1. Opinionated says

    I loved this moment in the debate but it was wrong. As annoying as it is to watch Mitt Romney tell lie after lie after lie without anyone stopping him she overstepped her bounds not just there, but throughout this debate. She was way too involved, though admittedly it helped Obama more that Mittens, still not right for a “Town Hall” moderator.

  2. Michael says

    Hey Opinionated – so she was stepping out of bound? By being an American and calling out a lie when she sees one?

  3. Lance says

    MICHAEL: What the hell does being an american have anything to do with having common sense and pursuing the truth? These are universal values.

  4. pierre laplante says

    If “Opinionated” thought Candy ‘overstepped her bounds’ more than once, then what was his opinion of the Moderator for the Vice Presidential debate?? That Moderator, by all reports, was the best… including her pressing questions and follow up questions. But I agree regarding Mitt: he was rude and struck me as a petulant child.. to say nothing of his persistent inaccuracies/ lies.

  5. says

    Crowley is, first and foremost, a journalist, and she did what every journalist is expected to do at such a moment. As Henry Banta, a columnist, lawyer, and contributor to Nieman Watchdog, wrote last summer: ‘The failure to cover the facts is a fundamental failure. Doesn’t responsible journalism require the hard work of relating the conflicting political claims to the facts that either support or discredit them?’ She did the right professional thing last night. Indeed, if more reporters embraced their fundamental responsibilities, we would be having genuinely adult conversations and thus avoid having candidates such as Romney who have no shame in twisting whatever is available to score some quick, cheap political points.

  6. Richard L says

    Ms. Crowley was actually perfectly within bounds as moderator to confirm the facts. This wasn’t subjective or dependent on how you view the question; this is a situation of emperical data.
    Her involvement was actually less than that of Martha Raddatz and (thankfully) more than Jim Lehrer.

    Personally, I would like more live fact-checking by neutral parties, not less. I’m tired of being lied to.

  7. Beef and Fur says

    Amazing, Hasselbeck does the same thing Romney does…can’t shut her mouth when the moderator is talking.

  8. David says

    Love how Elizabeth cites a CNN poll and only talks about the parts she likes. She refused to admit that that same poll had a majority of people thinking that Obama won the debate.

  9. says

    It would be interesting to hear what the women of The View have to say but I just can’t stomach Hasselbeck. No matter what, she spews the rhetoric she hears from Fox News and the producer of The View Bill Gedde.

  10. will says

    I know some people say that a moderator shouldn’t fact-check (some don’t even like when their candidate is asked follow-up questions) — but, if nobody on-the-spot fact-checks, the average viewer gets misinformed. 40 million people may watch a debate live and others on youtube, and you’re lucky if one of these many millions follows up on any fact-checking after the debate. I want follow-up questions, too. I don’t want candidates to be given carte blanche to make their own facts as they go along. This is not a kingship. They work for us. Candy Crowley was the best of the three so far and that first guy was by far the worst. He let Romney lie (or switch positions since the primaries) and kiss babies throughout the debate.

  11. gr8guya says

    It’s easy to tell who wins a debate. The loser always complains about the moderator, the questions, or the format.

  12. says

    She did a great job. Everything else is FOX News Hogwash. The talking heads guarding the inhabitants of Bullsh*t Mountain from rejoining the world of the sane just won’t budge. Fox News is a propaganda machine which dumbs down America by the day through disinformation and their slanted agendas. See their anchors spewing forth feces from their mouths in my visual homage to the network on my artist’s blog at

  13. MaddM@ says

    I am generally disappointed in the “debates” as there is little debating and more just talking and maybe adding some response to the opponent. If she hadn’t called romney out for some lies, why even have a debate? why not just give both a 15 minute time bloc to do a stump speech?

    American politics truly hit a new low this election with the republicans’ discovery that you can say whatever the hell you want, then complain when someone fact checks you, and you know the people that heard the initial lie are never going to hear the truth that emerges in the check.

  14. Rrhain says

    @David, those are two different questions, though. You can think that one candidate will do a better job but still think the other candidate won the debate.

    Just because you have a good idea doesn’t mean you are good at articulating it or defending it.

  15. Janet says

    Candy did a decent job, she is in the right wing field, but she did her best not to show it, Calling out Mittens when he was telling a bald faced lie, What’s wrong with that, What your party doesn’t want the TRUTH, NO THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH that’s what JACK NICHOLAS SAID IN THE MOVIE WITH TOM CRUISE…..These Republicans are so fricken scared of being the minority some day.. they want to go back to the 17 & 18TH Century..where woman are considered useless and Men HAVE ALL THE POWER…sorry but we are never going back….

  16. Tom Cardellino says

    It will be just as dark a day in America as it was in Italy & Europe when the Roman Catholic Church forcibly silenced Galileo during the human race’s emergence from the Dark Ages if Mitt Romney (the consummate “deal closer” who will even boast about his blatant lies to momentarily convince those ignorant of the truth to nod in ill-informed agreement as if mesmerized) snookers 50.1% of the suckers (or whom millionaire & billionaire snidely & jadedly “international citizens” regard as the “47%” underclass, while always capable of caring less about the USA’s welfare) in order to gain economic tax-based control over the middle class Americans who stand as the world’s last proof that wealth, health, and future well-being can be the foundation of a modern democracy. Can there spring from the beleaguered US Constitution, lying fallow due to massive American ignorance about their truly essential document that makes us free and all the while nonetheless eternally further perfecting citizens of what’s essentially right for ALL people to live their lives to their fullest potential? If not America, then which lesser country can enforce (at least) the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 through 10, as well as the further advancements of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to this remarkable living testimonial to American commitment to perfecting democracy for ALL people, rich or overwhelmingly poor, educated or deplorably ignored, white, black, red, yellow or any shade of Humanity’s rainbow, as well as those “foreign citizens” who have always sought our shore to live in liberty and personal safety for saying things offensive to the internationally powerful elite abroad, who now seem to have gained mastery over the lobbying efforts to influence Our American Congress to act in direct detriment to America’s best interests?

  17. Clark says

    Wow – how did they get all those mad cows on one set? Must have had to use special wide angle lenses!