1. says

    Seriously? This is the best Trump can do?

    Considering that he doesn’t bother getting a better hairstyle other than “dead wet rat” (even though he can afford it), I’ve learned not to expect too much from that AW.

    If he and Sarah Palin had a child, it would be the first human to exclusively derive nutrition from attention.

  2. paul says

    the fact that a major political party want anything to do with this muppet is a sorry indictment of the GOP. Tragic.

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    Well now, that’s funny, because I heard that the first night of the convention was cancelled so that they wouldn’t have to explain to Trump why they did not want to show his video. Hurricane, schmurricane, my ass!

  4. Bart says

    I’m pro-hurricane.

    It is like the Republican party is daring any thinking human being to vote for them.

    Hey, we’re repugnant, we have no sense of humor and worse we still think we’re funny, we hate most of you, we hate most of the world, we call you victims and mooches and we whine while doing it, we want to keep our money and take yours, we don’t need a middle class we need people working for us, and we think Donald Trump is the man! Now please vote for us.

    Obama is the luckiest man in the world.

  5. Jack M says

    I guess God sent the hurricane because He didn’t want that pathetic video to be shown at the RNC.

    On the other hand, it’s always nice to see hottie Peter Alexander….

  6. gregory brown says

    Beneath that mass of highly suspicious hair, there is a conniving brain disconnected from anything like a heart.

  7. Ken says

    Not one penny of my money will ever be spent in a Trump-owned or Trump-named property or end up in his pocket in any way whatsoever. What a waste of a human being.

  8. A Guy In The USA says

    Blame the media. Almost everything you think you “know” is fed to you via “the media”. If you aren’t embarrassed that you even know who Donald Trump IS, “the media” has done it’s job well. It OWNS your MIND.

    Kind of disgusting, really, that so many of you don’t actually own your own minds; that your belief systems are controlled by people you don’t even know, just to sell you deodorant, soap, drugs you don’t really need, and a lifestyle that’s inherently corrupt and unsustainable.

    But that’s what it means to be “modern”.

    I don;t expect most of you to get what I’m saying, most of you, well, you’re pathetic little queens without lives of your own, thoughts of your own, really, anything that you can sincerely even consider your own.

    You’re all just part of a herd that’s destined to be thinned. I’d pity you if you weren’t so, well, repulsive.

    But hey, you “choose” it, right ? Your lives, your ideals, the way you perceive yourselves ?

    So good luck with all that mess.

  9. Guy from DC says

    @ A GUY IN THE USA: I didn’t know that the Unabomber was granted internet access in prison. Maybe someone should be monitoring the sites that he’s accessing.

  10. Homer says

    First, it was Clint. Now it’s The Donald.

    Talking to imaginary Pres. Obamas must be a very specialized disease spreading through the GOP camp leadership – who’s going to be next: Romney or Ryan?