1. mark says

    My guess is that it a piece of the metal foil that in wrapped around some of the wires on the rover (thermal protection?)…It’s really light-weight and can be easily blown around by the wind.

  2. Bill says

    Just to be accurate, NASA is calling it a “bright object.” It has not been determined if it is metallic or not. It could be made of a reflective plastic, for instance, so additional observations are needed. It will take a while, in part due to the round-trip delay of around 30 minutes in communicating with Curiosity that makes even simple operations time consuming.

  3. JohnAGJ says

    @Anastasia: ROFL! Great answer. One of life’s little annoyances when shopping for spare parts.

    @Frank: I’ve been in a Stargate mood lately, re-watching both SG-1 and Atlantis. Godo times. :)

  4. Darrell says

    Obviously some alien left his bottle cap on Mars after hiding here on earth for a few years as a “human” He did not want to admit to the mothership he was addicted to Coca-Cola and threw the caps and bottles out the window……Shame he doesn’t realize there are deposit laws and “he/she/it is out some cash now…….LOL Next up the rover will find a empty bag of Dorito’s…….

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