1. Javier says

    Obama’s horrific debate performance led to the collapse of his campaign. We can give money out the ear to his campaign, but only Obama’s remaining debate performances will undo the damage he did to himself and Democrats nationwide. Not even Bill Clinton can undo that catastrophic first debate performance. I certainly hope he realizes this and has prepared as if his very life depended on the next debates.

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    your comment caused me to go to the dictionary to look up the word “hysterical”. If Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews can calm since the night of the 1st debate, so can you, amigo.

  3. simon says

    @M. I am just stating the fact we know and not some expectations. It is almost redundant to say that poll can go either way. I haven’t said in what direction it will move. Of course you can always dream that it will move in Romney’s direction.

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