‘America’s Next Top Model’ Adds Male Models

America's Next Top Model is heading into its 20th season, and adding men to the show, Andy Dehnart reports:

KevinpeakeThe CW has renewed America’s Next Top Model for a 20th season, and the show is once again undergoing a major shift: it’s adding male contestants, who will live in the same house with the women.

In a press release, The CW said that “viewers will continue to have a direct impact on the competition by voting for their favorite models though social media, helping decide who gets eliminated.” The release said nothing about the show’s new judges, however, so it’s not clear if the same panel will return.

They did this in 2004. It was called Manhunt, remember?


  1. Miguel says

    That’s great.Giving the show that gender fluidity is going to make it very interesting.I think I’ll watch.:)

  2. Billy Crytical says

    Kill the show. 20 seasons or 11 years is long enough for any show. This latest version will just be a model version of Big Brother. All the dynamics you see in Big Brother will be on ANTM.

  3. Jerry says

    Manhunt was Carmen Electra on Bravo. Make Me A Supermodel was Tyson Beckford on Bravo. Tyra at CW has been the only one to make a show stick (in international branding, no less — Heidi Klum works for Tyra Banks as host of Germany’s Next Top Model).

  4. V-8 says

    I loved that “America’s Most Smartest Model” show too, it was so campy… I think it only had one season… in any case, these shows r way more interesting than any beauty pageant, and Tyra is completely insane, so it is very entertaining…

    the problem is that none of them ever become models… they r just too old… most models from Brazil start at 14 or 15 (and they r everywhere now)… another issue is that a model’s allure is their anonymity… in these shows u have too much of them, their ugly comes out too much, so at best they can become tv personalities or actors, but that is just about it…

    having boys could be fun, an all-male season even better.. wonder how gay it will be…

  5. finkles2000 says

    I’m going to come out of the closet as an avid ANTM fan (Laura and Allison, holla!). But this season has jumped the smizing shark. In addition to the horrible new blood (Johnny Wujeck is so damn hot, but he’s a boring and useless stylist compared to Jay Manuel, and that insipid BryanBoy is pointless and incredibly annoying. The male model judge has no valid opinions and isn’t handsome enough to make up for it. Give me Nigel Barker any day.), the new system is completely jacked up. Girls who would have been sent home early in any other cycle (Tyra demands that it’s called a cycle, y’all, not a season!) are still in the running, regardless of any sort of modelling talent. This cycle is obviously rigged in its “voting” “system” in an attempt to have one of the underdog kicked-off girls come back in an obvious “comeback” story. And the prizes are the worst in the show’s history (especially considering that the past few cycles have had Italian Vogue spreads as part of the prize).

    The show has always been more about entertainment than actually finding a model who will attain a memorable status — Jael, who is now addicted to meth and on Dr. Phil is evidence of that — but it just seems like this cycle has thrown even the slimmest iota of high fashion/couture/actual modelling off the track in favor of stunts.

    So why do I still watch it? Hell if I know . . . I’ll probably watch next cycle, but I’m not sure how much I’ll like having male models on the show. Unless there’s dude-on-dude action, obviously. I’m way more in favor of a long overdue plus-size or “fiercely real” cycle.

  6. rickyzoo says

    best not to expect any participant on this show to come out as a top model. like all reality shows, the participants’ novelty are lost the moment the show is over. we just become too familiar with them. it’s like a one night stand with a cute dumb guy.–you feel like kicking them out of the bed in the morning. LOL