Big Maine Marriage Equality Update: VIDEOS

A quick update on what's going down in Maine's marriage equality battle this week.

MEPoll numbers are looking positive, and Mainers United for Marriage says they've held more than 200,000 conversations with Maine voters, almost 25% of the total amount of Maine voters expected to vote in the November election and they are ongoing.

Mainers United for Marriage launched two new ads this week. The first features Republican Stacey Fitts of Pittsfield, Maine talking about why he supports the freedom to marry. He voted against marriage for same-sex couples in 2009, but, since then, he's talked with the people in his life and changed his mind. The second features Cathy & Phil Curtis of Biddeford talking about what marriage means to them and why they want all of their children to have the freedom to marry.

Some recent poll numbers, via the Bangor Daily News:

The poll contained some promising numbers for supporters of same-sex marriage. Some 57 percent of respondents said they planned to vote for the state ballot measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in Maine while 39 percent were opposed and 4.5 percent undecided. Murphy, however, said the level of support in the poll was likely inflated, based on responses when Pan Atlantic asked respondents how they felt about same-sex marriage in general.

Two new anti-gay ads also started running this week from Protect Marriage Maine:

And here's a great video from AFER's Matt Baume debunking all the lies contained in them:

Also, updates from last week if you missed them. Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue gave $100,00 to the fight for marriage equality in Maine, and premiered this new piece from New Left Media, which I posted last week but am happy to post again:

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