Scott Brown ‘Regrets’ Racist Behavior of His Staff, But Won’t Acknowledge His Own

Scott Brown's campaign issued a statement late yesterday about the racist behavior by his staffers this week:

Brown“Senator Brown has spoken to his entire staff – including the individuals involved in this unacceptable behavior – and issued them their one and only warning that this type of conduct will not be tolerated. As we enter the final stretch of this campaign, emotions are running high, and while Senator Brown can’t control everyone, he is encouraging both sides to act with respect. He regrets that members of his staff did not live up to the high standards that the people of Massachusetts expect and deserve.”

Brown's staffers were seen making Native American 'war whoops' and tomahawk chops in a YouTube video in a face-off with Elizabeth Warren reporters in response to claims made by Brown that she checked a 'Native American' box on a job application to advance herself.

Meanwhile, Brown denied suggesting in his debate that he could tell someone's ethnicity by looking at them.

Here's what he said in the debate: "Professor Warren claimed that she was a Native American, a person of color, and as you can see, she's not."

Today's exchange went like this:

REPORTER: … the debate that, "As you can see," she's not Indian. Can
you tell by looking at someone what their ethnicity is? What's your
feeling on that?

BROWN: [Avoids the question, talks about Warren's character, integrity, blah, blah, blah….]

REPORTER: But you're suggesting you can tell by somebody's—

BROWN: I never made that suggestion at all.


  1. johnny says

    I love how republicans create their own reality on a daily basis. Everything they said or did before can be denied as if it didn’t happen.

    Wow, what a wonderful world they live in!

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Mr. Brown exemplifies the most pernicious kind of racism; he doesn’t know he’s racist — or doesn’t care that he is. We already know that Elizabeth Warren if much better qualified — now we know another reason Scott Brown isn’t.

  3. e.c. says

    He gave them a “warning”, wow, that’s harsh. How about you actually fire someone Scott. Clearly you’re more embarrassed that they got caught on camera than that they are behaving in an unacceptable manner.

  4. AG says

    It’s rare that we can all benefit from the Canadian version of political correctness, but this is the occasion. Over there they use the term “visible minority.” Elizabeth Warren is obviously not in any way or form a visible minority. She never experienced and could never experience any racial discrimination as a Native American because no one would ever think that she is one. That’s why her use of affirmative action to advance her career is a blatant fraud.

  5. Hershel Parker says

    Elizabeth Warren and Me: Heap Big % Injun? Well, Yes.
    So Elizabeth Warren has not documented her Cherokee and Delaware ancestry! And so the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (pictured on TV) has been declared by Scott Brown not to look red. Look at him, Scott Brown said, he’s not a person of color! And here Scott Brown has extended the “Person of Color” category to include us injuns. Well, that’s better than Obama in his inaugural address which mentioned other colors but not red, to my pained dismay. (I rejoiced that day and wept because only one person at the ceremonies mentioned Indians.)

    Now, let’s talk turkey. I always assumed Grandma Parker was half Indian because she was so very dark and Indian looking. One of her daughters was always called Blanket because she came out so dark that the family thought about wrapping her in a blanket and dropping her off at the reservation. Okie humor. I knew that some of my great aunts as recently as 1990 were lamenting their failure to be in the Indian rolls, and they had different explanations which usually came down to people in Muskogee having to ride a horse or drive a wagon to Waggoner or Bowlegs–something on the order of what the Republicans are doing in Pennsylvania this year, where elderly people are being frozen out of the electorate by arbitrary obstacles which non-mobile people cannot surmount. I also thought Grandpa Parker was part Indian. He may have been, but it’s not documented at all. Why did his father call his mother squaw? [I did not learn my highly refined political correctness from blood relatives.]

    Now I know that Grandma Parker had a white Scots father. One of his daughters told me he was a full blooded Irishman–presumably a misunderstanding of how so many Scots were in Ireland before coming to the colonies. I was able (through misspelling creatively and through an incisive clue in the 1900 census–the name of a brother) to trace him back to Arkansas and then his parents to Tennessee. NOT an Irishman who got off the boat in Indian Territory somehow in the 1880s. NOT. Just another Scots-Irish guy with red hair.

    Yet this Scot bowed his head before meals and said the Lord’s Prayer in Choctaw, and one of my aunts irritably said of her clay-pipe-smoking child-pinching grandmother, “She was a Chockie”–a Choctaw. Well, part Choctaw.

