1. anthony says

    Actually, it was a gay couple FROM Charlotte attacked IN Asheville. They weren’t attacked in Charlotte.

  2. UFFDA says

    How were they acting, what was being said? It is always reprehensible when people are hurt for their sexual orientation, and a lot of other things, but you don’t provoke the lion in his den.

  3. Jayhawk says

    How were they acting??? Is that a question, seriously? So, if a heterosexual couple is in midtown Atlanta or in Chelsea acting “too straight,” we get to beat the f#€k out of them? Or, a Jewish guy looking too Jewish? A Saudi? A Jesus fish on a car and we are allowed to key it and slice the tires? Gimme a break!

  4. BETTY says

    @JAYHAWK: Don’t feed the troll. UFFDA id just JASON/RICK. In his world the “effeminate gay guy” brought it upon himself.

  5. says

    Here we go with blame the victim again. I could care less if these guys were actually “FLAMING” as they were walking down the street, no one deserves to be harmed

  6. Mary says

    This is just so terrible. It’s disgusting. Even more disgusting is that their actions are now coming into question. I’m sure the couple wasn’t “acting” any way but just being themselves, which is legal. It’s so important to know how the victim was “acting.” “Excuse me ma’am, where you ‘acting’ like you wanted to be raped by that guy passing you in a car?” Really now….come on.

  7. Onnyjay says

    NC, the state that inflicted Jesse Helms on the nation for decades, is, like its neighbor to the south, pretty much a cesspool when it comes to inbred mouth breathers and homohaters. Those guys are lucky they didn’t end up with broken bones and comas.

  8. Cynical Curt says

    Where’s the black eye or busted nose? All we see is blood on his face. Most of the “bashings” I’ve seen, there more hurt to the victim than what we see in this video/picture. Fooled once, shame on us, fooled as many times as we have been, shame on them. The more these stories are faked, the cynical we become.
    If this actually happened, then I’ll be the first to apologize to the victims.
    If not, then it’s just one reason to not trust us gays.

  9. UFFDA-Rick-Jason says

    Whenever I acted like an effeminate gay man who hangs out with blacks and Lady Gaga I was beaten so if they were doing that they they deserved it.

    All in favor of me suffocating myself?

  10. fritzrth says

    @CYNICAL CURT. The pic was obviously taken very soon after the attack. Black eyes can take a good while to show up. No, you should offer the couple an apology NOW. There is no reason not to believe them.

    Now, if it turns out that they are lying, I’ll be the first one to call foul. Until then, anyone who says they were attacked and looks like this guy, deserves every bit of the sympathy and empathy I can give them.

  11. Rick says

    “I’m sure the couple wasn’t “acting” any way but just being themselves, which is legal”

    Then how in the world would people randomly passing by them in a moving automobile have known they were gay in the first place, assuming that this really was the motive for the attack?

    Just looking at the guy’s face, I wouldn’t be able to tell he is gay….and certainly not from a distance and from inside a moving vehicle……

  12. says

    yes, the witness says he was attacked……and this is the anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepherd, we should not be second guessing ourselves……it’s still going on…….and we need to be united.

  13. Cynical Curt says

    @fritzrth. Um, did we watch the same video? Did you see the interview portion? Not a scratch on his face. Where are the bandages for the cuts? Where did all that blood come from? If this happened as recent as the story/video claims, he sure heals fast. I’m not saying people don’t get attacked, I’m just saying that we’ve been fooled many times before and I’d hate for this to be another one of those times. If this story proves to be false, it’s just one more incident that paints the gay community as a bunch of queens that like to cry wolf. Like we really need THIS kind of attention.
    So once again, if this turns out to be true, THEN I will aplogize. Until then, I’m not going to get all up in arms and form a posse and go looking for the assailants.
    Also, I’m a grown adult. You, nor anyone else gets to tell me when I need to apologize to anyone. Ever.

  14. Francis says

    Always believe the victims unless you have substantial evidence not to. Asheville basically split 50/50 on marriage equality in the spring so it isn’t as liberal as one may think……it’s still North Carolina. The vagueness of this story and the fact the suspects didn’t come forward for weeks makes this a bit sketchy, though.

    Homophobia exists on major level everywhere, especially with teens and young adults desperate for approval and insecure. Things are improving but we haven’t won yet.

  15. Yupp says

    The whites in North Carolina are horrible, and the blacks are worse. On homosexual issues and others. That said, and even though it very well might have happened, those who say “wait and see” before believing any claim of gaybashing are the wiser ones. There have been both real ones and frauds, lately.

  16. johnny says

    “…when they asked the people [in the car] to stop…”

    WTF? Why would ANYONE do that?

    There’s no way in hell I’d ask someone who is verbally harassing me from a moving car stop.

    They didn’t deserve what happened, but people, please be careful what you’re doing out there. No reason to tempt fate.

  17. Francis says

    Thank you, Tony. A lot more details with that link/video.

    Very sad story and the police response seems weak. That is always the litmus test for whether an area is legitimately gay accepting. If the city go to bat for their gay citizens or not. Also reading hate crimes have been occurring quite often in the Asheville area. The gays and allies need to take back the streets in Asheville. And we all need to be ready to bash back whenever in a threatening situation.

