One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Lashes Out Over ‘Bulls**t’ Gay Rumors

TomlinsonOne Direction's Louis Tomlinson lashed out over Twitter after a follower brought up a nickname ("Larry Stylinson") that fans have created suggesting he's in a gay relationship with bandmate Harry Styles.

Said the follower: "Funny that no matter what happens they will never deny Larry."

Tweeted Tomlinson: "Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bullsh*t I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that." Adding: "Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories.It's upsetting that I have to read them daily. Thank god for the lovely people on here"


  1. Henry Holland says

    “It’s upsetting that I have to read them daily”

    No you don’t. It’s simple: don’t go online and read your Twitter feed. Don’t go to gossip sites or message boards and don’t Google your name or your horrible “band”‘s name either.

    Ah, I get it, you then wouldn’t have the ego stroke of people kissing your ass, the upside to the mean tweets.

    Damn kids today with their technology.

  2. jason says

    Why do people think of close male friendships as “gay”? The people who refer to close male relationships as gay are very confining, restrictive people. They want to label and categorize everything. Honestly, I think they have a mental illness.

    Also, these people are not very gay-friendly. They use the word “gay” as an accusation. There is bile in their words. It’s not a gay-friendly use of the word at all.

    Larry was right to react as he did. Again, I am sick and tired of those who wish to force an identity crisis onto men who have close physical friendships with each other.

  3. cadence says

    The One Direction fans are crazy. It would be one thing if they were having fun with this bromance, but some of them have resulted to attacking Louis’ girlfriend through social media and any other way that they can, and when his mother tried to defend her, they went on a rampage against her too. Too many people are wrapped up in their own made up realities, and don’t know anything about boundaries.

  4. Rovex says

    Jason, there is nothing wrong with labels. Labels are language, without language we would be sitting around doing nothing in caves.

    Whats wrong is the use of the wrong label, or even worse. people who dont like, and deny, the label that fits them best.

  5. jason says


    Labels are for clothes, not people. In any case, if people like labels, they should use it for themselves and stop trying to label others. There’s an arrogance in putting labels on others.

  6. Rick says

    @Jason You know the answer, don’t you? The vast majority of any boy band’s fan base consists of teenage girls, who, like straight women, generally, are deeply homophobic when push comes to shove.

    Why do you think so many male actors stay in the closet? Because they won’t get romantic leads if they come out. And why is that? Because women won’t buy tickets to see a gay man in a romantic lead.

    Basically, women are threatened by the idea of men being emotionally close to each other because it cuts into their social power…..if men don’t need women for emotional sustenance, then what do they really need them for? So any two guys who appear very emotionally close to each other will receive hostility from women…..and the best way to express that hostility is through homophobia.

    The interests of gay men and straight women are fundamentally at odds with each other and always will be.

    Not telling you, at least, anything that you don’t already know, I’m sure.

  7. says


    You do realize your name is a “label”, right?

    To be honest, the boys of One Direction should actually embrace the ambiguity about their sexuality. Why not capitalize on all of the money available when you don’t declare which team you bat for?

  8. says

    Rick, you’re stark raving insane. Or at least, seriously misinformed.

    I couldn’t pick the members of One Direction out of a lineup, but I spend a lot of time on Tumblr, and because I’ve done a lot of writing about the television show Glee, I also have a lot of followers who are fans of this band.

    And the girls LOVE the idea of their boys being gay, so much so that if you suggest they aren’t, they attack you and revile you. Their interest in actors and characters isn’t ERODED if they find out they are gay — or, usually, find some shred of homoeroticism in their lives which to magnify — but increased a thousand-fold, often to the point of creepy obsession.

    I really think you need to get out of the cave a little more often and realize that rumors of a gay relationship between two young, cute male actors or musicians increase their popularity and makes their young female fans like them more, while correcting those impressions makes them like the guys LESS, or, at least, attack the messenger, which is what we’re seeing here.

    As a lesbian, I’ve been disgusted by the attacks on Louis’ girlfriend and mom, by the insistence that the guys are REALLY lovers and not just friends/playing with the fans — an insistence that has grown to what I’d call pathology. Frankly, I’m shocked it took Louis this long to blow up over it. It goes way, way beyond the usual sort of personal life speculation and gossip that public figures receive.

