1. Chris says

    HMMM…Looks a lot like Beyonce in the Party video…and the whole blowing up the car thing has been done…by Beyonce. I wish Christina would stop yelling and sing. No doubt her voice is stellar, incredible, and undeniable…but her music, fashion, and image are so misguided. Good Luck either way!

  2. Hayden says

    Haha. So she blows up a car and she is automatically compared to Beyonce? You act like Beyonce was the first to do it. People have been blowing up cars in videos since the 80s. Hell Gaga did it before Beyonce.

  3. says

    What it looks like she’s replicating is a scene from WAITING TO EXHALE where Angela Bassett does that strut away as her husband’s car explodes. looks like the most obvious comparison.

  4. Timothy says

    Believe it or not, Enya blows up a car in one of her videos too. Yes… Enya. Christina has a beautiful voice- wish she’d be more selective with her look and material. She needs another “Beautiful” type hit/song IMHO.

  5. Bill says

    I’m glad Christina has another hit single. For awhile it looked like she would never get back in the top 10. Anyway, I think she should sing like she did in “Genie in a Bottle.” It was her most successful single.

  6. chris says

    @Hayden. Well lets see Beyonce blew up a car in her first solo video circa 2002 ish…gaga came on the scene about 2007 ish…so no gaga didnt do it before her. And yes people have been doing it for years BUT IN MY OWN OPINION. The look of it reminds me of Beyonce. And the comparison was only made because of her look…

  7. Pete says

    The sudden blackout after she tosses the match doesn’t quite mask the fact that her actions don’t actually blowup the car. Oops!

  8. mattsy says

    well shes not the little shop girl anymore…shes pushing past 30 and a mother too. She should stop dressing and singing songs for whores half her age.