1. jason says

    How much longer are we going to be hearing about Zach Wahls and his two moms? Enough already. Ít’s turning into a circuit party for fake victimhood.

    Besides, women have never had it as bad as us men. The sodomy laws were enforced against us men, not women. Gay women have been treated much less harshly by the law and by social convention.

    Don’t fall for the notion that gay women have been treated equally as badly as gay men. They’ve had it easier, not harder.

  2. E. says

    This guy is such a fantastic ally and advocate. He speaks with grace, clarity, and intelligence, and I hope he continues to speak out on behalf of his family and all families like his!

  3. E. says

    Jason, the issue here has nothing to do with whether gay men or gay women have historically had it easier. The simple truth is that in most of the United States, families headed by gay parents do not have the same rights as families headed by straight parents. It’s a matter of equality, period. And nothing about Zach Wahls’ tone or delivery communicates “victimhood.” He is standing up for what is right and fair.

  4. Jed says

    i think zach’s testimony is a more compelling message than comments like the one above this one. I’d rather read more coverage of zach and his family and skip over comments like that one.

  5. Josh says

    what a great kid!! I disagree with Jason posting!! We need to hear more of this guy because of all of the lies that the GOP are telling ignorant people about what is like to grow up with gay parents! Thank you Zack!!

  6. Derek Pearce says

    Boy the conventions every 4 years really bring the trolls out to Towleroad even moreso than normal. Jason, let’s pretend I’m an empty chair talking to Clint Eastwood and pretend you’re Mitt Romney. Go _______ yourself troll.

  7. jason says

    I wonder why nobody is allowed to talk at the Democratic convention about his two dads. The whole convention seems as if it’s designed to avoid the concept of male homosexual interactions.

    The whole thing reeks of pro-female political correctness. There’s a bias in favor of lesbians. It’s an anti-gay male convention.

    Make no mistake – it’s a calculation by the Democrats. Democrats think everyone in the audience will go ewww if they talk about two men together.

    This is why Obama is going to lose the election: he is mean-spirited, hypocritical, and his party is homophobic towards men despite claiming to be for gay rights.

    It’s a form of theater designed to avoid exposing the true ugly nature of liberals – ie that they find lesbians “hot” but gay guys gross.

  8. Ricky says

    Jason – While I agree with nothing you have said – and find your comments petty, ignorant, and childish — not to mention cowardly – since, I doubt you would ever in a million years have the courage to stand on any of the stages this young man has stood on – let me focus on the epic misogynistic stupidity of your suggestions that lesbians had it easier.

    During the 50s and 60s – butch lesbians were routinely targeted by police – often arrested on a charge based on the legal requirement that you must wear 3 articles of your sex clothing at all times – which butch lesbians often did not. They would be first humiliated in front of the people they knew – forced to remove their clothing — and then taken down to police stations were they would be humiliated again – and often raped. They said the first time was bad – but it was the second time that cause grown women to tremble and cry. Yes, many would be destroyed forever by these experiences.

    Butch Lesbians were targeted for a particularly type of brutality – somehow a greater affront to the men in power — and frankly, many in poorer areas still are today – perhaps you should see “Boys Don’t Cry” for a more current update.

    I do want to thank you for reminding me that not all gays and lesbians are bright, loving, caring people — some are bitter, damaged, ignorant bores.

  9. Bill says

    @jason: your world view is so vastly limited that I imagine you must live in a very small one-room apartment that gets exactly no sun and precsely three channels of public access television. If it weren’t so sad, it might become pathetic. @zach: You go, boy!

  10. jason says

    There were no laws against butch lesbians. There was social discrimination but no specific laws. However, there were laws against sodomy, laws that were enforced against men only.

    Don’t deny it – it’s true. Men have had it much worse than women when it comes to same-sex discrimination.

  11. jason says

    Also, notice how women – including lesbians – can wear either dresses or trousers and nobody bats an eyelid. If a man were to wear a dress, he’d be arrested for disturbing the peace. I blame liberals for this.

  12. MaddM@ says


    he really is a good speaker and brings up a good point- though these “pro family” groups spew at the mouth about how gay marriage is hurting children, how helpful do they think it is to go on national media and demonize these families and the parents that are a part of them? I’m glad their disgusting true selves are being recognized by more people

    The idea that a family unit must be mom + dad + kids is more reductive than even marriage being between a man and a woman because there are many people that have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, non-relative “family” members etc living together and operating as a unit.

  13. Ricky says

    Jason – you are wrong – Lesbians were targeted and arrested simply for wearing mannish clothes and having mannish haircuts – not for physical sexual activity – simply for standing in a bar or on a street – simply for existing.