    It’s also laughable to say that any public figure who lives in the modern world is going to be able to avoid public statements about their private lives. I don’t follow or like this band, have never sought out information about them, and beyond the political and cultural aspects of this issue, have never given them a moment’s thought. And yet I see crap about “Larry Stylison” constantly. Maybe you don’t use your computer to do anything but visit Towleroad, but most of us do, and certainly anyone in the creative arts, media, or entertainment does.

    Your sexism would anger me more if you weren’t so laughably out of touch with the actual zeitgeist of female romantic and erotic interests, but I still feel that the idea straight women and gay men will be forever at odds because the two groups compete over getting their power from the men they date or sleep with is really the most hysterically funny thing I’ve ever heard. You must know some amazingly pathetic people to believe crap like that.

  9. Pommie says

    Well irrespective of whether this kid is gay or not if he thinks and therefore acts in such a way when someone is calling him gay then he’s invariably giving the message that it’s not okay to be gay. Therefore, he’s either a kid or just plain dumb.

  10. Cris says

    Just to clarify things for those who don’t keep up with the tweens, the vast majority of the fans claiming that the two One Direction boys are gay and in a relationship with each other are not being homophobic and insulting. They are GIDDY with excitement over the two of them together – trust me, it’s all over Tumblr as true love, not something bad. So while they are crazy and extremely rude to the one boy’s girlfriend, they are 100% gay friendly – in a super-creepy intrusive way.

  11. cadence says

    Pommie, his anger isn’t over being called gay. He’s upset because many of these so called fans constantly attack his girlfriend, and have now started to attack his mother, simply because she came to the girlfriend’s defense.

  12. Rick says


    You commented: “I really think you need to get out of the cave a little more often and realize that rumors of a gay relationship between two young, cute male actors or musicians increase their popularity and makes their young female fans like them more”

    Oh, I have been out all my life, long enough to understand how straight women use gay men as their social accessories, sounding boards, “pets”, fashion advisors, and moral support providers, particularly when it comes to their relationships with straight men.

    And that worked fine and continues to work fine as long as gay men “know their place” and straight men could/can be depended upon to keep them in it……and could also be depended upon (straight men, that is) to keep the emotional boundaries between each other wide, reserving “love” for females and only females.

    So you see, you are probably right in one sense. These girls would MUCH rather these two guys be gay than to find out that they really are straight and despite the fact that they are straight, are totally into each other and joined at the hip emotionally……and therefore have no need for a relationship with a woman. You know, kind of like the “independent” straight woman that you lesbian-feminists have encouraged the idea of over the decades, a woman who does not really need men for anything and is therefore empowered in a way that she would not be if she were emotionally dependent on men.

    And that is your real fear, isn’t it? That straight men (and gay men) will liberate themselves from their emotional and social dependence on women–in other words that there will be a “masculist” revolution in response to the feminist revolution, however belated a response……..which will undercut the only real source of power that women possess…….and pull the very rug out from under feminism.

    One need only visit regions of the world where men are emotionally tied to each other rather than women and expressive of those emotional ties to see this…..those areas tend to be the ones where feminism has failed miserably because unlike in the West, women do not have a male culture to work with that keeps men distant from each other emotionally.

    Western men are finally beginning to see the folly that social and emotional dependence on women brings with it…..and I can fully understand why you would feel threatened by that……but it is time for this artificial cultural construct to be discarded, as it has brought such profound unhappiness to men’s lives…..and you and other women will just have to live with the consequences.

  13. Eric26 says

    Aww Rick is an MRA, cute. We learn something new about his batshittery every day. I’m breaking my own rule of not acknowledging people who aren’t real (trolls) but the idea that men are ruled by women is hiiilarious.
    Seriously, you guys should read some MRA blogs. After you’re done vomiting it’s all laughs.

  14. Rick says

    Just FYI–the post above beginning with “To make a long story short” is not from me, the real Rick, but from an impostor–who, as always, is threatened by the truth in my posts, including the first two in this thread…..


  15. Rick says

    And by impostor I mean one of my other voices. I’m sort of like Sybil, but with an even worse hairdo.

    And I’m attracted to young boys. Find me on

  16. Rovex says

    Jason, I guess you have a label that you dont like then, even if it fits. Labels are a description, no one, even you, is beyond description. To think so is thinking way to much of yourself, which I realise is common for posters on here.. Everyone is something and that means they can be labelled.

