Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1214

BUMP: Obama discusses Chris Stevens’ death on 60 Minutes.

RESPONSE: Romney reacts by saying, “I can’t imagine saying something like the assassination of ambassadors is a bump in the road.”

‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES': Trailer for new star-studded flick.

MY MITT!: Mimi Imfurst channels Ann Romney pleading for Mitt.

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  1. Wavin' Dave says

    Re: Romney reaction – I can’t imagine him as a world leader, always playing catch-up and snide commentator and empty-headed, soulless and not-just-a-little stupid Monday morning quarterback.
    God, I can’t wait for this election to end. The sight of Romney and Ryan makes me wanna vomit.

  2. says

    Why is no one answering me ?

    i am asking a simple question; why did you take down the post on the Melman party ?

    maybe there is a simple explanation …..the party may have been cancelled or it was a hoax.
    Andy, don’t your readers deserve the courtesy of a response ?

  3. says

    @ BYTHEBAY :
    I was hoping that this site had some journalistic/writing integrity…..given the biographical claims in the biography of mr. Belonsky.
    Now i find that the site is censored.
    this may not matter to you, BYTHEBAY, but it matters to me and I surmise to a lot of other contributors.

  4. DeeperStill says


    You seem confused. Not about the missing thread, but about the owner/President of this site. Andy Towle is the owner, not Andrew Belonsky.

    I don’t know what happened to the thread, but as owner, Andy has the right to remove anything on this site, for whatever reason. It may matter to you what that reason might be, but I think you’ve made that clear as day by now, so give it a rest, or move on if you’re not happy with the executive dicisions on this blog.

    Just a thought…

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