1. AJ says

    What more effective way is there to protest than to dress like messed up Cirque DeSoleil clowns in drag? That’s how to be taken seriously. Oh the humanity! Cue Rick’s diatribe in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Isaac says

    Of course he hates gays. He is Catholic. The Vatican chooses to wage war against us every day and what do we do…nothing. None of our gay friends in the media speak out against this disgusting organization. None of our straight allies talk about how unacceptable it is for this morally bankrupt institution to continue. I left this pedophile protecting, gay hating and AIDS spreading (condoms do prevent AIDS padre)organization a long time ago. I can only hope more do the same.

  3. jason says

    Don’t the sisters trivialize their stance by dressing thus? I think so. As for Cordileone, I think he loves the Vatican more than he loves America.

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