1. jason says

    This is horrendous and proves that the Nazi thugs and their enablers, the Russian Orthodox Church, are not content with stopping our parades. They want to come into our homes and invade the sanctity of our spaces.

    Arrest the priests of the Orhodox Church and charge them with inciting hatred and violence.

  2. says

    Do not be fooled. The SAME thing would be happening here if our government and state law enforcement decided to turn a blind eye…the lynchings of the 1920’s and other race based violence up through the 60’s is evidence of that

  3. Suntime says

    This is utterly shocking. Will the authorities be lenient on the attackers because the victims are gay? The world is watching.

    I’m also in favor of a complete economic (including tourism) boycott of anything connected with St. Petersburg – and perhaps Moscow and all of Russia if they don’t get their human rights act together.

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