1. MarkUs says

    Morning Joe was quite interesting.

    John Heilemann: “I have a new twitter! Colin Powell is re-endorsing Obama for a second term. This is the endorsement everyone has been waiting for!”

    Mika Brezhinski: “Well, it’s a little late.”

    Chuck Todd: “He endorsed him last time, so I fail to see much change at this point. The news flash would be if he had changed to Romney.”

    After that, they sort of ignored it the rest of the show.

  2. Patrick says

    Colin Powell came to my university to speak a few years ago, and HE WAS AMAZING, charming, charismatic. If he ran for office he is one republican i wouldn’t hesitate to vote for.

  3. andrew says

    Powell’s endorsement is a good thing. That said, I am not a fan of Colin Powell. He allowed his good name and reputation to be used by the Cheney/Bush administration and all the chicken hawk Neo-Cons to rush us into a needless war with Iraq. That needless war, in the search for non existent weapons of mass destruction, cost the lives of thousands of American military and countless innocent Iraqis and in the end cost a trillion dollars.

  4. SAYWHAT says

    I wonder how Colin Powell would have reacted to repeated calls from American diplomats who needed increased protection from the threat of terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. Hmmm? Calls that were ignored by this failure of an administration. Which resulted in the murder of Americans. Do ya think about that, Andrew? HMMM?

    Please feel free to reinsert your head in the sand.

  5. Voxhalyn says

    Having opted out of elected office as path, the only reason I can think of Powell endorsing Obama twice is that he has his eyes on being one of the next generation of race pimps. Jackson, Sharpton, etc. are all getting old and people have their number. Powell could easily slide into that role and make himself very wealthy and very news worthy for decades to come. There’s no other reason why he would compromise his integrity to back a man that is the worst CINC of the past century.

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