Sydney Doctor Reprimanded for Prescribing ‘Chemical Castration’ to Gay Teen in Order to ‘Cure’ Him

Sydney doctor Mark Craddock has been "found guilty of unsatisfactory processional conduct" and reprimanded as well as restricted to the field of radiology after prescribing a "chemical castration" to a teen in order to "cure" him of being gay, AFP reports:

CyprostatBoth men were at the time members of the Exclusive Brethren, a
conservative Christian group whose members shun television, radio, and
the Internet and do not vote.

In a letter of complaint to the
commission, the patient wrote that he came out as gay at the age of 18
and was informed by a church leader, "There's medication you can go on
for these things."

The patient then consulted Craddock.

commission argued that during the consultation the doctor did not
provide appropriate medical management of the patient's needs by failing
to physically examine him or take a medical history.

He also failed to refer him to a counsellor or psychologist.

instead prescribed cyprostat, a drug used to treat prostate cancer and
manage sexual deviation by reducing testosterone, in circumstances which
were not clinically indicated, the commission alleged.

One wonders why licenses aren't completely revoked in these situations.


  1. Francis says

    I agree with Andy’s final statement, why wasn’t this guy’s license revoked? Admittedly I’m ignorant on what criteria would entail that happening but one would assume something like this would be enough.

    This is why we all have to keep a very keen eye on fundamentalists, worldwide. What they really want is to destroy and eliminate us. All under the name of “God”.

  2. Peater says

    Thanks Andy, the “found guilty of unsatisfactory processional conduct” made me nearly wet my pants.

  3. JDB says

    His license wasn’t revoked because he’s a radiologist and Australia has been suffering from a huge shortage of those for several years now.

    My limited understanding of, “restricted to the field of radiology,” leads me to believe that he won’t be able to prescribe non-radiological drugs from here forward, ensuring this won’t happen again.

  4. JDB says

    @Thumper: “Chemical castration” isn’t permanent. If he took the drug, it’s likely worn off by now. Hopefully the patient is receiving counseling and his mental health is being looked after.

    As a survivor of religious extremism, I can tell you that it’s much more dangerous to a person’s health than Cyprostat.

  5. Caliban says

    I don’t know much about Cyprostat itself, but I know that “chemical castration” drugs given to sex offenders often cause weight gain and men to develop breast tissue. If this drug does the same those aren’t things that are going to just go away when you stop taking it.

  6. GregV says

    The doctor should have lost his license over this malpractise. It probably wouldn’t make much difference, since he’s old enough to have retired a decade or more ago anyway. But what’s to stop him from “treating” the next gay patient with radiation?
    At the same time, I wonder doesn’t an adult (who chose to belong to a cult and to seek medical advice from a member of that cult) have to take on some responsibilty for his own decisions?
    I realize that both the doctor and the patient were likely long-ago brainwashed(and without the benefit of exposure even to media reports on health issues), but both of them made their decision (if we could call it that) to follow the craziness.
    Still, to me, such a situation underlines the need to require all kids have the advantage of real education and information — not just “faith-based” propaganda that will handicap their decisions in the real world.

  7. andrew says

    The one bright spot in this horrible story is that members of that conservative Christian group: DO NOT VOTE. Come on American conservative fundamentalist wing nuts and join them in not voting!!!

  8. Dan B says

    What level of responsibility do you take if your doctor gives you horrible advice?

    Regarding disbarment, it’s not that big of a mystery; medical science is a specialized skill and the demand for it usually outstrips the supply. The real mystery is how such a fundamentalist wingnut managed to become a doctor in the first place.

  9. thom says

    This is insane… the right wing wants to find a way to “de-gay” us…WTF? We are who we are…get used to it. I wonder if these “believers” try to find a way to stop their impure thoughts from coming into their empty heads? Trolls.Go.Away. You have no real purpose here…Shoo!