Brad Pitt Gives $100,000 to State Marriage Equality Battles

Brat Pitt has pledged a $100,000 matching donation challenge to fight for same-sex marriage ballot measures in the four states that have them this November. Pitt makes the offer in a fundraising letter from the Human Rights Campaign:

PittIt's unbelievable to me that people's lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days.

In Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, voters will go to the polls to decide if gay and lesbian couples – our friends and neighbors – are worthy of the same protections as everyone else.

But that's the system we have and I'm not going to back down from the fight for loving and committed couples to have the ability to marry. Especially when groups like the Human Rights Campaign are fighting these battles day-in and day-out.

So, here's what I'm going to do. If you make a contribution to these ballot measure campaigns in the next 24 hours, I'll double it – every dollar of the way, up to $100,000.

This is our last chance to make a difference. If you're like me, you don't want to have to ask yourself on the day after the election, what else could I have done?

Every person's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is enshrined in our country's Declaration of Independence, but powerful, well-funded groups are flooding the airwaves with lies trying to take away those rights from certain people… and we can't stand for it.

GriffinThe L.A. Times reports that the contribution is a "rare political donation" from Pitt:

His involvement in the four current state ballot measures stems from his past work with Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, who sits on the board of Pitt's nonprofit housing foundation in New Orleans.

Gay marriage advocates are hoping the actor's backing will provide a last-minute jolt of energy as they seek to achieve a historic victory next week over opponents of same-sex marriage, who have consistently prevailed at the ballot box.

The ballot measures in Maine, Maryland and Washington seek to legalize gay marriage, while the Minnesota initiative would ban same-sex marriage. The Human Rights Campaign has already donated $5 million to the state campaigns. Pitt's donation will be split evenly among them, and organizers hope it will spur more giving.

"There's not one of our campaigns that doesn't have additional needs," Griffin said. "Getting an email from Brad is something that gets people's attention at a time when everyone's inbox is incredibly crowded."


  1. Kim says

    Thanks. Brad It would be great to see some Gay Celebs like Ellen,Rosie,NPH,Ricky join the fight since they are married or engaged . Let me get offline before the naysayers who hate Brad show up.Peace

  2. Jack says

    Does HRC have to “starfuck” EVERYTHING?

    Also its nice to see that Chad is geting 350k a year for press releases and interveiws. Oh and hosting HRC Gala’s of course.

    But then again this is the man who said that the Log Cabin Republicans who are endorsinf Mitt Romney “are good people, doing good work”

  3. jason says

    The donation is wasted money. None of the referenda will produce a positive result for the gay community. You need to remember what happened in California. Despite being one of the most liberal states, it voted for the hateful Prop 8.

    Liberals – particularly liberal women – tend to be spooked by the “they will have to teach gay marriage to my children” notion. In the privacy of the polling booth, these liberal women will surrender to their fears and vote down our rights. Don’t tell me I’m wrong – I know exactly what I’m talking about.

    The thing that irks me the most is that we in the gay community have basically rolled over on this. We’ve let bigots determine the agenda. The mere fact that our civil rights are being voted upon is confirmation of this.

  4. jason says


    You can say whatever you want about me. I’m immune to your diatribes. Personal attacks don’t hurt me because they don’t challenge my argument. The only thing that hurts me is when someone successfully challenges my argument. I’ve seen nothing of the sort from you.

  5. endo says

    I wouldn’t bother addressing your argument because your argument is fake. You only post inflammatory things here to rouse up the commentariat.

    Most of the regular posters here already know… I’m just letting anyone new who may show up know so they don’t waste their breath on your BS.

  6. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Brad, thanks for the money. New Jersey REALLY needs it. Gay marriage, although would be nice, will not happen state by state. We need the President and Congress to “grow a pair” and make this law.

  7. Bob R says

    I’ll bet this really pisses Brad’s mother off a bit. That’s $100,000 less she may get her hands on someday.

    Thanks for the help, Brad. I know it’s appreciated. The battle is slow and steady but time and history is on our side. In the end, a lot of people are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history when equality finally becomes the law of the land.

  8. MichaelJ says

    Too bad Pitt didn’t donate the money to some grassroots local group that is waging a specific campaign for marriage equality. For all the money they spend, HRC has very little to show for itself.

  9. Boone68 says

    Jason, public opinion on this issue is progressing. Even since Prop 8 was passed, the majority of Californians now support marriage equality. Even if liberal women are voting their fears in the secrecy of the voting booth, with each election season, the two sides of the issue become closer. It’s only a matter of time before the scales of justice and equality tip in our favor. Now is not the time to stop trying. The types of donations that Pitt makes in addition to the funds his donation will raise, will buy a lot of ad time to counter the bigot’s lies and present accurate information to the public. If you were running HRC, what would you do?

  10. Rick says


    Here is a list of equally deep-pocketed celebrities who you can expect NOT to contribute anything: Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, Betty White…..and…..well, you get the picture……

  11. where says

    Many people have been very generous to this cause, but where is the money being spent? There is only one TV ad. It assumes the viewer knows who Julian Bond is, his significance to civil rights, and the ad is a little dull.

    Where is all this money?

  12. MateoM says

    Here’s a guy who will never stand up and be counted as an openly gay man: Jason/Rick.

    That pathetic closet case troll is just a wimp with keyboard and no life.

  13. Notice That says

    Does anyone else notice how Brad is always the one speaking up for gay rights and donating money, while Angelina always stays silent? Not once has she spoke up for gay rights, marriage equality, or done any kind of PSA. That speaks volumes.

  14. Diogenes Arktos says

    As much as I like Pitt putting up the challenge, I feel like it’s too little too late.

    BTW – my computer has been surprisingly slow tonight. I was happy to see Pitt’s face in the HRC ad while the rest of the screen was forming.

  15. millerbeach says

    Um, dearest troll Jason (or whomever you really are) You really don’t bring much of an “argument” to the table, just your skewed personal opinion. An opinion does not make an argument. Why must you engage in argument all the time? Doesn’t it wear you out or down? Apparently not. It must be a very lonely place in the world of Jason. So, so much negativity. Honestly, bud, I feel sorry for you. All that self-loathing cannot be good for the psyche of “Jason”. Think about this before posting again. But hey, rock on with your bad self if it makes you happy…as for Brad, YAY! The Chanel #5 commercial blows chunks. Super-cheap background, I can even see the seam in the middle. WTF are you talking about in this commercial? Oh well, I am hardly the target market, so who knows, you may hit one out of the park with this one, but I have my doubts.