1. Marc says

    This is a very important election. It’s important we all get out and vote: OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!
    Rally the troops. This is it, folks. The differences between the two parties are clearly apparent.

  2. jason says

    I oppose Islamic inclusion at the DNC convention. Islamists are opposed to women and gays. I’m actually amazed that the Democrats would embrace a religion that is vehemently opposed to women and gays.

  3. says

    Gee, how will they ever live up to the stellar Republican convention last week!

    @Jason: You’re vehemently opposed to women and gays, so it’s weird that you’re upset by Islamists.

  4. jason says


    Wherever did you get that notion? I’m opposed to particular types of women and particular types of gays – especially the ones who are dishonest and shallow – but certainly not women and gays in the general sense.

    Go and concentrate on the embrace of Islam by the Democrats. I’m small fry, sweetie.

  5. andrew says

    @ Jason: I am one of the least friendly people toward religion of any kind, whether it is fundamentalist christianity or Islam, However, whether I like it or not, they are part of the fabric of 21st century America and deserve a place at the convention. Your main concern is doing or saying anything to undermine President Obama. Fortunately everybody who reads posts on this site have figured you out a long time ago.

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