Dozens of Corporations Sign on to Full Page ad in ‘Seattle Times’ Declaring Support for Marriage Equality


Costco, Nordstrom, Microsoft, REI, and many others have signed on to a new full-page ad from Washington United for Marriage in support of Referendum 74 which appeared in this Sunday's Seattle Times, The Olympian reports:

The newspaper ad comes three days after opponents of R-74 released their first television ad, which uses the theme that R-74 is redefining marriage, adds no new rights for gays and could leave businesses subject to lawsuits.

Ballots go into the mail as soon as Wednesday and should start landing in mailboxes as soon as Thursday for the Nov. 6 election. Washington runs one of the nation’s two all-mail elections systems.

The Evergreen State is one of four where gay-marriage questions are on the ballot this fall and it was the first state in 2009 to affirm same-sex relationships by a popular vote when Referendum 71's domestic partnership law (also known as the "everything but marriage" law) was upheld.

I've posted the ad below:


  1. says

    The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), the largest LGBT chamber of commerce in the country, is immensely proud of so many of our members who have signed on to this letter and the many, many more in the business community who have publicly pledged to APPROVE Referendum 74.

  2. Bob says

    HOW TIMES CHANGE — 20+ years ago, the Nordstrom VP for mens (an old line employee) was quoted, when carrying contemporary menswear was suggested — “We don’t need fag clothes” To the family’s credit, he was soon gone.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    BOB well said, but Nordstrom STILL has the feet and hand prints of Steve Homo-hater Largent in front of the Seattle store. Sort of like saying all Jews, gypsies and Homosexuals should have civil equality, and here is our “Home town hero” Adolf Hitler.

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