    Rick, you have real deep mother issues. You dont like women, fine, just ignore them.

  17. Rick says

    You’d have deep mother issues too if you were raised by a hussy who always hogged your father’s penis and barely ever let you play with it. She was selfish and didn’t share just like all women.

    And don’t forget, I also hate non-white people.

  18. Rick says

    @ERIC26 I didn’t know what MRA meant, so I Googled it and came up with a bunch of possible meanings.

    I guess you meant “Men’s Rights Advocate”….If you did, no, that is not what I am about.

    As I understand it, that movement simply seeks to re-dress issues related to alimoney payments, child support payments, etc. Most of them are homophobic in nature and have no apparent desire to do away with a male culture that stresses romantic love for women as its key component.

    No, what I am talking about is a total re-design of the male culture that will make men emotionally, socially, and sexually freer with each other. And why would any gay man take issue with that? That is precisely what we have always wanted, right?….to do away with a homophobic culture that keeps men distant from each other out of fear of being characterized as “gay”, with all the stigmas that go along with that.

    Take away the stigma and homophobia itself goes away.

    So why would you or any other gay men be threatened by that?

    I will tell you why. Because “gay” men, many of them, truly hate men. These are the “gender-non-conformists”, generally effeminate. They identify with women and idolize them and almost all their friends are women. They almost never form successful loving relationships with a man because their hatred of men (including each other) makes them incapable of it–therefore they go through life having empty sexual encounters with each other, at the same time worshiping a masculine ideal that they cannot live up to.

    Sad, twisted people who will be left behind by the “masculist” revolution I have referred to.

    They are not my problem, though, except to the extent that they continue to stigmatize male intimacy…….precisely what is going on in this instance.

  19. Rick says

    You can tell that I believe what I say and that I speak the truth because I always back up my comments with facts and citations and evidence.

    I’m so masculine that even though i’m in my fifties I’m scared to be openly gay and I hate all gay men who are.

    Real masculine men come online to anonymously complain about effeminate men every day. That’s the definition of masculinity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to mastubating to one direction photos on tumblr. With a jar of mayo.

  20. Rick says

    “Rick, you have real deep mother issues”

    No, Rovex, sad to say, most “gay” men have father issues and masculinity issues. Which is why their social lives are so dysfunctional and why they are so socially alienated from other men……and so obsessed with women.

    And that is why many of them are threatened by my ideas……they would have to face up to their masculinity issues and that is just too frightening a prospect for many, regardless of the enormous benefits that would accrue to one if one did.

    It would doom the idea of “gay” as they have known it….and that is a deeply frightening prospect for some, especially the more effeminate among us.

  21. Rovex says

    The issue men have with each other is largely due to religious culture and oppression, not female oppression or obsession.
    In the UK it was fine for males to hold hands with each other until the Oscar Wilde trials, when they suddenly became to frightened to do so. In the US piety was the cause, something that still persists today.

  22. Rick says

    I can prove I’m a tough masculine man. To prove it I’m going to continue to come here every day to tell you all, anonymously, how much I hate guys that I don’t think are masculine.

    Isn’t that proof enough?

  23. Rick says

    “The issue men have with each other is largely due to religious culture and oppression, not female oppression or obsession”

    No, not true. Even the most non-religious men in the West have had an issue with male intimacy. In fact, I partly had Islamic culture in mind when I referred to areas of the world where men’s primary emotional attachment is to each other–and one cannot spend any amount of time in any Islamic country and not become aware of this. Men spend virtually all their time with each other–women are segregated and marriages are arranged and formalized relationships–the idea of “romantic love” for a woman is largely non-existent, as it is in most of the world.

    In the West, by contrast, men are expected to adhere to the idea of “romantic love” for a woman that places a woman at the center of a man’s world….and is expected to live by women’s rules out of “respect” for his wife’s preferences (i.e. sexual monogamy, which is as unnatural for men as it can possibly be and which attempts to adhere to have brought untold misery)

    Indeed, this whole idea of “romantic love” dominates the entire culture–its films, its music, everything…..even though it is nothing but an artificial cultural construct that has no basis in either nature or common sense.