    When states and cities passed laws requiring the wearing of 3 articles of clothing identified with you sex at all times – they were targeting lesbians – when lesbians in the 40s, 50s, 60s choose to live their lives as men – instead of as butch women – it was to survive.

    Climb down off that cross idiot.

  14. RandySf says

    Towleroad staff…

    I think that it’s doing a major disservice to your blog to keep allowing trolls like Jason to destroy the comments section. It makes this place seem very hostile. There are many open-source comment systems out there that allow for moderation, perhaps it’s time for a change?

  15. Edd says

    Just ignore him.
    Let him say whatever he wants, but don’t reply to his comment. Gloss over it like it wasn’t even there.
    Treat him and those like him, the way you would a child that’s having a tantrum. Ignore him.
    The only person he’s embarrassing is himself.

  16. Beto says

    @Jason. I don’t agree with your points. And I’m pretty sure you’re not only misogynistic but also a lesbian hater. And yes, you’re a troll. A bitter one.

  17. atomic says

    I think it says a lot about the caliber of Towleroad and its moderation (specifically, the lack thereof) when posts are deleted for containing a swear word, but trolls like “Rick” and “Jason” can post what is tantamount to openly bigoted, blatantly false, misogynist hate speech, and NOBODY does anything about it.

    I suppose if it gets people to keep coming back, if only to play along and feed the trolls, it makes Towleroad money through advertising revenue. Nicely played.

  18. dms says

    when people make outrageous comments, what they are really doing is crying out for help. Clearly there are a lot of lonely people in the world desperate for attention even if it is in the form of negative feedback. So let’s say a prayer, or just wish these lonely people well. Let’s not antagonize or vilify, let’s just understand that they are in a sad place, need the attention and hope their situation improves so they can become more productive members of the community.

    Great speech and a wonderful and important person to hear from at the DNC. His inclusion so clearly illustrates one of the most stark differences between the parties.

    Thanks for posting.

  19. says

    I can only hope that our son, now five, will grow up to be as proud and happy to have two dads as Zach is to be raised by two moms.

    If Zach wants a career in politics he will very welcomed.

  20. throwslikeagirl says

    Zach starts speaking and it takes me, oh, maybe 45 seconds, before I tear up. He’s so poised and eloquent. Possibly one day he’ll go into politics. I can hope. Until then, I’ll be happy that he puts an intelligent and mature face on the idea that a family may be comprised of whatever diverse persons it is that comprise it.

  21. Mo says

    I had the chance to meet Zach at Des Moines Pride here in Iowa over the Summer. He is HUGE! Like 6’6 at least.

    Anyway, he gave the same speech there except he let us all know that it was the first Pride he had ever attended. His speech in Iowa was short as well. I would love to hear a longer speech from him as it is clear he has a lot to say!

  22. Hmmmmm... says

    @ Jason, Zack has never come across as a “victim” nor has he ever claimed that he or his moms are victims in anyway. This kid is a bigger man than you ever will be. Take your comments to a site like likes whiners.

  23. Bob says

    Zach is a hero…
    And, as for the asstroll comments of Jason:
    a– there is some truth in the idea that someone raised by 2 women is a bit more palatable to the public, as Gay men are seen as more threatening (but, of course, ALL men are seen as more threatening than women)
    b– I think Gay women got started sooner, and in greater numbers than men, at raising kids, partly because they have wombs.
    c– If someone knows a kid raised by 2 men who is exceptional as Zach, please advise him to speak up.

  24. Greg Cali says

    @ Lance
    That you take issue with Zach being a white straight male and even though he’s a tireless supporter of ours, his race is what you notice first and take issue with speaks volumes about YOUR issues with race, YOUR racism and your jaded/ bitter self. Don’t ever convince yourself that you can’t be prejudice against a white kid because he is white. Your comments prove your bigotry. Something no one is immune to.

  25. Billy roxSteelJolt says

    Zach is an inspiration and amazing
    I also hope to see the child, maybe straight daughter as a contrast to Zach, of two gay dads be as prominent as Zach is. Gays Dads are villified so much that I do believe it’s vital an outspoken advocate who is straight and the child of two gay fathers can be so visible as well

  26. Klien says

    Are you suggesting there’s no exceptional or as exceptional children being raised by two men. Maybe I’m missing your point, but the way it’s worded almost seems to suggest that it’s not possible for a child to be raised as exceptionally by two men? If so, that defeats the whole purpose of everything you wrote and is fairly ignorant

  27. says

    i tip my hat to the brave men and women, LGBT and not, who continue to visibly, vocally, and identifiably put a face and name to their words for Equality.

    wanna make an impact? stop hiding in your proverbial closets.


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