1. kdknyc says

    She did make a fool of herself. Obama’s response was so smooth and polite, and telegraphed to her exactly what an idiot he thought she was with her stupid question. Much more polite and refined than what I’d like to say to her.

  2. Alosjs says

    LOL! Obama’s answer was other thing, he DID answer the question but somehow Huffington Post has an article saying Obama evaded the question, as if he answered happy birthday Barbra, but the video they showed was him answering, so how is that evading the question? He said there’s a lot to do for the middle class.

    Anyway, Elisabeth DIDN’T make that question, she knows she’s stupid so she went to her supervisors or to Fox News or went to her GOP friends and they were all like “GIVE HIM THIS QUESTION! YOU’LL MAKE HIM SUFFER! AND YOU’LL LOOK SO INTELLIGENT!”, she just did this question to look intelligent, not because she really cares about the middle class, and to prove she’s tough. To me the question was more about I’M GONNA PAWN HIS ASS rather than I’m gonna make an interesting question to the president of the United States, so it was very disrespectful.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Hasselbeck makes a fool of herself every day on The View. And I thought it was surreal for President Obama to be sitting down with Elisabeth Hasselbeck right after delivering such a serious, brilliant speech to the UN.

  4. jason says

    Note how Hasselbeck always shows her legs. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist in my view. Cover your legs, Liz.

  5. jeff says

    I hate Hassellbeck, but it was a decent question.

    Neither Obama or Romney really care about the middle class. Sure, he talks a lot about it, but after the election, he will just continue to give everything to the Banksters like he has for the last 4 years.

  6. Dback says

    I actually thought Elisabeth’s questions were fair–tough and somewhat partisan, but she had the right to ask them (and Obama didn’t quite answer them, either, much as I support him). Compared to Barbara Walters–who has become shrill, intolerant, and always on the search for “the dramatic moment”–the rest of the panel came off pretty darn good. I just wish Michelle had had more chances to talk about her work with military families.

  7. Stefan says

    I’ll be voting for Obama come November, but I do think appearing on The View cheapens the Presidency. How people feel about Obama is not going to be determined by his interactions with a past-her-prime journalist, a couple comediennes, and a reality show has-been. If the President is looking for ways to market himself to the average person, he has many other superior options.

  8. James says

    Not only was her question not really a question, it was a semi-plug for Romney and, at it’s heart, pretty ludicrous. The American public seems much too desperate for pat, simple answers on such complex issues as the economy. Not only is there actually very little any President could do to stop the speeding train that is this messy economy, anyone (Romney or Obama) promising to do so is setting themselves and the country up for failure. And saying that Obama has made the country poorer is like saying terrorists “hate” us for our freedom- its a complex subject that is easier to wrap our heads around when someone gives us a simplistic answer. Now back to Honey BooBoo…

  9. RJP3 says

    ABC/Disney run the view to keep a right wing propogandist on Morning TV. We should all know that by now. The producer is a GOP operative who hands the mouthpiece in a skirt talking points and writes her questions for her. (Come on folks Rosie told you this years ago.)

    The elderly Barbara Walters sold out decades ago (come on she had an a affair with Kissinger – shivers!) – and is happy to support this propoganda show for a paycheck and to remain on the public airwaves….

    the President to Hasselbeck as seriosly as he should have …. which is not at all

    She is a disgrace to Boston College (much like Scott Brown) … but then Boston College is a disgrace to itself these days much like most of the Catholic regime in politics

  10. RJP3 says

    Is it really necessary to bad mouth anyone who asks the Dear Leader a tough question?

    Posted by: Perry


    Perry it is neccesary to expose Right Wing Propogandists who will say anything for a paycheck…. and to feed their own need to feel superior to others…. see Hasslebeck

  11. MikeSJ says

    One of the great things about America is that we’re all allowed to have opinions and, given the opportunity, ask questions of our leadership. Even if we’re just fifth-place reality show contestants or basic cable television show hosts.

  12. MCnNYC says

    Every savvy VIEW watcher knows that ms Hasselbeck is fed these right wing Republican talking points by her producer via an ear piece.
    She tres as hard as her little brain can to make them her own but for years the sad truth has been so.

  13. Blake says

    I greatly dislike the idea that a person should have some kind of cred or background of sufficient importance to be able to ask the president any damn thing they want to. It’s obsequious servility that smacks of the kind of royalty worship we already have too much of. He’s a president, not a king. He serves the citizens, not the other way round.

  14. MCnNYC says

    Sorry for being cryptic in my comments.
    That really is the real story on The View.

    EB was trying to audition for her role on Fox And Friends once again.
    And poor BW….let it go.

  15. Bob says

    She is another anti-gay Christian Right Wing nut spewing her hate for the anti-gay christian haters. That is all these crazies can do, they stir up s#it that is what they do to keep people all upset, these are the crazy people who need to be put away so us good people can get on with making this a better world to live in for all.

  16. anon says

    The President of the United States should be expected to answer tough questions … unless we have lowered our expectations for Obama. I would hope the gay community would welcome tough questions, so that he can show his intellect.

  17. says

    The President DID answer her questions, and she is an impertinent witch. Wise up boys…this President has done more for US and for the U.S. than Bush or the Repubs ever did. Support him.

  18. carlsan says

    I’m a Democrat and I don’t mind a Republican on the view. I just wish it was someone who was intelligent!

  19. Tim says

    Nice to see such a respectful and well balanced commentary here. Having not seen anything but this clip (I can’t BEAR the View banter), did he eventually go on to answer that question? Wish the clip wouldn’t shown that.

  20. johnny says

    When you appear on “The View” and you’re the president of the U.S., you should expect these type of “no right answer” questions from that idiot blonde on the end.

    That’s why I agree with Stefan, Obama needs to be very careful what vehicles he uses to get his messages across and “The View” should not be one of them, IMO. It really does cheapen his position to appear there. The first lady? OK, she can go there, it’s a woman’s gossip show.

    But him? Nope, don’t do it.

  21. Miguel R. says

    She has every right to ask. Obama should have said, well that disparity occurred under Bush and I’m working to close the gap the and the Republicans created and hope to sustain.

  22. Miguel R. says

    She has every right to ask. Obama should have said, well that disparity occurred under Bush and I’m working to close the gap the and the Republicans created and hope to sustain.

  23. Andrew says

    I don’t like that show and I especially don’t care for Elizabeth. However, she is a citizen and voter and had every right to ask Mr Obama that question. If politicians go on those shows, they should answer their questions.

  24. mark says

    Hmm …. Elizabeth Hasselbeck trying to get an invitation to the inagural ball or auditioning to replace Glenn Beck? Guess who isn’t going.