Alabama Democrat Implies GOP Rival Is Gay


Alabama State Rep. Daniel Boman, a Democrat currently running for U.S. Congress, is gaining some national exposure for what's a pretty low blow: suggesting that his Republican rival, U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, is secretly gay and that this self-hate has led to his anti-gay legislative record.

In a Facebook posting published last week and just now getting attention, thanks in part to The Advocate, Boman, a former Democrat who switched parties in 2011, asks his fans, "Who would you vote for on Novemeber 6, 2012 between the following two candidates?"

The choices are A) "A republican who is a homosexual who has a voting record of voting AGAINST ALL homosexual legislation. Further, this particular homosexual congressman has ALL homosexuals working on his congressional staff", or B) "A democrat who is a straight male, but has no voting record for or against homosexual legislation."

It's worth noting here that the welcome message on Boman's Facebook page reads, "We need to protect our values and our jobs in Alabama. The Fourth Congressional District needs someone who understands our district, not a Washington insider."

Asked whether he meant to say that Aderholt, who is married and has two children, is gay and staffing his office with gay men, Boman said his question was simply "hypothetical" and tried to pass the buck by blaming his staffers.

"The people running my campaign posed a hypothetical question," he said last week. "The reason they posed the hypothetical question is we received phone calls about a congressman who may be homosexual."

Boman was also asked whether he thinks Aderholt is gay, to which the congressman responded, "The only way to remove the hypothetical is to call and ask him."

Aderholt's campaign had this to say about Boman's tactic: "When someone is making a fool of himself, we hate to interrupt."


  1. says

    Am I to infer that a straight male who has never voted for gay rights legislation( by his own admission) is urging that very proposition as a ground for supporting him ?

    Have I stepped through the Looking Glass ?

  2. Texan78730 says

    I would absolutely vote for the Republican. Because, although gay rights, abortion issues, equal pay, etc. are all very important, they pale in comparison to what the Democrats will do and have done to this nation’s economy. If this country is not economically sound, nothing else matters.

  3. MarkUs says

    That campaign statement from Aderholt may be funnier than Sandra Fluke speaking to a massive crowd of ten people at an “Obama Rally” in Reno yesterday at a Sak-N-Save. Me thinks shoppers thought she was going to have them purchase her birth control pills and they were having none of it.

  4. MateoM says

    What? Markus hates women, the LGBT community, people of color, democrats, and Obama? Totally unlike him. It’s not like he’s always spouting the same troll bs all over Towleroad.

  5. candideinnc says

    I could never bring myself to vote for a Rethug. In this case, I would simply not vote. A Democrat who uses homophobia to win votes is no better than his opponent.

  6. bhamgrad says

    I just posted this on Mr. Bowman’s Facebook page:

    Just just another Alabama politician humiliating our state! Nothing new really. These type of people are exactly why Alabama is at the bottom of every list. I’d like to ask Mr. Bowman a question: Which Alabama values is he referring to? The ones that has given us one of the lowest literacy rates in America? One of the highest high school drop out rates? Highest infant mortality rates? One of the highest crime rates? One of the highest divorce rates? And btw…why are you even bringing up gay issue? Perhaps because you have nothing of substance to run on? I am a life-long Alabama democrat…but you sir are an embarressment to all democrats everywhere!

  7. MateoM says

    Jason is known to troll Towleroad with anti gay, anti women, anti minority, anti-democrat, and anti-obama vitriol. He is really not a nice person. In fact, he and his other alias Rick are the WORST person.

  8. rf7777 says

    I contacted this guy by e-mail (the address is easy to Google), and I asked him if he understood what a homophobic jerk he was being for making such a post. He evidently did not. In fact, he replied: “I contacted 14 gay friends before I made the post, and 13 of them said they were not offended at all.” I of course apologized to him for thinking his post was scummy and homophobic (since 13 out of 14 Alabama gays approve!)
    He also added: “if I win I will be more of an asset to homosexuals than any other Alabama congressman.” Wow! How will he ever get over a bar set so high?
    But honestly, he does not think his post was unethical, offensive or homophobic. Unbelievable.

  9. JeffNYC says

    “All of my gay friends said it was okay” is the new “Some of my best friends are…”

    If you look at Andy’s piece on Andy Cohen today, you’ll find that Teresa and Joe Giudice use the a similar defense.

  10. JeffNYC says

    “All of my gay friends said it was okay” is the new “Some of my best friends are…”

    If you look at Andy’s piece on Andy Cohen today, you’ll find that Teresa and Joe Giudice use the a similar defense.

  11. TonyJazz says

    There are obviously some enlightened people in Alabama, but (just as obviously) they are in small numbers in that state.

    A good place to avoid (as is the case in much of the southeast, unfortunately)….

  12. Liam says

    In the second paragraph you said:”…Boman, a former Democrat who switched parties in 2011″. I think you meant he is a former Republican who switched parties in 2011. Otherwise the story doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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