    And in order to keep this idea propped up, it is essential that men be kept emotionally distant from each other….and attached only to women…….All male friendships or relationships of any sort are required to be secondary to it and the woman should always take precedence over any man……

    So to circle back around to the original “sotry” in this instance, THAT is what is so threatening about these two young men. They are demonstrating with their actions what love between men looks like…..a totally new concept in the West…..and one that is very scary to women as it threatens the social privileges they have come to enjoy…..just as it threatens effeminate gay men, because it will re-define male intimacy in a way that makes them obsolete….

  24. Rovex says

    Rick, its a cultural meme in the west now, created by christian fear of homosexuality. Being non religious now has no bearing on it. You really seem to miss the basic fundamentals of it.

    Your view of women seems twisted, since i find women the most accepting of my homosexuality, and im a masculine gay man (as opposed to what many would call a ‘fem’, i though id add that to head off a littlekiwi rant).

    You are correct about how men interact in non westernised nations, but thats because women are repressed there, not because they are over valued here, plus Homosexuality is so unthinkable in most of those countries that the notion that men would do that in public is completely out of their thoughts.

  25. Rick says

    “Homosexuality is so unthinkable in most of those countries”

    Oh, it’s not unthinkable at all. In fact, sex between men is FAR more common in such cultures than it is in the West.

    What is unthinkable is the concept of “gay” and the culture of effeminacy (and the idolization of women that is its principal characteristic) that is its expression.

    Religion is dead in Europe and it is dying in the US and no more than 10-15% of the population buys into the idea that homosexuality is a “sin” any more.

    It is just a nice whipping boy for people who don’t want to face the real issues that I have raised because they are afraid of them.

  26. Rick says

    I hate effeminate gay men because they’re not afraid to walk down the street being themselves and I am. They don’t care what others think and I do. So I’m going to be here every day saying how much I hate them. While they’re out living real lives.

  27. hannah says

    Why can’t the people see that if they keep the gay thing going harry and louis friendship will change drastically they may never be as good as friends as they were if everyone keeps up the larry stylinson stuff

  28. hannah says

    Why can’t the people see that if they keep the gay thing going harry and louis friendship will change drastically they may never be as good as friends as they were if everyone keeps up the larry stylinson stuff

  29. EchtKultig says

    As I’ve said before, can the troll who PRETENDS to be Rick, please stop doing that? I don’t care how stupid you think Rick is, to behave like a petulant child makes YOU look more stupid.

    Basically, I agree with Rovex’s corrections to Rick’s posts. To hold up Islamic culture as in any way ‘correct’ is positively ridiculous – men have close relations with other men in that world because woman are considered subhuman chattel…not a good state of affairs. (nor is the beheading of gays…and believe me they will do it to them whether they are masculine or feminine gays) OTOH, there is a small grain of truth to what Rick says. I’ve observed in my life that single woman seem to respond positively to finding out I’m gay. (I’m also toward the non-flamboyant end of the spectrum, but would never call myself “Straight acting” – because straight acting would be having sex with woman and not with men) BUT, a sizable minority of married women have been real b-tches about it, even though, interestingly, their husbands have not seemed homophobic. One of them, when I came out to her (only) and she expressed shock, later flat out told me her husband ‘expressed a little too much interest’ in the topic of my gayness and immediately cut me off socially. As though by coming out I was going to try to move in on her man! Ridiculous! The funny thing is, with that piece of work, I was coming out to stop her from flirting with me!

  30. says

    Have you seen some of the photos of these guys? Half of them consist of the guys grabbing each other’s crotches and/or butts, giving each other long sensual glances and even cavorting naked in bathtub together. They’re obviously taking a page from the t.A.t.U playbook – faking gay for pay.

    Sorry guys, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You fooled all those rabid fangirls into thinking that you ride each other’s c*cks, and now you’re stuck having to play the game. Boo f*cking hoo.

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    Christie Keith,

    if you continued to read this discussion I know you are shaking your head slowly from side to side.

    “He” is a lunatic. Each day “he” gets crazier and crazier. Last week he admitted that he had sex with 14 year old Arab boys. I had no response because I couldn’t believe that someone would admit to such a thing on the Internet. We ought to have “him” locked up and put away. I think Andy should notify the FBI about “him”.

  32. Tyler says

    I’ve observed that everyone responds positively to my being gay because I’m upfront about it from the very start. People tend to respect you more when don’t pussyfoot around things like a nervous child.

