Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1211

MITT DOESN'T DISDAIN THE POOR: An Ann Romney video the campaign removed from its official YouTube account.

FIRE TORNADO: Hot twister spotted in the Australian outback.

BURNING MAN: A flyover of this year's event.

DEMI LOVATO: Doesn't want to have to braid Simon Cowell's chest hair.

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  1. Closet Case says

    I actually agree with Jason for once. I can’t stand Simon Cowell and I wish he would go back to the UK so we don’t have to see him here in America anymore. Can’t stand his smugness and the X Factor is a flop.

  2. Charles Lemos says

    Ann Romney’s argument is that Mitt is running for President because “he cares.”

    And that argument is undercut by the candidate’s own words:

    “And so my job is not to worry about those people.”

  3. says

    Hey MarkT – I’ll summarize it… she’s DRUNK ! Watch at the 1.54 mark, she almost falls out of the chair. She’s half in the bag, leaning forward like that, looking like she’s been through a cyclone… someone has an alcohol problem.

  4. Caliban says

    Ann Romney says that his statements were “taken out of context.” Uh, no. Sorry, but this isn’t a carefully edited Breitbart special, the full video has been released without editing so nothing is out of context.

    At some point she says that it’s clear that Mitt cares because he’s running even though he “doesn’t need to do this for a job.”

    Yikes. That kind of sounds like “Mitt doesn’t need your stinky old Presidency anyway because we’ve already got a ton of money.” (I suspect that statement may be why it was removed.)

    And she’s her usual, aloof and vaguely unpleasant self.

    BTW, Jon Stewart went OFF on Romney and Fox News tonight, a seriously blistering segment, the angriest I’ve seen him in long time. You’ve GOT to look for the video tomorrow, “Chaos On Bullsh*t Mountain.” It’s so good you need a cigarette afterward.

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