1. Icebloo says

    It was nice of Madonna to send Ellen support when she came out but it was a bit of a stretch when Ellen said Madonna’s Superbowl performance was good. It was AWFUL and Madonna didn’t even sing live ! It was a very embarrassing “performance.”

  2. UFFDA says

    Oh nonsense ICEBLOD. Embarrassing my ass. It might have been embarrassing if you’d done it but Madonna is the real queen and she’ll be in grand form at 80.

  3. jason says

    Ellen has truly demeaned herself this time. Ellen needs to realize that Madonnna did NOT help gay men. In fact, female singers like Madonna – who faked their lesbianism to titillate sleazy straight guys – are the reason why openly gay or bisexual men are not accepted in the music scene.

    These female singers create the ILLUSION of acceptance but what they’re really appealing to is sexist and homophobic men who don’t like gay guys. At the same time, they’re making a lot of money from gay men who stupidly think they are being “catered for”.

    Consider this: ever since Madonna hit the scene about 30 years ago with her public dabbling in lesbianism, there has been a slew of similar female singers. Where are the male singers who do this? Why is homophobia towards men still so strong in the music industry?

    In fact, I want you guys – who worship Madonna – to name one openly gay or bisexual MALE singer from America who has hit number 1 since then? Can’t think of one? That’s because there isn’t any.

    Don’t fall for the Madonna illusion. It has impeded – not helped – the progress of genuine gay rights in America.

  4. WOW says

    Oh for Christ’s sake Jason give it a rest. None of what you say is based in any fact. You’re just making it up as you go along. You are like Sandy, just blowing a lot of air.

  5. Flitide says

    @Jason. How DARE you go against the tide! I tend to agree with your post. These are well-schooled businesswoman who know exactly how to pander in order to the line their back pockets with wads of endless cash. When I heard gaga signing “don’t be a drag just be a queen” my stomach turned; how totally contrived. Besides, what other demographic provides them with flawless backup dancers?

  6. WOW says

    From time to time JASON/RICK comes on here and spouts off about the music industry (among other things) as if he is some knowledgeable expert. He isn’t. I get the feeling he tried to break into the industry at one time and was turned down and got his a*s handed to him. Or, he was embarassed auditioning for American Idol (probably one of the auditioners who think they are God’s gift to music and turns out the are just terrible lol). Jason/Rick: get over yourself. Buying a Celine Dion CD does not make you an expert on the music industry.

  7. Not Impressed says

    How these ridiculous people came to be standard-bearers, I can not fathom. They are very shallow and not very talented IMHO.

    I cannot forgive Ellen for her complete and total lack of financial support to help defeat Prop 8 in California. It will take a while longer..depending on what SCOTUS does.

    The “public” does have short memories.

  8. Flitide says

    @WOW. This isn’t the first time you’ve incorrectly assumed poster identities. It’s tends to be the main ingredient of quite a few of your rebuttals. Be that as it may, I’m not Jason, but I agree with his opinion. Now, you can spend the next hour reviewing all the previous posts Flitide, jason, and Rick have ever made in support of your fictional opinion.

  9. jason says

    It’s indisputable that a host of female singers have publicly used lesbianism as a marketing ploy. We gay men have given them nunber 1’s. Don’t we realize that these women’s marketing ploys play right into the hands of the very men who hate us? Talk about self-loathing in our community….

    You know, I’m still waiting to see if an American male singer is going to have a number 1 hit single with a song called “I Kissed A Guy” just like Katy Perry had one with “I Kissed A Girl”. Will it happen? Pigs might fly.

    These female singers trade on the homophobic double standard which puts us men at the back of the bus.

  10. WOW says

    Fictional opinion? Please see most of everything Jason/Rick has posted for fictional opinion. When you align yourself with Jason’s rants, you’ve got your own set of problems.

    @Notimpressed: How do you know what Ellen donated? Have you seen her tax records. Are you her accountant?

  11. says

    naysayers – feel free to give a visible face to your comments and opinions. youtube generation. feel something isn’t being properly represented? represent it yourself.

    unless, of course, you’re just anonymous miserable trolls.

    these women don’t put men at the back of the bus. the only person putting you at the back of the bus is YOURSELF by refusing to stand up to be counted.

  12. MateoM says

    Predictable troll Jason/Rick is predictable and exhausting. Just don’t feed him and hope he dies off, be it by self-inflicted gunshot wound or otherwise.

  13. stevenavalos says

    It’s true that Madonna and others have take on certain identities as a marketing ploy but I will say that Madonna was the first (or one of the first) artists to give a large scale concert at Madison Square Garden in the 1980’s where profits were donated to AIDS research. She also worked on a lot of AIDS fundraising efforts in the 1980’s way before any other celebrity would even dare lend their name to the cause.

  14. jason says

    Madonna and other female singers have – perhaps unknowingly – traded on a homophobic double standard which says you’re hot if you’re a lesbian but gross if you’re a gay man. This is one reason why openly gay or bisexual American male singers have never had success in the US charts, and still don’t 30 years afer Madonna arrived on the scene.

