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Canadian Supreme Court Rules on HIV Status Disclosure

The Canadian Supreme Court today ruled that people with low levels of HIV who use condoms during sex need not disclose their condition to sexual partners, the CBC reports:

HivIn a 9-0 ruling, the top court updated a landmark 1998 decision that made it a crime if HIV carriers did not reveal their status when there was a significant risk of transmission to a sexual partner. The court ruled Friday that the "realistic possibility of transmission of HIV is negated" provided the carrier of the virus has a low viral load and a condom is used during sexual intercourse. Otherwise, HIV carriers have to disclose their status to their partners.

The court also said the new ruling does not preclude the law from adapting to future advances in medical treatment and to circumstances where different risk factors are at play. Under the previous law, HIV-carriers who didn't tell partners they had the virus could be charged with aggravated sexual assault. The maximum penalty is life in jail.

More at the CBC.

UPDATE: The interveners released a statement in response to the ruling, which you can read here.

As a coalition of interveners, we are shocked and dismayed at today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that says that even the responsible use of a condom does not protect a person living with HIV from rampant prosecution. The Court’s judgments in R. v. Mabior and R. v. D.C., two cases relating to the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, are a cold endorsement of AIDS-phobia. They will stand as an impediment to public health and prevention, and add even more fuel to stigma, misinformation and fear. And they place Canada once again in shameful opposition to standards set out by international human rights bodies, UNAIDS and the Global Commission on HIV and the Law.

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Baltimore Ravens Center Matt Birk Appears in Heinous Ad Opposing Marriage Equality in Maryland: VIDEO


Baltimore Ravens Center Matt Birk tells voters to oppose Question 6, which would put the state's legislatively-passed marriage equality bill into effect in a new ad for the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which was uploaded to YouTube by the Maryland Catholic Conference.

Says Birk in the ad (my transcript):

"Marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout he ages as an honored institution because it provides unique foundations for societies and children. Marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. It is also about the next generation. Marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. Gay and lesbian couples already receive benefits in Maryland, like hospital visitation, state health benefits, and tax breaks. They don't need to redefine marriage."


(via good as you)

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A Raunchy Chick-fil-A Tribute Anthem: VIDEO


The Former Fat Boys are donating all the proceeds of their raunchy Chick-fil-A tribute anthem to The Trevor Project.

Watch (warning: language, themes), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Episcopal Bishop Who Publicly Opposed Prop 8 is Blocked from Ceremony Installing New Anti-Gay SF Archbishop

Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus, who publicly opposed Proposition 8, was blocked yesterday from attending the ceremony installing San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone at St. Mary's Cathedral, in San Francisco. Cordileone was deeply involved in Proposition 8's creation and passage.

AndrusWrites Andrus, of his arrival at yesterday's installation:

An archdiocesan employee attempted to escort me upstairs with the Greek Orthodox group, but was stopped from doing so by the employee to whom I had first identified myself. This person, who appeared to be in a superior role, instructed another employee to stand with me.

At this point no other guests remained in the downstairs area. The employee and I chatted while waiting. I began to wonder about the time holdup. I checked my phone; it was 1:50PM. I asked the employee standing with me if the service indeed started at 2, which she affirmed.

At 2PM, when the service was to begin, I said to the employee, "I think I understand, and feel I should leave." Her response was, "Thank you for being understanding." I quietly walked out the door. No one attempted to stop me. No attempt was ever made to explain the delay or any process for seating. I arrived early, before the time given my assistant, and waited to leave until after the service had begun.

My intention for attending the installation was to honor our ecumenical and interfaith relations in the Bay Area.

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Did Romney Use a Forbidden 'Cheat Sheet' at the Debate? - VIDEO


A video of this week's presidential debate shows Romney pulling something out of his pocket that looks suspiciously like a piece of paper. His campaign says "it's a handkerchief". Others disagree.

Notes of any kind are not allowed, and DailyKos writes, "If he was seen to wipe sweat from his brow, the optics would have been very bad."

So, anybody see him use a hankie during the debate?

Watch the video of Romney pulling it from his pocket, AFTER THE JUMP...

(h/t david mixner)

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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship: VIDEO


For the first time this week, Mitt Romney and President Obama _____ed each other on stage, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has converted his bedroom into a shrine for men with freakishly large ______.


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