1. i could go on, but I won't says

    I think Massachusetts Mitt doesn’t really have a position on most things because he just wants the job so he can outdo his father.

    His plan in office is to move the stereo into the Oval Office while he goes into semi-retirement.

    If he wins everyone, including Mitt, is in for a big surprise.

    Oh, and you just gotta love Clinton!

  2. iowan says

    failed ?? Maybe… I tend to think it was the plan.

    Obama was already peaking and Mitt was already sinking. The public needed a bit of a rest, then the blows will come again. Just like in a movie: we can only take so much before we need a little break… then the action resumes and continues to grow.

  3. cape tom says

    mitt the twit, i am from ma and he raised all fees for everything here, let’s hope he has another 47% vidio out there and people can see the real twit

  4. MarkUs says

    The schadenfreude is thick with this one it is, Yoda. He will never forgive the race card being played against him. But, he’s the loyal little soldier but ready to brag he’s the only re-elected Deomcrat president in recent times.

  5. Chuck says

    @Jack M: “I wish he could run again.”

    Unless I’m mistaken, Bill Clinton most certainly could run for POTUS again. The Constitution only prohibits more than two consecutive terms.

  6. atomic says

    Look, it is NOT hard to say what Bill Clinton said. It does not take a genius intellect, nor does it take years of debate training. All it takes is to be willing to SEE the truth and SPEAK it.

    Of course, Clinton has done great things for us, and for this country. But if anything, the way he so easily hammers the point about Romney is not so much a reflection on him as it is a reflection on how the mainstream media refuse to call out Romney’s hypocrisy for the sake of making the race tight. It is also a reflection on the way the Obama administration is cowed by the GOP. The Democrats are far too soft, for fear of looking like the bad guy for saying what Clinton said.

    If Obama loses this election, it will be the Democrats’ failure, not the Republicans’ win.

  7. ratbastard says

    Has TR posted anything about how the mother of a Navy SEAL killed in Lybia protected our ambassador has demanded Romney stop using a story about how he met him just before his death? Glen Doherty from Massachusetts was the SEAL. Romney has been going around telling a tall tale about how he and Glen met, and how impressed he was, etc., However, close friends and family of Doherty’s have a different take on Romney and Doherty’s brief introduction and hello. Doherty felt Romney only wanted to use him for political gain.

    The guy is a sleaze-bag. Typical politician.

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