Backing down? “Just one day after Romney accused the Obama administration of ‘sympathizing’ with protesters who attacked U.S. embassies in Cairo and
Benghazi, Romney simply offered condolences for the four diplomats whose
lives were lost. When a heckler briefly interrupted him and accused him
of trying to ‘politicize’ the tragedy, Romney scrapped a planned moment
of silence. ‘One gentleman doesn’t want to be silent so we’re going to
keep on going,’ he said.”

1NewsIcon Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres and Gangnam Style.

Modelshow1NewsIcon Speaking of style, shirtless male models are always in fashion.

1NewsIcon Ants be cold: “Ant queens are only good for one thing – making more ants – so if
they’re not doing it the colony has no use for them. But the failed
queens of one species have found a way to live out their lives: as
humble workers.”

1NewsIcon In the aftermath of fatal protests, Libyan activists are also gathering to show their support for America.

1NewsIcon David Cecil, the British director behind a pro-gay play banned in Uganda, has been jailed in that nation’s capital for “disobeying lawful orders” after allegedly putting on an illegal production of the play.

1NewsIcon Breaking news: Amanda Bynes smoked pot, ate some tacos and smoked some more pot. In her car! God bless America.

1NewsIcon The problem with using the term “Uncle Tom” for gay people.


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    RE the linked article about the so-called “problem” with using the term “Uncle Tom”: its author is serving up a big plate of pseudo intellectual balderdash with a side of Oppression Olympics. There is a huge difference between “self-survival” and “self-serving,” and the logical extension of her “flawed assumption that there is only one way to respond to oppression” argument is that it would be okay for members of an oppressed group to do whatever they want to simply benefit themselves even if it adds to the oppression of others in that group. And the latter is exactly what gay Republicans are doing, and, thus, Cong. Frank’s use of the MODERN understanding of “Uncle Tom” and Mr. Savage’s use of “house faggots” are perfectly justified both grammatically and morally.

  2. Fenrox says

    Yeah, I agree Michael, I thought Barney did a wonderful job it explaining his use of the term. Without even going into reclamation or the terms current impact, I feel VERY confident that he and others wont be using this as a common term. The racial gravitas is still there so it’s not going to be used flippantly.

    That could have been a great article showing the evolution of things most people would like to forget about and how terms like that can become modern.

  3. Craig says

    re: Fox and Britney – umm Don Philips, my straight roommate asked me if my gaydar was going off with this guy. First off I have a very bad gaydar, my answer to him was “yes, obviously.” Don, you didn’t need to come out, we knew. Maybe Fox was doing us a favor by not showing your “outing” because you sang poorly, came off as sniveling, and worst of all, a bit stalkerish.

  4. says

    Maya has a point in that the character of Uncle Tom is actually a character with depth and dignity. The reality we live with, however, is that the term has simply changed over time. It *has*. It now means something else, and that something else is incredibly apt.

    What’s most telling is that gay republicans have been more vocal and angry over Frank’s use of the term “Uncle Tom” than they’ve been vocal and angry at not just the continuing bigotry in GOP policy, but their anti-gay campaign ads that encourage and promote bigotry against LGBT people.

    They’re silent about it. Totally silent.

    Uncle Toms? House F@ggots? Modern Day Eunuchs.

    Cut off them balls, lay on the floor as a doormat, and allowing their party to whip dog s** on them. That’s the Gay GOP of 2012.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    While “Kiwi” and I often differ, it’s great to applaud his excellent point about the failure of gay Repugs to express equal outrage—or ANY real outrage—over the Party’s promotion of gay discrimination. Has there been a “South Park” episode on this, because another comes to mind: the one in which an evil guy keeps defending himself saying, “I’m blah this and blah that,” and the kids just keep replying, “But, Dude, you’re a child molestor.”




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