  18. Yupp says

    True, Francis. If you’re a male couple who demands the harrassing people stop their car, don’t stand for it when one guy gets out and beats up the two of you.

  19. BillinSonoma says

    I hate to point out the obvious, but I think the request to ‘stop’ was probably to please stop harassing us, rather than please stop the car……

  20. Rick says

    “I hate to point out the obvious, but I think the request to ‘stop’ was probably to please stop harassing us, rather than please stop the car……”

    Yep, and that undoubtedly explains why the guy got out of the car and started beating them up.

    Instead of standing strong and telling him to GTH or GFY or something to that effect, which would have been a warning to him not to mess with them because they would fight back if he did…….they demonstrated weakness by saying “Stop it” or “Please leave us alone”…..and it is precisely that weakness that sets straight guys off in such situations….

    As I have pointed out time and again, incidents like this are invariably “masculinity tests” and violence typically only ensues when the verbal “test” is “failed” by the gay men in question…..which, unfortunately, it usually is, since most gay men are not confidently masculine and so don’t know how to behave as such……

  21. Bryson says

    I think when he asked the homophobes to stop… I took it as stop harassing us/leave us alone. Just my take on it. I live in NC and Asheville is quite progressive. As well as Charlotte, RDU, GSO and W.S.

  22. says

    and yet, Rick, you cannot show us all this supposedly Masculine Example Of A Man that you claim to be.

    thus, you obviously aren’t one.

    you demonstrate weakness and cowardice every day by being utterly unable to put a face to your comments.

    it’s hilariously ironic. the closeted coward who doesn’t have the balls to show his face online who pretend he’s intimidating in the real life.

    i call your bluff, sugarpie 😉

  23. Dave J says

    I have family in Asheville and visit there often because it’s such a great place. It’s an idyllic little city populated by designers, artists and local craftspeople. It’s loaded with great restaurants, galleries, several very friendly gay bars, and has a large gay population. Its tragic to see this sort of thing happening there.

    While there are obvious problems, please don’t categorize it as a redneck southern city. It’s nothing like that.

  24. says

    truly – to the “those guys were wimps” posters: prove you’re not one.

    let’s see who you are.

    ten bucks says you dont’ have the balls.

  25. Francis says

    Asheville proper definitely isn’t a hick town, but the reality is it’s surrounded by homophobes, Asheville only voted 51% against Amendment One, and there appears to be a hate crime issue in the area. If you live in a state and area you know is more vulnerable, you have to be on guard at every moment. That goes for everyone, anywhere, but especially gays in the South, Midwest, and anywhere alone at night. Be careful. Because 80% of the time police will do nothing.

  26. Yupp says

    BTW : Notice that other news sources on this story, including gay sources, say that the N.C. couple “claims” or “says” they were assaulted. Smarter.

  27. Yupp says

    Rick : You’re correct about these kinds of situtions being masculinity tests, and although I’d be personally mortified to go public with “One guy beat up me and my male friend..waahh…” I do hate the thought of living in a Might=Right society. Especially since there are all kinds of variations with physical confrontations : health, size, strength, aggression, age, skill…and some guys who just don’t LIKE to fight (Pacifists) so…..

  28. Randy says

    It doesn’t matter if the state has no hate crimes law. If a hate crime is suspected, federal charges can be laid. That’s the whole point of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, to drag backward states into the 21st century.

  29. boone68 says

    Isn’t NC a “conceal and carry” state? Maybe it’s time for the targets of hate crimes to start packin’ and turn the tables on these hillbilly freaks.

  30. ratbastard says

    @’The Gay’,

    More like a DOZEN OR MORE. A huge chunk of crimes such as this [not just a ‘gay bashing’] go unreported. Many people, especially in big cities, know it’s often generally a waste of time to call police. And police administrators secretly like this also, because it [on paper] lowers the crime rate, and makes them look good. Local government, real estate interests, business interests also like the fact many crimes go un-reported.

  31. hornlongjohn says

    Gay people that live in red states need to take advantage of state gun laws. They need to learn how to use a gun, get the required permits, and then if allowed, they should always carry a gun when permissible. If attacked, in self defense, you should shoot for the head and then call the FBI, forget local police, a lot of them are pigs.

  32. ratbastard says

    Shoot at the torso, it of course is the easiest and biggest target. It’s quite difficult to target someone’s head, especially when there’s movement involved. Likewise, it’s very difficult to deliberately target someone’s hand, etc. When some people ask why didn’t police just shoot a suspect in the hand instead of their body, I laugh. They’ve been conditioned by TV, movies, video games [not all games, some are quite realistic.]

  33. Jack says


    1) Yes, people should definitely take advantage of carry laws if they feel their lives are at stake. Absolutely, 100%.

    2) People need to know when it is acceptable to shoot or not.

    3)NEVER shoot for the head. Chances of hitting the head even by a good shot, in an attack situation with adrenaline flowing is very low. Always go for 2-3 in center body mass.

  34. rolland says

    Maybe it is time that we dont visit NC. Spend no money in or around it. This is mind boggling.