1. Rick says

    Thanks, Bill. No surprise to me that just about all the money supporting the campaigns in favor of same-sex marriage has been contributed by straight, white males rather than by women (including pop music and Hollywood “divas”), racial minorities, or gay people, themselves.

    No surprise whatsoever.

  2. Malaysian Ho says

    alright Ricky Lake, let me tell you a secret. Bill was the one that donated the earlier 100k, but it was Melinda who held sex in hostage to coerce Bill to split another 500k.

  3. jeremy says

    @Rick: you have a fair point. I agree this is how you do charity. You contribute for the sake of goodwill’s only, not to make a freaking publicity about it. You give your money, be quiet and move on with your life, you don’t brag about it on Twitter. I find it’s so funny when these celebrities thinks their “images and fame” are enough to make a difference. Maybe not all of them, but God knows who truly has a good heart and who’s just a publicity whore.

  4. says

    I don’t think “God knowing” makes much of a massive societal impact, Jeremy.

    you see “publicity whores” – others see Visible and Known People who choose to take a known, public, identifiable stand and statement for being on the right side of progressive history.

    i don’t see much use to quietly giving money. in case you hadn’t noticed, silence is the enemy.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Doesn’t Washington vote ENTIRELY by mail? How much good will this do two weeks from the election in such a state? Why did he wait so late to donate this money?

  6. jeremy says

    @Kiwi: “visible, well-known” people? Oh you mean people like Kim Kardashian, Snookie, Lindsay Lohan or the Real Housewives (and some of the big names that I wouldn’t like to mention)? I’m sorry but do you really think their opinions would make an impact on our movements? For me, they are just some drugged-up, obnoxious, air-headed people who instead of donating some money to LGBT charities, decided to pose for that “No H8″ campaign. There goes their “contribution”. I mean, while watching that stupid “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, do you really think these people knows what the hell they are talking about? I just cannot eat whatever these celebrities feed in my mouth.

  7. BETTY says

    So, THAT would explain RICK’S absence lately…apparently he has been so busy auditing campaign financial records to get us the real scoop! He has determined that it is mainly rich, white men who have been donating to equality causes. Women, effeminate gay men and minorities are all against us!

    Honestly Rick you come across that weird, windbag of a neighbor that everyone stays away from because he spouts off like he knows “the facts and the real truth” when in reality he knows nothing.

    What a pathetic joke of a sad, sad troll.

    Expect Jason to pipe in his agreement of Rick in 3..2..1 (since they are the same person)

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