    But she was also part Cherokee, who knows how much? There’s on record a story about Uncle Joe Coker being chased in northern Arkansas by a party of Cherokees because he had taken one too many Cherokee wives, and some of his brothers must have married Cherokees. And my Glenns and Tuckers were party to the Jarndyce vs Jarndyce trial of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory–a joke to those who got on the rolls early and often, a joke even in a history published the year after statehood. The good part, for documentation, was that cousins of mine testified in the 1880s and afterward before the Dawes Commission on what they remembered about Indian ancestors in the 1830s and earlier.

    I no longer say I am at least an eighth Indian, but I know that being part Indian was a defining condition of my early life. Because of Grandma Parker and what I understood about her I identified with her Choctaw and Cherokee ancestry.

    I’m with Liz.

    Scott Brown, I have blue eyes and look as white as you, but oh my soul, and oh my body, they are part Choctaw and part Cherokee. Out of the Senate, Scott Brown! Make way for my Cousin Liz.
    Posted by Hershel Parker at 7:09 AM

  6. Rratbastard says


    Brown is also a colonel in the Maryland National Guard. I assume he lives in Maryland while being a senator in DC.

    ‘With fewer than 45 days until Election Day, Senator Scott Brown was in Washington today – and not on the campaign trail – because of National Guard duty.

    Brown, a colonel in the Maryland National Guard who works as a military lawyer in the Pentagon, was set to return to Massachusetts on Thursday to resume his campaign against Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.’

  7. says

    I’m American Indian (Tiwa/Sahaptin). There are at least 9 legal definitions of American Indian, including “self-report” on the U.S. Census. If you go to the Cherokee official site, there is NO blood quantum requirements–you just have to show you’re related to someone who was on their 1906 Dawes roll. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s JOM funding, there is no blood quantum requirements for the other tribal Nation Elizabeth Warren mentions-the Delaware. If you go back to the delightful tape of Romney writing off 47% of Americans, he also mentions Warren and says that if she is Cherokee, it’s only “1/32nd”–when I was younger, the Cherokee blood quantum requirement was 1/64th, so even by Romney’s standards, she would be eligible, although I’m unclear why 2 White guys get to determine someone else’s ethnicity.

    We’re the only minority in the U.S. tracked by our blood quantum in the way the American Kennel Club keeps track of poodles. It was first done in the 1700s to deny mixed bloods the same rights their full blood White extended families had. The Indian Reorganization Act in 1934 put into place the “standard” of being federally acknowledged if you were 1/4 of a federally recognized tribe. That means you can be 4/4 or “full blood” but if you come from a number of different tribal heritages and none of them add up to 1/4th, you can’t get enrolled. The blood quantum was just like current voter suppression attempts by the republicans–it was to limit resources. The plan was for us to “breed out” and void treaty rights. When that didn’t happen, Eisenhower’s administration set up the Relocation Program to move us off our reservations into major urban areas like NYC, Chicago, and L.A.–because our rights are only valid if we live “on or near” our reservation.

    Btw–not all tribal Nations use the 1/4th standard–like the Cherokee and Delaware. My mom’s Nation, for example, will only enroll you (register you) if you’re born on the reservation–even if you’re full blood and are born off the rez, you have to live on the reservation for a year and then apply to “adopted” by a vote of the tribal membership. The Utes require you to be 5/8ths Ute, which means both of your parents need to be of Ute heritage.

    How much publicity would have Sarah Palin gotten if she announced Obama didn’t “look White,” (even though his mother was) and then had her staff dress up in Blackface and eat watermelon for youtube?

  8. Redebbm says

    This topic really brings out the comment trolls. Maybe the Scott Brown campaign frequents this website? Elizabeth Warren never used being Native American to get ahead and certainly is not the issue of this election. The issue is that Scott Brown has show himself to be the unreliable politician he is. Sweet talking voters into a agenda they would never support, but then deny he never did. Scott Brown participates in the do nothing congress that has stagnated economic growth for the only purpose to pin it on the president. Desperation has come out of Mr. Brown as he sees that he cannot ride on Do Nothing coattails for much longer.

  9. epic says

    “It’s rare that we can all benefit from the Canadian version of political correctness, but this is the occasion. Over there they use the term “visible minority.” Elizabeth Warren is obviously not in any way or form a visible minority. She never experienced and could never experience any racial discrimination as a Native American because no one would ever think that she is one. That’s why her use of affirmative action to advance her career is a blatant fraud.”

    where did she do this?…how do you know this?…did you know you were a bigot for saying this? And please don’t pretend to know anything about being a visible minority or it qualifcations, because it is clear you don’t have a clue. So are you a racist and a bigot? or just one or the other?

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