1. Michaelandfred says

    Now we know why conservatives want to keep their wives barefoot and pregnant. Stop talking Ann. Mitt’s foot in mouth is already damaging enough without you opening your mouth as well…

  2. Stew says

    I am in NO WAY a Romney fan, but I think this is being blown out of proportion. I would think any spouse of a presidential candidate would have that same worry. Being president takes a physical and emotional toll on someone. Doesn’t matter which party you’re from.

  3. Quest says

    Why doesn’t Mitt Lock Ann away in one of their mansions until election day? I mean he sort of doesn’t have a chance in hell, but for God’s sake this woman is like the nail in his political coffin! Is Ann doing some sort of passive aggressive revenge bit on her husband for all the times he forced her to wear that silly costume in the Mormon temple and swear to obey his every command?

  4. Stefan says

    I think this was actually done on purpose to humanize them as a couple. Ann Romney is far too calculating and self-interested to just make an off-the-cuff “whoopsie!” comment at this point.

    Also, I didn’t see/hear where she questioned his mental fitness for the presidency? That’s quite a big leap from being just generally concerned for his mental and emotional well being.

  5. Alex says

    Let’s be fair, here. This is a wife who’s concerned that her husbands potential new job will cause him a lot of stress (which it would…). I’m sure Michelle had the same worries and still does. She just has the tact not to voice them.

  6. Quest says

    @stefan: The point is she should know that her husband is mentally tough enough. That it shouldn’t even come as a concern at all. Can you ever imagine Michelle saying she’s worried about how the presidency will affect Barack’s mental well-being? No! Because she know’s that he husband has nerves of steel. I mean sometimes I think Barack is too freaking detached he’s so cool and calm. What kind of weakling is Romney in private for his wife to say something like this?

  7. Moz's says

    It is over

    Just as Mitts father lost his run for POTUS because people thought he was insane with his “I was brainwashed by the military generals” comment on the vietnam war

    Mitts wife of 43 years, who knows him better than anyone, does not think he is mentally & emotionally competent enough to not snap under the pressure

    If michelle ever said such, the repubs would scream “UNFIT FOR OFFICE”

  8. ratbastard says

    LOL…this interview was geared towards FEMALE VOTERS, and therefore her handlers deliberately tilted the conversation towards ’emotion’ and drama. No, I am not misogynist or sexist, but please folks, it is what it is.

  9. TerryA says

    No one pointed a gun to Mitt Romney’s head and forced him to run for President. He knew the risks of a campaign and the job itself. I’m getting really tired of this whining from these people.

  10. Caliban says

    If I were Ann I would stand to close to that car elevator shaft when this is all over…

    And take a good look at that photo of Ann Romney. We all know that Barbara Bush (Sr) was a pit-viper in pearls but she at least could FAKE being pleasant and grandmotherly! Ann-Imelda has high-maintenance and deeply-unpleasant written all over her.

  11. Mary says

    Wow, this is quite an admission. Ann Romney goes from being the secret weapon to the torpedo that sinks Mitt’s ship. And Mitt is not just a well-oiled weather vane, he’s an unstable, off-kilter one. What does she — his wife of 43 years — know about Mitt’s mental stability in the face of adversity that we the American people don’t know?

    Seriously, it fits that Mitt might have a mild form of Asperger’s syndrome — impaired social interactions on the autistic spectrum — that would make him not only very vulnerable for an emotional overload, but also poorly equipped to deal with the interpersonal challenges of the presidency. This is a not an insignificant problem, it’s a valid question about his soundness for the presidency.

    As Politico reported, the Romney campaign’s real problem isn’t the campaign organization — it’s Mitt, about whom an unnamed colleague said lacks a gene for relate-ability. This raises the legitimate question whether Mitt has a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome.

    While people with Asperger’s are usually bright and perform well in many spheres that don’t require social astuteness, they are decidedly not suited for highly political positions where emotional intelligence is a requisite. From WebMd, the signs that persons might have Asperger’s are that they:

    * Miss social cues and lack inborn social skills, such as being able to read others’ body language and contexts. Romney: seems politically tone deaf, misreads situations, unknowingly insults people (cookies from 7/11, London Olympics, I like to fire people, I’m unemployed too), and relies on wife to humanize him. Admits to turning to Ann after every debate answer to see how well he’s done. Unknowingly embarrasses himself by exhorting a rally crowd to chant “Romney, Ryan, Romney — not Ryan, Ryan, Ryan” and not instinctively understanding the damning optics of that gesture.

    * Dislike changes in routines. Romney: well-known for rigidity in habits and micro-managing.

    * Appear to lack empathy. Romney: the 47% comment, an inability to relate to their lives, argues his 14% tax rate is fair compared to higher rates paid by the struggling middle class, puts his dog on top of car for a 10 hour trip.

    * Unable to recognize subtle differences in speech (tone, inflection, emphasis)that alter the meaning of others’ speech. Romney: takes snippets out of context, seems clueless to understand nuanced questions.

    * A formal stilted style of speaking, and unusual phrasing. Romney: tortured, odd diction that doesn’t sound like a regular person; stiff way of speaking, says “sport,” “the NFL playing fields,” and “brethren” instead of brother etc; and does much better in formal conversations than casual banter.

    * Unusual facial expressions or postures. Look at Mitt’s odd way of walking, robotic almost; often wooden facial expressions and blank stares.