    How does it feel to be a gay male fan who enabled this homophobic double standard? I know that self-debasement is what some of you do during your spare time but to attempt to intellectualize it by claiming that Madonna is gay-friendly is patently ridiculous…..

  15. Tom says

    She is worth a half billion dollars but as far as I know, has never made a donation of any significance to any gay organization. Seattle’s Macklemore did a moving song in support of marriage equality, which also helped raise money for the cause. Other than one AIDS benefit 25 years ago, Madonna has never done anything like that for us.

    Also, she promised to build a school in Malawi, raised money from other people, and then broke her promise. No school was built, although she managed to make a documentary about how wonderful she is to have offered to build it. Amazing that someone with that much money could not get a simple school built.

  16. Marc says

    Jason, what the hell are you even talking about? Some gay studies b.s. from your community college course. Who the hell are YOU to say madonna did nothing for gay people. talk individually to madonna fans and hear their stories about how this woman who thumbed her nose at patriarchal authority and the catholic church inspired so many gays..myself included…to celebrate being who we really were.

    what on gods green earth any of this has to do with lesbians and gay pop singers and what the hell ever else you are excerpting from your freshman term paper is anybody’s guess.

    You remind me of the queens who hate Obama and are voting for Romney, or the ones who criticized Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Campaign…you will twist yourself into a pretzel trying to denounce someone gays respect because you feel obligated to be some pseudo-intellectual contrarian. You must trash anything popular in the gay community because in truth you have the utmost contempt for gays (that is quite obvious just based on your comments here).

    You must be a real hit at dinner parties, Eeyore.

  17. Syrax says

    ‘In fact, I want you guys – who worship Madonna – to name one openly gay or bisexual MALE singer from America who has hit number 1 since then? Can’t think of one? That’s because there isn’t any.’

    I dislike Madonna and her huge ego but this one is just too easy. Adam Lambert’s Trespassing hit #1 at the Billboard 200. I think he’s openly gay.

  18. Paul R says

    Why do people still respond to Jason/Rick? Doing so is almost as stupid as anything that he might say—a big stretch. He goes by at least two names, and I think more. That’s not the trademark of someone we call “sane.” Give up on him.

  19. jason says

    Adam Lambert? Adam has never had the success that fake bisexual female pop singers have had. His last album flopped.

    Don’t deny that women have traded on titillation to get attention. They do it in the way they dress and in the way they behave, including sexually. And they’ve done it at our expense….

  20. dh says

    Yes, the faux lesbianism is annoying and patronizing, but to be fair, Madonna has said in interviews as well as her movie Truth or Dare how hot it is to see men kissing. “Every straight guy should have a man’s tongue in his mouth at least once.”

    When her backup dancers kissed during a game of truth or dare, she said, “I’m getting a hard-on.”

    In the 90’s, it was pretty radical, and for men, it still is.

  21. MATT says

    Wait, wait, wait!

    Jason/Rick says no gay or bisexual male has had any success on the charts in the past 30 years since Madonna hit the scene. SYRAX points out Adam Lambert. But, Jason says no! JASON HERE IS A REAL FACT: Adam’s last album went #1 in the U.S. and Canada making him the first openly gay artist to do so in history. Now shut up. You have been proven wrong.

    Btw, while not technicaly American (your the one that said American), Elton John had several #1 hits (and Top Ten hits) after he officially came out in 1988.

    Facts. Not opinion. Please consult the Billboard charts when you take the tin foil off your head.

  22. dh says

    I think most people who came out of the closet in the ’90’s felt empowered by Madonna’s efforts. I know I did.

    It seemed like the whole world was changing. For the first time, a presidential candidate courted the gay vote. Straight people knew who Act Up and Rupaul were. Madonna seemed to be at the front line of this sea change.

    I think what she did in Russia was just as beautiful.

    No one at the time could predict just how much the girl-on-girl imagery would be co-opted and commodified.

  23. jd says

    Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like my Madonna on TV laughing with her kid. I like my Madonna frosty, regal and essentially inhuman.

    Also, sorry, but Madonna wasn’t a “well-trained businesswoman,” back in 1982 performing in gay clubs, or performing at gay benefits soon after.

  24. jason says

    Madonna used the “titillate-sleazy-straight-guys-while-standing-up-for-gay-guys” trick. This is a well known marketing trick of female singers. The illusion is that she is sticking up for us but the reality is that she is appealing in a titillating way to the men who think we’re gross.

    In my view, it’s a trick designed to make money. It reflects poorly on us as a community because it proves how incredibly shallow we are. We have failed to see through these women and now we’re suffering for it.

  25. BETTY says

    Of course Jason doesn’t acknowledge that he was wrong about Adam Lambert and Elton.

    “In my view…” Jason, you have proved the saying: opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but we don’t need to hear it. You are an annoying little pest.

