1. mark says

    …another album? argh! I like her just fine, but she needs to take some time off…give us a chance to miss her …even Beyonce gave us a break…!

  2. Stefan says

    She sounds like someone doing an overwrought karaoke version of herself. Plus, if you’re going mid-tempo you’d better have an unforgettable hook and fun-to-sing lyrics. This has neither.

  3. endo says

    If you haven’t seen the NPR article about how pop songs for “artists” like Rihanna get made and marketed, it is a must-read.

    There’s a reason why Rihanna has albums coming out every 10 months. She doesn’t actually do anything.

  4. Gonzo says

    She’s trying to sound like Sia and then I read than Sia was one of the writers. Rihanna is tired and her only good era was Good Girl Gone Bad after than she became trashy.

  5. Hans says

    Well, it appears I am in the minority; I liked it. The voice saying “Shine bright light a diamond” was a little grating, but I really liked the rest of it.

  6. Tim says

    Hahahah, love that AJ’s comment (as it was) followed Endo’s quite perfectly. I’m with Endo, though.

  7. says

    So tired of Black artists trying so hard to establish Ghetto credibility…as if a black artist who isn’t ‘hood isn’t a ‘real’ talent.

  8. William says

    I like it. Wonderfully free of a rap break that kills the mood in so many songs now (if Mariah would only learn…). Give it the dance mix treatment and it’s a big hit.

  9. jesse says

    i think it’s pretty beautiful. she’s a mainstream pop artist – her job is to make money, so it only makes sense that she’s released an album every year since 2007. glad to see Sia getting some writing credits that’ll actually sell after that trainwreck of a Xtina album.

  10. jason says

    Rihanna is a known supporter of homophobic dancehall acts. After the media had pointed out the gay murder-inciting lyrics of Beenie Man, Rihanna cosied up to him in concerts and gave him her musical support.

  11. Nat says

    I like it but don’t love it like some of ther other music. This is a song I will probably allow to play in its entirety when it comes up on Pandora. So again, not bad but not her best.