  33. Tyler says

    I’ve observed that everyone responds positively to my being gay because I’m upfront about it from the very start. People tend to respect you more when don’t pussyfoot around things like a nervous child.

  34. Ryan says

    If he had a little more sense, he’d do what more and more Hollywood types are doing today, saying they don’t care about the gay rumors, some going so far as to say they get a kick out of them. That’s both a much better way to sound believable in proclaiming heterosexuality (versus an outright panicky denial), and won’t turn off gay fans from your group (and I imagine “One Direction” has a lot of them).

  35. Randy says

    How did this become an MRA debate? And yes, I’ve read some MRA blogs and they raise legitimate points. Sexism works both ways. You can’t only look at the men who benefited from sexism to claim that all men benefit. Some are ruined by it.

    As for “Larry”, you have to give the fans what they want. Celebrity is fantasy. Did they really think singing some idiotic song was going to get them fame and fortune, and that would be that?

  36. Cristina says

    He did nothing wrong. It’s annoying to have others ship you with those whom you are close to, and it’s just ridiculous with how far this fandom has taken things.

  37. Dom says

    I wanna marry Rick! Go Rick! i can see you right now giving it what for at the hardware store when you are given a pack of NAILS when you clearly said SCREWS! Much later you’ll weep into your scotch because there are just too many girl-men goddamit. Go! Go Rick! Oh my God! You’re so bold! Rick!

  38. Anon says

    I was a teen star in the early 90s and often I had to perform sexual favours on my manager to get fed. He wanted me to cavort in a dubious manner on the stage in front of various teenage girls, most of whom were hoarse with their screaming for me. Sometime later, i came to my senses and decided to move to Iowa.

  39. Rick says

    @ECHKULTIG Most Westerners simply do not understand Islamic culture. And the massive hostility you see being directed at Americans all over the Islamic world lately is not just about one film–it is about the social matriarchy that Western culture represents.

    To be clear, I am not upholding the Islamic way as THE way–I was only pointing out to Rovex that RELIGION is not the stumbling block to male intimacy. Also, I have to add that these exaggerated stories in the Western media about guys being beheaded for being homosexual are just that–gross exaggerations. The reality of the street is that bisexuality is extremely common in Islamic countries, so much so that most of the male population has had sex with other men.

    And women in Islamic countries are not “oppressed” unless you believe that women whose principal focus is their families are somehow abnormal, as Western feminists and their sympathizers seem to believe, with predictable results for children, I might add (and for birth rates, which is why Europe’s population is not even replacing itself.)

    At any rate, allow me to repeat that what I am seeking is an ENTIRELY NEW CULTURAL PARADIGM that takes elements of what exists now in different cultures, but fuses those elements into something that does not currently exist.

    One has to be able to step out of the box and be willing to dispense with one’s own cultural baggage to a certain extent to be able to see the same vision, but it is there…..and incidents like this one are manifestations of the emergence of that new culture, which I think is a very exciting development in human history and holds great promise for all men, at least those that are willing to embrace a brave, new world in which the old constructs and all the frustrations associated with them have been discarded.

    By the way, I did not admit to having sex with a 14-year-old boy…..I simply said that while I was in Egypt, one propositioned me…..although I do believe that the age of consent should be 15. Just for the record.

  40. Rick says

    Oh, and by the way, I cannot help but note that virtually all the truly great ideas proposed throughout the history of Western civilization by the greatest minds were originally regarded as lunacy and the individual introducing them as “batsh!t crazy” or “insane” or worse, to reference some of the adjectives hurled at me in this thread. From Copernicus to Darwin to Marx to Freud.

    All of which re-assures me that I am most definitely on the right track and that my observations are letter-accurate. If not, they would not be so deeply threatening to those who cherish the status quo.

    So thanks for the compliments and the encouragement.

  41. Pig says

    If it’s not true, why is he getting so upset? Why not just laugh it off…unless of course he thinks there’s something wrong with being gay.

  42. Syrax says

    Rick believes no one has been hanged or stoned or ‘honor-killed’. Certainly all fabrications.

    ‘And women in Islamic countries are not “oppressed” unless you believe that women whose principal focus is their families are somehow abnormal’

    You’re missing the obvious part where they don’t have a choice to focus on something else cause they’re treated like properties. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be treated like a middle eastern woman.

