Biologists Label Bird ‘Transgender’


In New Zealand, a threatened bellbird stuns biologists.

Treehugger writes:

Recently, at Zealandia eco-sanctuary in New Zealand, biologists were surprised to discover that one of their newest animal arrivals seemed genetically predisposed to shunning those normally cut and dry distinctions of sexual dimorphism. Routine DNA testing on a young bellbird hatched there 18 months ago indicated that it was female, but as it grew things became clearly more complicated than that.

Instead of only growing the white feather pattern found in female bellbirds, this individual showed distinct signs of a male's dark plumage as well. Even the bird's behavior seemed indicative of male bird traits, such as in vocalizing in distinctively masculine calls and acting uncharacteristically territorial, leading biologists to declare the bird 'transgender'.

While other bird species have displayed 'transgender' traits, this is the first bellbird observed to have them.


  1. says

    This is nothing new. Some species change genders when the male/female ratio is skewed. Some species disguise themselves as the opposite gender in order to get a chance to breed. And there are many creatures that are of both genders.

  2. Dave says


    LGBT has not been around since Day 1. LGBT has never been around. It doesn’t exist. It is not a concept that describes reality.

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  3. We are Here says


    Your criticism is pointless carping. You are arguing about words in English, rather than concepts, and English hasn’t been around since day 1 either.

    When you have nothing of substance to say, you don’t have to post.

  4. Rovex says

    Dave, while i agree that in principal LGB and T are not the same thing, we are both treated the same, therefore it makes sense to campaign for equality together.

  5. JOE 2 says

    @ DAVE:

    You are correct that “L,”, “G,” and “B” refer to sexual orientation, whereas “T” refers to gender identity. However, “Ls,” “Gs,” “Bs,” and “Ts” all share the fact that they are sexual minorities. They are variations from the “one is either 100% biologically male or female, 100% self-identified as the gender that corresponds with one’s biology, presents 100% of the time as that gender, and is only sexually attracted to the opposite sex/gender” paradigm that many people assume to be the only version of “normal.”

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    That is why it makes sense from a political point of view to include “T” with “L,” “G,” and “B.”

  6. Dave says

    @Joe 2:
    “But in the eyes of the ignorant, you and a transperson are equally immoral, deviant, and sick.”

    You are absolutely correct. Some ignorant, bigoted people would lump gays and lesbians together with transsexuals, crossdressers and hermaphrodites. The proper response to that ignorance is to eradicate it through education. The worst possible response is to enshrine the ignorance and define ourselves by it.

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  7. JOE 2 says

    @ DAVE:

    Sorry, but your argument is not logical. First of all, gay men and lesbians CAN correctly be “lumped together” with “transsexuals, crossdressers, and hermaphrodites” (BTW, the correct term for the latter is “intersex”; “hermaphrodite” is considered to be an offensive term). Gay men, lesbians, transsexuals, transvestites, and intersex people are all, as I pointed out in my first post, sexual minorities.

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  8. realdeal says

    LGBT implies being born fully bodied female or fully male. No exceptions.

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    This isn’t a game to intersex people.

  9. realdeal says

    And intersex people are not “sexual minorities”.

    Please stop using your fully bodied male or female privilege to erase and deny intersex people’s very real suffering and experience.

  10. JOE 2 says


    Please stop making assumptions, and please stop projecting. What makes you assume that I am “fully bodied male or female”? And where, in my post, do I deny the suffering of intersex people?

    Sorry, but intersex folks ARE sexual minorities. The majority of people are not intersex. That doesn’t mean that intersex people are abnormal, unnatural, deformed, or whatever other absurdities are believed by ignorant people; it just means that intersex people – like lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people – are a minority of the general population. That’s just a fact. And, being a minority by virtue of possessing biologically atypical (please note: “atypical” is not a judgment, nor is it pejorative) sexual characteristics, intersex people are sexual minorities and, as such, have something in common with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

  11. realdeal says

    @JOE 2

    Point taken on the assumption part, but I don’t see how I was projecting.

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    I applaud you on your choice of words with “atypical”.

    With the LGBT, intersex share the experience of being targets of homophobia, transphobia and misogyny, and are in dire need of human rights.

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