    * Obsessive preoccupation with only a few interests, with extensive
    knowledge of them. Romney: as a teen had an obsessive interest in cars,
    studied them down to the last detail and could identify every feature of every car made in Detroit. As an adult, Romney reportedly studies data to death before making a decision.

    * Physical clumsiness. Romney: admits he is not athletic, with his only
    athletic endeavor during high school being cross country.

    I’ll give all the more credit to Romney for his success in the business world. But it’s hard to see how his analytical and organizational skills can override his deficit interpersonal skills — since all three skills (analytical,organizational and interpersonal) are essential for success as President of the United States.

    It feels a little at this point like piling on — kicking a guy while he’s down — but it’s very important to make the point that Mitt Romney should never be President of the United States.

  12. jamal49 says

    Uh, Ann? Hey! It’s me! Yeah, I’m OK. Ummmm….

    You know, Ann, your husband’s doing a really good job on his own right now of torpedoing his campaign so, uh, I don’t think he needs you to, um, say anything, you know, like so stupid as what you just said.

    So, uh, Ann? Please sit down and shut up. OK?

    Thank you.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    She lies on command. A no jobs recovery? Not according to fact checkers. Concern about people who fall through the safety net? Not on your life.

    I recently heard a soundbite on NPR by Ryan, that Romney is decisive and principled. How does that compare to his lying all over the map? I guess everyone is reading off the same (one) page.

  14. jaragon says

    Mrs Romney obviously does not seem to enjoy being in the public eye – perhaps she is secretly praying her husband fails- if not she is going to have at least four more years of media hell.

  15. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    If Mittens has such fragile mental stability, let’s have the GetEQUAL folks show up at his appearances with Photoshop photos of Mitt with a bad, very short haircut. Yell things like “Cut off his hair!” Hold up picture of giant scissors. Remind the nation of what a hateful punk he is. It would be fun to really send Mittens off the deep end.

  16. Mary says

    THIS Mary is a Republican who is voting for Romney, so I guess I’m not objective. Yes, Mitt does have a somewhat robotic style, but I’m not sure that he’s this way deliberately. Some of our personality/style is just inborn and there’s not much we can do about it (notice that when Mitt tries to appear more animated people accuse him of being phony?). But you could always make a list of characteristics for each president that show him as less than ideal (Johnson was megalomaniacal, Nixon crafyt, Ford dull as dishwater, Carter couldn’t compromise, W unable to speak standard English without sounding semi-literate, etc…) I doubt that a Romney presidency would be especially eventful in either a good or bad way.

    And I’m glad that some Towleroad posters have defended Ann Romney here. It’s only natural for a person to be concerned for his or her spouse’s well-being. The media right now is in such a “gotcha” mode regarding the Romneys that they’re ready to turn every one of their statements into either a blooper or a scandal. I would understand this kind of overreaction toward someone like Bachmann or Santorum. But wasn’t Romney supposed to be a somewhat moderate Republican who could “keep the crazies in check?” The media is starting to look like they’re just shilling for Obama.

  17. Jacknasty says

    Well, this explains why Mitt told an audience of his fellow rich idiot tax dodging crooks that his campaign wanted to limit Ann’s media appearances so people wouldn’t get sick of her.

    And by “people”, Mitt meant himself and his staff.

  18. Andrew says

    It is not his mental well being that should be of concern to America. It is the fact that he has no CORE beliefs. He will do and say whatever advances Mitt Romney. Just remember he is the leader of the anti-gay republicans who told the people of Mass. that he would be a better friend to gays in the Senate than Ted Kennedy. In the past he vowed to protect a woman’s right to choose, and now favors a constitutional amendment to ban ALL abortions. Unlike many politicians who have two faces, he has a multitude of faces. How could anyone foreign or domestic trust his word? It will change as his needs change.

  19. Claudia Joanne Renshaw says

    Re: Continued: How sheltered has Mitt Romney’s life been and possible mental health problems

    When you’re mormon, male, and in any position of leadership you don’t get criticized. It’s against the religion to criticize or talk bad about your leaders. Everyone is supposed to do what you say, and keep a smile on their face. There’s no feed back. Mitt’s never had to deal with criticism and opposition. He’s used to having the top positions handed to him, and everyone going along with it. He didn’t have to care what anyone thought.

    Suddenly the whole world has him under a microscope. They’re saying a lot of things about him, and his family that he’s never heard before. For the first time people not only are allowed to critique him, they are expected to.

    He thinks if he smiles a lot and tries to look like the average Joe that people will automatically like him. It’s probably quite the shock to find out differently. Especially when its a fellow mormon who’s not being all lovey and adoring. He thought he was loved just for being Mormon. He doesn’t know how to act when there are people around that don’t like him. He’s always been surrounded by people pleasers. He probably needs a therapist to explain that its ok if everyone doesn’t like you.

    Welcome to the real world Mitt.

    ~quote from comment “Recovery from Mormonism (RfM) discussion forum.”

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Mary: “But wasn’t Romney supposed to be a somewhat moderate Republican who could ‘keep the crazies in check?'”

    Not if you look at the Republican Party. Consider who wrote the platform – the Religious Right. Consider where the people of the Republican Party appear – programs of the Religious Right. To quote, “[T]here is seemingly nothing that right-wing activists can say or do that will get them shunned by the GOP”. Romney is certainly not “keep[ing] the crazies in check”.

    @Claudia Joanne Renshaw: Apparently the LDS is coming down hard on the editor of for his articles critical of Romney.

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