1. kp05 says

    “Marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout he ages as an honored institution because it provides unique foundations for societies and children.”

    Is that why, for centuries, we had polygamy? Is that why, for centuries, wives were their husbands property?

    “Marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. It is also about the next generation.”

    Do the nearly 2M children raised by LGBT couples not matter? Are they not part of the next generation?

    “Marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. Gay and lesbian couples already receive benefits in Maryland, like hospital visitation, state health benefits, and tax breaks.”

    How about immigration? How about estate taxes? How about federal level benefits?

    “They don’t need to redefine marriage.”

    A definition occurs when one meaning is replaced with another. The bigots get to keep everything about their marriages. We’re just added a footnote.

    Looks like someone takes too many hits to the helmet. Maybe that’s why the punter has the most logic.

  2. Opinionated says

    He has a charity for kids which sounds prety good actually. I just sent a contact requesting if they accepted children of same-sex couples despite the foundation namesakes recent stance against equal rights.

    Still amazing that they use “traditional marriage” as a serious argument. Fools.

  3. gayalltheway says

    “Marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout the ages as an honored institution ..”

    I lol’ed so hard at this. Tell that to Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and the likes, yo.

  4. Michael says

    As someone has already pointed out, let’s compare him to Ayanbadejo.

    As usual, homophobes are ALWAYS the most unattractive guys who would never, ever, have a chance with other men and do we wonder why they’re so against men hooking up with other men? Tony Perkins? Bryan Fischer? Fred Phelps?

    There is a definite link between how much a man hates gay men and how quickly that gay man would turn him down.

  5. KT says

    What is the end game for these bigots? Do they honestly think if the marriage bill is defeated, all gays and lesbians will close up shop, dissolve their relationships, and turn straight? No matter what, gays and lesbians are going to be together, they are going to raise children, and they are going to live their lives as best they can.

  6. Michael says

    Oh, I left a message but then noticed there were only ones that were praising him minus the most recent couple of ones. It’s not hard to figure out they’re deleting the ones slamming him.

    Odd how they’re all about free speech except for the speech they don’t agree with.

  7. KT says

    Michael, that’s usually the case. They love to play the victims. Honestly, if I hear one more bigot complain about being called out as a bigot I am going to scream.

  8. Michael says

    Hey, here’s the proof they’re deleting FB comments:

    On the most recent picture, the one they’re using for the FB banner, it indicates there are 13 comments but when you go to read them only 3 are showing up.

  9. JohnAGJ says

    Surely Maryland Delegate Burns will be writing to the Ravens owner to silence this man, since Birk is mixing football with politics? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  10. Bob says

    The guy is a bigot. The Baltimore Ravens should drop him as quickly as possible.
    Posted by: OS2Guy | Oct 5, 2012 2:17:11 PM
    THAT MAKES US NO BETTER THAN HIM — if you mean “the Ravens should admonish him that he reflecting badly on the team, which may violate his contract” — OK, that is a reasonable thought

  11. jason says

    Matt Birk must be open to seduction by a man if he thinks homosexual marriage might interfere with his heterosexual marriage. Is there something you want to tell us, Matt?

  12. says

    NOM’s latest mouthpiece. Man, they are getting DESPERATE if they have to recruit the Ginger Bigot from Baltimore. This guy can’t hold a candle to Chris Kluwe.

    Again, we are winning this fight.

  13. Serema Quael says


    Two men or two women who love each other
    and have their relationship recognized by
    civil law. Your religious beliefs have
    no weight or say so on how our goverment grants equal rights to citizens. Gay marriage will be legalized in Maryland soon.

  14. SeanR says

    He’s just a berk!

    I’m always puzzled by heterosexual men who’ve such an interest in gay sex/ gay marriage etc., and I’d guess most straight men r-e-a-l-ly don’t think about “men” that much. Surely, the rationale of a dumb jock would stretch to, “hey if these guys are all gay, there’s more gals for me and I’m ok with that”

  15. Tom Cardellino says

    Pay attention to the “Holy Spirit” ugliness hanging on the wall behind him. This guy is a complete tool of and shill for the Roman Catholic Church. He couldn’t have an original thought for himself as much as he could paternalistically allow his wife to use contraceptives. What’s he up to now, six kids? That means he’s been “man enough” to only complete coitus six times during their Roman Catholic dominated marriage. Why not a bun in the oven every nine months, Matt? Isn’t that your God’s demand? Or, can you only tolerate “it” every so often?

  16. Patrick says

    It didn’t offend me, but it wasn’t an intelligent argument against expanding the scope of marriage laws to include gay couples. His only reason is basically “this is how it has always been.”

    Well, the 19th Amendment expanded the scope of the voting laws to inclued women and that’s kind of worked out for us as a society hasn’t it?

  17. Jerry6 says

    Has anyone noticed that the most oppressive Countries in the world are those where the local Religion is in command? It is not just Gays that they are against; Their primary targets are Woman. Has anyone looked into exactly what the real role of wives and daughters are in their daily lives in some of the devout religions practiced right here in the United States?

  18. andrew says

    Decades from now Matt Birk’s grand children will look at him the way we look at George Wallace and the white racists and segregationists today. Just like all of those who oppose the gradual but certain move toward human equality, Matt is on the wrong side of history.

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