1. millerbeach says

    He can’t even accurately berate the sitting, US President. How sad. No teleprompter, Mr. Romney? I guess it wouldn’t help when you just make stuff up anyway. Pathetic.

  2. Graphicjack says

    Lol… The chant thing was just embarrassing. What a tool. He’s got McCain’s Disease… He picked a person for VP who’s more charismatic than he is, and now he’s jealous. Don’t worry, Mittens… We hate Ryan, too…

  3. Kate says

    You do realize the crowd was shouting “Romney,” and Romney subsequently adds “Ryan” to the chant as an act of support to his worthy running mate, don’t you? You do realize the NYTimes AND Huffington Post has corrected this falsehood, don’t you? I urge you to investigate what you hear from the media and the more importantly the actual character of your presidential options.

  4. YouAllAreTools says

    They were shouting “ROMNEY, ROMNEY!” – get it right before you start misleading people. Check your facts or lose credibility. Romney was trying to unit the team by chanting “Romney/Ryan”

  5. AgentDuke says

    I’m sickened by this piss-poor reporting, following NBC’s mis-print and running with it. This is hillarious.

    You guys do know that he stopped them from chanting “Romney, Romney” and had them chant both their names instead, right? But no libs can report this right since a man giving credit to another man is something they would never, EVER, EVER see Obama do in his lifetime. So…all power to your puppet. And towlroad should just throw in the towel for this themselves.

    Look it up….everyone else but NBC got the story right.

  6. Ironron says

    Wow, the ignorance of some posters. And the news themselves. He did not stop them from chanting RYAN, RYAN. He stopped them from cheering Romney *without* Ryan.

    Wow, just wow. Waiting for a printed retration on this.

  7. Caliban says

    Do you trolls have sh*t in your ears or something? They are clearly chanting ‘Ryan! Ryan!” and when Romney tries to add his name in the crowd goes silent. There is no long “I” sound in Romney, so it’s hard to confuse the two.

    And just where ARE all these “corrections” you claim there are? I just spent a few minutes googling and couldn’t find them. Is this yet another “fact” the GOP pulled straight of its @$$? Because it’s awfully fishy that THREE of you showed up to spread the latest Republican talking point. How much are you getting paid per post to “correct” this story?

  8. Ironron says

    Well, Caliban. You did not search very hard, or are not very good at it.

    UPDATE: A reporter who attended the event contacted The Huffington Post to say that the crowd was chanting Romney’s name, not Ryan’s, and that Romney added his running mate’s name to the chant, not the other way around.


    Joe Scarborough’s reaction to a clip of Mitt Romney on “Morning Joe” said it all on Tuesday.

    But we forgive you. People only hear what they want to hear and do not want the truth. I’m seeing people very content with Obama for just that reason.

  9. Ironron says

    And from the Times:

    After Mr. Ryan whooped up the crowd in Vandalia on Tuesday, Mr. Romney moved to the front of the stage. As the crowd began chanting “Romney! Romney!” he cut them off.“Wait a second,” Mr. Romney said, instructing the audience to cheer for “Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan!” They did.

    Before you become the very troll you are accusing others of becoming, check yourself in the mirror. Now that you have proof, what do you say? Gonna still defend some no-name news over HP, the NYT, and others?

  10. Endoxa52 says

    As with any liberal story, this video clip is edited to support their “truth.” The crowd was shouting for Romney. Romney graciously asked that his VP be added into the chant. Liberals are sick in the head…lies are their way of life.

  11. pikchik says

    You really have little faith in Obama and it it shows. Posting such a false and misleading story when it is easy to check facts. That or your just plain lazy and only report what others report without doing any work on your own. Pretty pathetic

  12. lionsbru says

    If you had any decency at all, you would print a huge RETRACTION of this, now that it has come out that MSNBC edited the tape to suggest the REVERSE of what actually happened. (Even Huffington Post printed a notice when they discovered the error.)

  13. says

    Ask someone who witnessed the scene ! This article was correct. The crowd started chanting Ryan’s name and Mitt stopped them. He said “No, no , no no-it’s Romney-Ryan, Romney -Ryan ; that’s how it goes !

    I know there is at least one article that confused the facts, but I saw this on C-Span and they were chanting “Ryan, Ryan ! ”

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