  43. lukebrux says

    You want to stop the rumors? Stop to kiss and touch the ass of the other band’s members and maybe the rumors will fade away.

  44. Markt says

    Rick – You have chosen between culturally enforced role limitations for males and females. Western notions have developed over time and were not so different from the religious gender restrictions still existing in the Arab world. This development looks like something of an improvement to me but not to you. You should maybe think about why that is. Are you looking at other people (like women and straight men) as if they have needs and feelings – like you? I don’t think so.
    When different people come together to give and take some encouragement or support or love it’s cause for celebration not derision.
    For that reason I agree with your one point that it’s sad that a close friendship between two men is set upon as if it can’t be what the men claim – as if it must have a salacious source or whatever.

  45. Alex says

    Louis whatever it is that people are saying about Larry Stylinson is all what you say it is. Ever heard of the movie Mean Girls? Great comparison for this situation. the guy says “That book was written by a bunch of stupid girls who make up rumors because they’re bored with their own lame lives.” Not necessarily meaning it has to do with a book, just good ole Twitter. but the quote really fits your current situation and it is the TRUTH! think about my favorite quote, “Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you!” Louis, your light is the Directioners. And I just so happen to be one :) for every one hater, there are like 5 Directioners. We love you and the boys SO MUCH and would be so upset if this nonsense corrupted the band in any way! Stay One Direction forever and I will see you at your July 13, 2013 concert in Hershey, PA!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  46. Philip Wester says

    The fact that I keep seeing pics of them groping each other (I couldn’t care less which 1D members do it, I’ve seen some of them do it… simply by visiting a lot of blogs and news sites, without ever going out of my way to look for 1D pictures) probably doesn’t help.

  47. Jack says

    if he wants to stop the gay rumors stop being so touchy feely with his band mates! it’s his own fault.

  48. Goroama says

    The only reason this is even knew is because girls and some gay men think they are cute/hot. If they were ugly we wouldn’t even be listening to their autotune or hearing about their social lives. And that is the real issure music is no longer about music it is all looks and has been fore some time. But at least in the 50s you HAD TO BE able to sing to get a record deal, NOT just looking pretty and smile. Ugh, popular music today upsets me so much.

  49. William says

    Personally, I wish both were gay. That would fulfill some personal fantasies. But the notion that because two guys are close means they’re gay is just stupid!

  50. megan says

    so what if one of the members of 1 D r gay does it really matter? look i loved 1d since the start and if one of them was an came out of the closet i would give a crap so dont post stuff like that if they r and they want u to no they will in thier own time so please just give it a rest and become a true directioner!

  51. raeee says

    This is what happens when you become famous. Rumours get created and people will talk about it, and your band. Its normal for this society. Get used to it, but don’t let it bring you down.

  52. ShivaTheDStroyer says

    Rick, just because “virtually all the truly great ideas proposed throughout the history of Western civilization by the greatest minds were originally regarded as lunacy and the individual introducing them as ‘batsh!t crazy’ or ‘insane’ or worse” does not reflexively mean that everyone who has been called batsh!t crazy or insane throughout history has had a truly great idea or been one of the greatest minds.

    I would argue that the majority of people throughoutthe history of the Earth who have been called batsh!t crazy or insane were, in fact, exactly that.

  53. Savannah says

    Honestly. None of this, absolutely NONE of it is anyone’s buisness bit HTML members of 1D. Look at this…

    Posability 1) No member of 1D turns out to be gay. Every hater was just spreading hateful and harmful rumors. People can go back to being brainless homophobes and the people that are haters will continue to hate.

    Possibility 2) Some or all the members of 1D turn out to be gay. What then? I can tell you my what then… I will be sad that I now have absolutely no chance with Niall or any other 1D member, but I will be happy that they are happy and proud that they could come out even in their very difficult position. Why? Because I am NOT homophobic. I will continueto love One Direction, Niall, and their awesome music and I will try to persuade as many people as possible to agree with me.

    No one deserves to be threatened or harmed. Homophobic perilled need to learn and understand these people. I wish Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayne, and Louis the best of luck with their career. Also, a strict message for them… STICK TOGETHER. HAVE EACH OTHERS BACKS. DONT SPLIT OR DITCH EACH OTHER. DONT LET THE WORDS, HATE, AND RUMORS TEAR YOU DOWN. DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.