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Towleroad Talking Points: Romney Dolled Up

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A look back at today's top stories


There is no doubt Mitt Romney got a substantial bounce from the debate last week. Just how big it was though is up for debate. Romney has reached the level of fame in which you get your own action figure. And just like him it bends in whatever direction will get him the most votes

Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon held a debate last night in Connecticut where they are both running for Senate. Check out this moment in which McMahon thinks America has a law protecting same-sex marriage. Hey we can all dream, right?


Oprah might not be on television every weekday anymore, but she still gets the interviews she wants. She sat down with KONY 2012 co-founder Jason Russell and asked him, among other things, if he's gay

Someone who is definitely gay (and proud of it!) is Sam Champion. He talked about his engagement on today's Good Morning America



Great news out of Washington State where a marriage equality referendum leads by 15 points in the latest poll! And gross news out of Utah where a Mormon leader recently warned against the danger of children being raised in gay families. He's against bullying though! Uh. Ok.

Check out this powerful YouTube video from a proud gay man who was forced to endure 5 years of "gay cure" therapy! Really inspirational. The LGBT community in Austin staged a march yesterday in response to the anti-gay assault during Pride Weekend in the Texas capital. Police have also reportedly released surveillance video of said attacks.



Take a look at the Ohio State marching band showing off their impressive skills by doing this crazy tribute to video games! Also which of these men has the goods to represent the U.S. in the "Mr. Gay World" competition?

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Paul Ryan Gets Pissed, Walks Out of Interview: VIDEO


A reporter in Flint, Michigan brought up tax cuts when talking about gun control and the Ryan camp was not happy about it.


Buzzfeed reports:

Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck tells BuzzFeed: "The reporter knew he was already well over the allotted time for the interview when he decided to ask a weird question relating gun violence to tax cuts. Ryan responded as anyone would in such a strange situation. When you do nearly 200 interviews in a couple months, eventually you’re going to see a local reporter embarrass himself."

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Rachel Maddow Interviews Ted Olson and David Boies About the Future of Marriage Equality: VIDEO


As part of a Law and Social Change symposium, Rachel Maddow sat down to interview Prop 8 litigators Ted Olson and David Boies at NYU Law School on Friday.

NYU reports:

Olson and Boies said they would aim for a unanimous decision, but they acknowledge that in a realistic worst-case scenario, the Supreme Court may deny same-sex marriage as a constitutional right and rule that states must decide the issue. In conclusion, said Boies, we all have a lot of work to do to undo the "pain and evil" of this discrimination against gays and lesbians.

“I love talking to old, straight white guys about this issue,” quipped Maddow.

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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'Gayby' Clip Skewers Gay Republicans: VIDEO


Back in July 2011 I highlighted a Kickstarter project from filmmaker Jonathan Lisecki, who hoped to turn his award-winning short film Gayby (about a gay man having a baby with his best girlfriend) into a feature film. Well, the project is now complete and opening in limited release (it has had screenings over Pride weekend as well) over the next couple of weeks.

Here's a very brief scene the filmmakers sent over. It's the main character Matt (Matthew Wilkas) and his friend Nelson (writer-director Lisecki) musing over the variety of groups/communities/options on offer at their local LGBT (or in this case, LGBTQA) center.

Check it out along with the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

The movie opens at Cinema Village in New York on Friday (10/12) and in L.A. on 10/26.

And here's the trailer:

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Unfortunate Romney Photo-Op


Here's today's photo which everyone on the web is trying to caption appropriately, or inappropriately as the case may be. Have at it.

(via ny mag)

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Washington Catholic Bishop Joseph Tyson: Gay Marriage Will 'Endanger Religious Liberty'

Bishop Joseph Tyson, the Catholic bishop of Yakima, Washington, published a pastoral letter on Saturday on the Diocese website attacking Referendum 74, the ballot measure which if approved would put the state's legislatively-passed marriage equality law into effect.

WAIn the letter, Tyson pleads, "Consider what kind of picture of marriage you desire to give the next generation.  If you and I don’t uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman, who will?  If we are intimidated by those supporting marriage redefinition who picket and threaten donation boycotts of our charity and our ministry, then who will proclaim the true meaning of marriage?"

TysonHere's part of Tyson's letter:

We must also understand another tragic consequence. R-74 jeopardizes freedom rather than expands it. It endangers our religious liberty and the right of conscience. Once marriage is redefined as a genderless contract, it will become legally discriminatory for public and private institutions such as schools to promote the unique meaning of marriage, and to teach about the right of a child to be known, loved and raised by his or her own mother and father in a stable home. This law will challenge our right to educate about the unique value of children being raised by their own mothers and fathers. No institution or individual could propose that married mothers and fathers provide a singular benefit to children without being accused of discrimination.

This is not an idle concern. Recent attacks on churches, businesses and nonprofit organizations that express their conscientious objection to the redefinition of marriage underscore this danger. Those who uphold families based on the permanent, faithful relationship between a married man and woman as the best environment for raising children already have been accused of hate speech, and the right of religious institutions to freely practice their faith has been abridged. The acceptance of R-74 means that so-called same-sex “marriage” will replace real marriage – the union of a man and a woman – as the legal frame of reference for all public discourse. The terms “husband and wife” and “father and mother” will continue to recede as so-called gender-neutral terms overwhelm our public lexicon.

Let us not allow ourselves or others to be fooled by false reasoning. Protecting the definition of marriage as the union of onemanandonewomandoesnotmakemarriage “discriminatory.” It recognizes marriage between one man and one woman to be unique – unique among all other kinds of human relationships. Although our surrounding popular culture may define human identity by the terms “gay” and “straight,” our Church has a deeper and more accurate understanding of human identity based on male and female – sexual difference. It is within this identity that each one of us is called as a son or daughter of God. It is also within this identity of the human person as male and female that the meaning of marriage is discovered. Marriage is founded on sexual difference and ordered toward the good of husband and wife and the procreation and rearing of children.

Read Tyson's full letter HERE.

The SeattlePI reports:

A pro-Referendum 74 group, Catholics for Marriage Equality, delivered a sharp rejoinder to Tyson and his fellow bishops in the Archdiocese of Seattle and the Diocese of Spokane, who have issued letters and videos opposing marriage equality.

“We are shocked when we read the language and examples used by our bishops to incite fear in our Catholic brothers and sisters if Referendum 74 passes:  The message of Jesus is love and compassion, not fear,” said Kirby Brown with Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington.

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