  26. rd says

    Blaming women because men in power get turned on by the thought of lesbianism and turned off at the thought of sodomy is akin to blaming rape victims for being raped… I loved Madonna 30 years ago when she was pretending to be a “bad” catholic school girl. I loved her 20 years ago when she was pretending to be a dominatrix. TEN Years ago, when she pretended to be bisexual, I had begun to find her a little sad, but I admired her for yet again reinventing herself.. I will admit to being disgusted whenever I see a drunk college girl making out with her female (straight identified)friend in order to get guys to buy them drinks, but I do not feel that it’s “bringing me down” on any way… Plus, say what you want about Ellen’s contributions to defend gay marriage in California… If YOU were an openly gay person in this country BEFORE she came out, then you know how much the gay community is indebted to her..

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  28. Kevin B says

    Do you ever start to read a comment and quickly realize you’re trapped in a Jason comment and can’t get out. It’s like a nightmare. Jason, seriously, STFU. You’re “sleazy straight guy” phrase has honestly reached has become so vomit inducing. If you’re trying to make a point, you’ve failed. ANd you’ll never make your point. Because you psychotically repeat the same thing over and over. I am CERTAIN that you have a a very strained life and you are constantly involved in drama. I’ve met many a person like you. Very sad.

  29. BETTY says


    No, you haven’t proven ANY of these “facts”. Just because you repeat over and over what the voices in your head tell you doesn’t make it true. You have been provided real facts about Adam Lambert and Elton, but you want to ignore it.

    Please provide REAL FACTS, not your opinion.

  30. Precious says

    JASON — you are an IDIOT. Madonna’s so-called faux lesbianism or bisexuality didn’t even come into play until nearly A DECADE into her career. And how on EARTH would that even affect any of the other stuff you’re talking about? WOMEN IN MUSIC HAVE BEEN SEXY & TITILATING SINCE LONG BEFORE MADONNA — and I dare you to find a bunch of straight guys who are currently into her. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR ARGUMENTS MAKES NO SENSE. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA fool

  31. jason says

    Madonna used lesbianism as a ploy to get attention from the mainstream media, which is owned by straight guys. She probably knew that she could use this arm of her marketing strategy to get widespread coverage, which she did. The other arm of her strategy was to issue periodic statements supporting the rights of gay men in what appears to have been a cleverly thought out plan to win support from gay men who don’t have male role models in the industry. She made a LOT of money that way.

    Think about all the property she now owns thanks to how she managed to delude gay men into worshipping her. She had you guys over a barrel.

    Caught between the music industry’s rejection of openly gay/bi male performers and the need that you guys have for public validation, you had no choice but to turn to a female who titillated the very men who hate you.

  32. UFFDA says

    JASON – “the men who hate me”? What are you talking about? Men love me. I’m too hot to have to read this complicated nonsense. Not with all these men around.

  33. Kevin B says

    Jason, please have someone f the s*#t out of you immediately. You are, hands down, the most annoying comments person on this or any other gay website. Even if you had a point, your delivery is so psychotic that NO ONE CARES.

  34. BenR says

    @Jason “These female singers create the ILLUSION of acceptance but what they’re really appealing to is sexist and homophobic men who don’t like gay guys.”

    LOL, what a hilarious joke. You truly believe it was straight men driving Madonna’s sales? That is some impressive self-imposed delusion right there!

  35. Paul R says

    I have learning disabled siblings. While growing up, they teased me a lot. My mother would say, They just want attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Ignore them.

    Would everyone please learn that about Jason/Rick? He clearly doesn’t have a job or intellectual capacity, and goes by various names. Why interact with him? I’d sooner French kiss the homeless guy down the street because he’s way more sane.

  36. jd says

    Because Jason’s behavior is, in its way, fascinating. It’s sad and crazy and vile, but also somewhat hypnotic. You can’t help but wonder about the mentality of someone who sits around looking for reasons to trash a celebrity online.

  37. bostonbeat says

    i have to say madonna irks me as of late with her accent and non-fun ways but i will say she still makes fun, pop music for the dancefloor and parties…AND also, Ellen would not of had Madonna on the show and talked about her coming out if she wasn’t being genuine. You can tell they they a good rapport.

    I just wish Madonna would stop with the fillers and Botox. She needs to relax in soooooo may ways.

  38. mikeflower says

    Jeez, are all these bashers Christopher Ciccone posting under alias? Gay folks need the Myth of Madonna to give themselves a reason to live. Leave her alone, she’s therapeutic. Even if she is a placebo.

  39. mikeflower says

    Jeez, are all these bashers Christopher Ciccone posting under alias? Gay folks need the Myth of Madonna to give themselves a reason to live. Leave her alone, she’s therapeutic. Even if she is a placebo.

  40. BETTY says

    No MIKEFLOWER, Jason/Rick is Jason/Rick. He bashes all celebrities, especially women celebrities. He dislikes:

    Effeminate gay men
    Stephen Colbert
    The music industry as a whole
    Comedy in general

    And now:


    The list grows by the day. The only thing he doesn’t bash is white, old men. So, take that for what it is worth.

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